: flame until you get banned and you CAN'T play, then you won't lose games at all.
Pretty sure that's not the route I want to take but thanks anyway.
Prodïgy (OCE)
: you just need to realise what is tilting you. dont autopilot in your games. and also i've been maining adc for 4 years and i can tell you missing a cannon is quite fucking tilting. im not gonna lie many things can tilt you as an adc. it also sucks that you dont have a duo to calm you down, as i do most of the time, and when i tilt he just says "stfu and focus xd" it's really useful, trust me. just try to relay in your mind that you're tilted, why you are tilted, and that focus > tilt. you want to win more games right? then focus more on the game then your tilt. it works. Breathing doesn't do shit, because it reminds you of the literal fact that you are tilted in the first place. unless you breathe before a game to refresh your thought process. drink cold water. that really helps. always play with water, and refresh your mindset before every game. have fun. and focus > tilt.
That's actually some really good advice. Hopefully I get lucky with a good due support in the future. Thanks, appreciate it.
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Nightjar (OCE)
: when you transition to adc it becomes harder to be good at the things you used to be good at as support. Map awareness and positioning becomes alot harder when you have to focus on csing. Don't let this tilt you, it's a learning experience (you may also want to ask your support to deep ward). Also you may want to start with caster adcs. Lucian, MF or Sivir, are a good way to transition from mage type supports to the adc role, don't just try to learn vayne as your first adc. It won't work.
Sweet, I don't plan on maining any particular ADC so I'll make sure to spread out and try a few things. Thanks for the input.
: TIp 1. Don't play adc Tip 2. Don't blame your support if you're the one making mistakes Tip 3. Don't whine when you get 1 hit by enemy assassin, you were the silly person who picked adc Tip 4. Learn to last hit Tip 5. Learn Target Focusing (ie, don't hit the fucking tank when a squishy is closer) Tip 6. Learn wave control (freezing/pushing/shoving/slow pushes/etc.)
Other than who to focus in teamfights, I'm pretty sure I've improved and can do all of those fairly consistently. The only issue I have with fights are I want to hit the backline, but they're too far back so I focus the frontline because I think that's all I can do. Other than that, I'm good. Thanks for your advice, especially your first point :)
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: Lagging in Ranked
I'd love to hear what some Riot employees have to say about this issue. Thank you
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GigaPube (OCE)
: thats not much IP worthy to complain about. even after just buying a. sol (lel) you'd have had over 25k IP. not much to be complain/brag-worthy you can buy more runes. 20 pages with all of them having flat armour and MR? i dunno how you've seem to have gone through a good deal of time to arrange your pages so thoroughly without changing over half your runes. i know that they're the most popular and have the highest...."useful variance", of runes in the game, but 20 pages worth is overkill. 3 various marks but one of them is flat health? and MARKS too? come on man i know you can do better than that i reckon you should get armour pen marks, scaling health seals and 6 flat+3 scaling CDR glyphs (5+5=10 total CDR). those are your safest bet for expanding and capitalising on your raw stats game. i love the setup you've got going though, so neat and organised to be more specific, if you're playing zyra support and you build void staff and full AP in general, you can consider a stronger late game with 3/6/9 scaling MR glyphs, or 4 flat+5 scaling MR glyphs or vice versa, 2 flat+1 scaling CDR quint (5+5=10 total CDR), an armour and 2 scaling CDR quints for 10 CDR. for a safer laning phase you can get movespeed quints or armour marks
Yes I know that my runes are pretty bad and that I should expand with the runes no the rune pages, good point and I know I should also create specific rune pages for champions, but I'm not too worried about that, I was just wondering about what I can do in Hextech Crafting, that's all.
: Hextech Crafting is now live in Oceania!
I got Championship {{champion:102}} and the Urf Ward Skin. But I can't do anything else. So quick question, can I do anything with IP in Hextech Crafting. I posted a discussion on the Boards so if you could read that and answer there or here that would be great. http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/TYNoZrLw-hextech-crafting
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: Singed will be the Battle Boss for top, have his gas tank as a aracade machine of some sort and his gas could be pixels
Although the particles would be a lot better, I would like to see some type of amor similar to {{champion:92}}'s just more similar in colour to {{champion:53}} and {{champion:45}}. Does that make sense?
: Rammus already got a game themed skin... bowser "king" rammus
But imagine when he uses his Q, the paceman sound gets louder just before it ends and if it hits a target, uses the ghost death sound for the knock up. This skin idea is unlikely going to be made, I just think it would be an awesome idea.
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: It’s time for June bundles!
Riot, could you please explain why we can't purchase any of the Legacy Skins individually? Such as Riot {{champion:53}} . Just asking because I am rather interested in purchasing the skin.
: Pool Party
Leave suggestions for your favourite ideas for a champion that fits the Pool Party Theme.
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: Thanks guys for the information. I do play other supports but I am trying to expand my playstyle at the moment, that's all. And I am aware they are not the best in the current Meta.
I also play a bunch of other supports such as {{champion:412}} , {{champion:25}} , {{champion:53}} , {{champion:201}} , {{champion:89}} , {{champion:37}} and {{champion:267}}. Just trying to expand my playstyle.
: But his r would be mini peasant dragons lol
Pretty much. In fact a lot of Swain's abilities use birds. (Know his abilities for the second part) His Q would probably have a little Dragon creating a teather (chain) of fire probably. His W could have a dragon raise a claw to grab whoever is in the AoE. His E could be a fireball or something. His R like you said before would just be awesome, a massive dragon (who I hope would look awesome) just with little dragons flying to his opponents. The potential for this idea is just limitless.
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: Who is the better Support?
Thanks guys for the information. I do play other supports but I am trying to expand my playstyle at the moment, that's all. And I am aware they are not the best in the current Meta.
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: Just send a ticket to support. They'll manually add it to your account.
Thanks, I finally received a response from one of the RIOT members and as you said, they added it to my account. Thanks for the advice.
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: Team up and earn Party Rewards!
Just finished playing a game with 2 of my friends on Normal PvP and lost (I only got 90 normal IP) So my question is do you receive the IP bonus if you lose a game.
: Wardens against Marauders in neverending battle
I didn't realise how strong the Warwick then Ashe ult could be. What the hell Rito.{{champion:22}} {{champion:19}}
: what xpeke reference?
xPeke has the record for the highest amount of CS (300 CS) by 20 Minutes by playing {{champion:61}} in the LCS


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