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: No worries man. If you don't get your RP back, get back into contact with me. I'll see if I can do something. ;)
THANK YOU!!! I received my rp back from riot and am soo happy! You were the biggest help and wish you a great day! <3
: I just noticed that I didn't link the first comment properly. What I meant to do was to link you to the [Universal Rules](, because you violated them with this discussion (name-and-shame). Anyway, I do really want to see you get your RP back. Hope you get a good red to deal with your case!
I feel so guilty now! Thanks for informing me and being such a big help to me. I edited these comments so hopefully riot won't get too angry with me. Once again I thank you for the help you have given me so far.
: Well even if you were lying I wouldn't care because of how sweet you've been about this. I wish the best in you getting your RP back. PS: Out of curiosity, that game that *person* played, did he/she win?
Yeah the suspicion to this man is because he has been playing a lot of coop vs ai and he did the same on my account. He went 48/1 and won but I still hold a grudge against him!
: Firstly, change your password. Then send in a [support ticket]( Very strange that the stealer didn't change your password themself, *unless you're lying and you just want some free RP*. You might also want to read over [this page]( Best of luck.
Thanks for the advice I swear on my heart I didn't lie but they probably didn't get to change my password as they only played one game and gifted
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