Dave311 (OCE)
: auto attack mechanics
I know there is an attack move command where it attacks the closest thing to your cursor, it might be that otherwise I don't know
: How to climb from Silver 4 to higher Elo? Need tips
play annie{{champion:1}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:1}}
Talón (OCE)
: What champs are similar to Talon?
: I agree with you here, the game is no fun when everyone one-hits everyone else. Personally I still don't understand the purpose of lethality on all these assassin items. The whole point of assassins is that they can delete squishies with their burst, but lack the sustained damage to deal with tanks and their armour/mr. But squishies don't build armour, so therefore the only point of having lethality is to make assassins better against tanks, which is supposed to be their greatest counter? If you must put lethality on something, put lethality on sustained damage items like Phantom Dancer or something, don't give it to burst items like Duskblade.. The only counter to damage at this point, is more damage. Which is why you don't see much Nautilus or Rammus or other true tanks anymore, its all Vi or Shyv and all those _'tanks'_ that have enough damage to shred anyone. _(sigh)_
This meta is still better than tank meta though, thank god it is gone
: Questions about MMR and Warwick counter
Lp doesn't matter, your MMR is what is important as it dictates how much lp you gain/lose and what people you play against
Watch LS, search him up on youtube and you should learn more about the game and get better/climb
: LF Silver Mid Player
im gold and my Azirs' pretty tight
: Warwick rework concept (feedback wanted!)
it just sounds like another nidalee


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