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: Hey there, If this issue only affects one of your accounts then it sounds to me like your settings may be the culprit, are you sure you followed the guide to reset your settings to default correctly?
hello sorry for the late reply, yes I made sure to follow them step by step exactly but still not working.
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Hawki (OCE)
I've had the same problems not sure whats going on or how to fix it.
Journeyns (OCE)
: Racism
That would come under hate speech - That's what I use for those problems.
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: Hey there, Changes in the Game.cfg and input.ini files now get stored on the server, that's why your binds might not reset properly sometimes. Follow these steps to reset everything to default: * Login to the client (which syncs your settings with the server) * Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config * Delete the "Persisted.json", "game.cfg" &"input.ini" files * Launch a custom game * Exit the custom game * Exit the client Let me know if that helps.
I've just tried it in a custom and it seems to have fixed the problem! Thank you so much!
: Mouse button.
I've just removed and re-downloaded LoL and still have the same problem. Client based or computer based I don't know what could be causing it.
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey guys Does this happen every game or just in some games? Just want to check first off - have you been over the suggestions in the [Troubleshooting Connection Issues]( page? Let me know if that helps out. Cheers Mindstar
Sorry late reply, it was every game without fail, I cracked it and went out and spent $2000 on a new computer to load the game without issue, the issue only started after upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 (as LoL told me it no longer supported windows 7) and I did go over the troubleshooting options Multiple times.
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Cammen (OCE)
: I did 3 repairs of the client, restarts on PC and router constantly while not being able to join. Got demoted as a result but was able to add all the players from my team to apologize for the inconvenience. Fair enough I'll be reported, but more than anything I just want to be able to play.
More than anything what I'm getting a bit pissed off about is if you look around the forums to what people are posting there is minimal responses from Riot. We are the player base and have problems, even just a stock standard response of "we understand your problem and are working on a solution" or "It done broke, dono why" but give us something.
Cammen (OCE)
: Feeling this right now, low priority queue here I come.
I've saved the logs and I'm now doing a repair on the client in-case it's a update error. Fortunately my team won 4v5 but they will probably report me anyway, and from their perspective it would be fair enough, so I could be joining you in low priority.
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: is that a southern cross I see? that's a pretty legit idea for something that represents both AUS and NZ... its a shame john key wants to change the NZ flag tho
Does the southern cross have any impact in China? I'm just assuming China is apart of the Oce server as 8/10 people in most of my games are Chinese and don't speak English.

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