Gehirn (OCE)
: Nexus Blitz alpha: Week 4 feedback
Course of how fast the game mode is can Kayn see a buff to how fast he earns his transformations as if he loses its really hard for him to get a form led alone win the game. I tried him around the release and he was beaten by almost every one. it would be a great help to help improve it as certain junglers are really strong champions like kha'zixs rengar are really powerful whilst tanks like maokai and malphite are also really strong. further more on the laning note and specific characters Daruis is really powerful and impossible to deal with due to the fact that he can use the flair in this mode for free attack speed and damage whilst healing him self with his Q not only that he can built full tank for less damage even with the negative of taking extra damage and a lot of his damage is AOE and allows him to team fight doing spread damage to every one he can also snow ball and solo carry him self hope this was a help just putting my opinion out there just thoughts on characters that just dominate.
: Ocean Week Update
That's god damn amazing adorable good job riot{{sticker:darius-angry}}
: Ability Update: Xin Zhao
I like what you have done making a really easy champ to boarder line brain dead champ interesting and his weakness of kiting is less apparent good work{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artist spotlight: Cheesewoo
I loved it keep going{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: tasmanian devil = devil teemo = devil tasmanian devil = teemo oh also Mechwolf the Destroyer is so badass xd
while I agree with teemo mechwolf destroyer is so stupid
: {{champion:150}}
101Evsey (OCE)
: It is a tasmaian DEVIL. if one of them isn't named after teemo then Idk what we are doing with our lives.
SoonJa (OCE)
: I don't get it but I hate teemo{{champion:17}}
why would u hate teemo unless u haven't played him.
: Well than you clearly practise Sataninsm because Teemo is the devil
Teemo is amazing Teemo is fine he's so fun to play and I bet if u played him he would be your new main.
: i dont get it but i like teemoo :) {{champion:17}}
Good on you vote {{champion:17}}
: Vote for the Ocean Week tasmanian devil names!
Vote Teemo or Gnar they are Teemo is my favourite charcter{{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
: Vastaya Q&A
******__{{champion:17}} __*~~~~~~~~*******__**************
: Vastaya Q&A
: Vastaya Q&A
I laughed about answer on the question about {{champion:498}} and {{champion:497}} weather they lay eggs


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