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Olee (OCE)
: I sssseeerrrrriiiiiooooouuuuuussssssllllllyyyyyy doubt it did 2600 damage. He'd need to have around 1400-1500 ap to do that, which could be possible with the right build plus Baron and 5th Drag and the right runes and masteries but with a mid lane tower still standing....
He was insanely fed, 20 stacks and a rabadons. and yes they had baron. that game was just fucked. he was like 20 something and 0.
: Why ekko needs a nerf
> me playing vayne > walks into mid to keep the minions off tower > ekko tower dives me > i flash q behind him with a nice condemn into the tower > he ults > chronoblast does 2600 damage and 1 shots me > wtf gg
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: OPL Grand Final update
GeneralCoxy Do you think that the Korean or Worlds will ever show at Hoyts in the future?
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