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: It's because Riot allows for players of different divisions playing as a duo to exist in a "soloqueue" game. More likely if one of your teammates is duo with a shitter, then the support will be of a higher mmr to compensate, because support position is not as popular. This means a free loss because support cannot impact the game as much as the enemy player who is killing/outplaying the shitter. (in layman's terms) If you like in terms of numbers mmr: Top - 1500 Enemy Top 1500 Jungle - 1200 Enemy Jungle 1500 Mid - 1500 Enemy Mid 1500 Adc - 1500 Enemy Adc 1500 Support - 1800 Enemy Support 1500 Balanced? According to the regulations yes. In your Thresh game you are a whole division ahead of the others, however unluckily you are in the support role. In your Lucian game, you have a gold 1 mid laner Ryze that did less damage than Bard. Unlucky. It's BS like this that helps to keep people's winrates around 50%. It would be preferable to have an option for players to click a button that says "I prefer longer queue times to get better matchmaking". If Riot implemented this simple option, a lot of players would be happier. Oh and also delete blind pick normals, when we have draft pick, that would also help with queue times.
Too true my friend, thanks for the good reply!
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