: Yet another prestige skin? Well that's odd.
Honestly most people will just buy the skin because it does look bad-ass or they're just collecting it.
Shankš (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with
Silver four at this point but across all my 10 or so accounts, I never took ranked serious but I have been playing league for about 7-8 years now. If you want to play some games, I'm down for it. Give us an add and we'll have some fun.
: Just saw the teaser for the new champion
They made a pretty cool trailer for the bloke, I'll give them that much.
ItsPinju (OCE)
You need to teach yourself to not type in anger buddy. You can be chat-restricted for 100 games and it still wouldn't help because sooner or later, that kettle is going to burst pretty much as if you're suppressing your anger until the restrictions off. It's just a game mate, relax.
: why not Elo job
If you're referring to being boosted then what exactly are you going to learn from it? Sure, your mate plays the account - you get into a high rank by being boosted from his performance and then he lets you be. You then realize your current skill-level is not of that a person deemed fit for that rank so then you start demoting and declining back them into the ever-unavoidable abyss of bronze. Play the game yourself and just enjoy it or don't play it at all. And just as TheDemonEmperor stated; the example you have given is nothing close to similar. Working out at the gym and such even with a personal trainer or the use of 'illegal' things doesn't happen without effort being put in by you. You can't just take the 'illegal' things and then expect your muscles to just grow. You put in the time and effort to better yourself mentally and physically because you actually NEED to put in alot of work and then you'll be learning along the way where-as boosting is just another person doing all the work for you. Sure if the personal trainer took control of your body, fair enough but it doesn't work like that.
: Hard Int and Win!? Considered Forfeiting.
Take it from me mate, just report the bloke if he's showing an attitude pertaining to being toxic or just trying to lose the game on purpose. There's a difference between someone trying and someone just blatantly doing the wrong things in an attempt to stir his team-mates. If it happens again, just mute and report. You can't cure stupid I'm afraid. All you can do is not be afflicted by it.
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