Essembie (OCE)
: you see flaming as worse than the trolling, even though there is a mute button? You see the immunity of trolls as fine whereas the frustration of players wanting a good game spilling into chat a bannable offence?
I think you've misunderstood my post entirely. i agree with the riot-side of things. In terms of: Your own actions are what are important, regardless of what brought them about. Being toxic, flaming, aggressive, over chat, is worth a ban. Simply put, it goes against the rules, no ifs or buts. Another real-world example: 1. You buy something from a store, and the clerk sells you a faulty product willingly. - This is a crime according to Fair Use. 2. You decide to punch him in the face. -This is assault according to Common Law. your reaction to the original crime, is what is being prosecuted. To riot, the original crime barely/doesn't matter. If this post was: Trolls are getting away with ruining games, they need to be punished. instead of: I was wrongly chat-banned, because my actions didn't matter, he was trolling why wasn't he banned? Simply Put: 1. Chat is easy to regulate, very.... easy... 2. Trolling is probably the hardest. 3. Intentionally feeding fits somewhere in the middle 4. Griefing is also difficult. (My distinction between griefing and trolling, is that griefing is to intentionally lose you a match, while trolling may not be.)
Essembie (OCE)
: Chat restricted and why the report system is useless
As someone who has posted about how the report system is busted: i disagree with you, almost entirely. What you're referring to, is how you were restricted over 1 game, and how your actions were validated. however while bans are coming out, nothing is present except for your own actions. Lets take the real world, if someone kills your mother, it does not give you a just reason to kill theirs. If someone flames/trolls, being toxic/flaming back, will get you banned, and i don't personally see anything wrong with this. lets discuss?
Bartolaim (OCE)
: the 'easy' champs just feel so weak in norms. so easy to get destroyed. thats why im looking for these mediocre champs that dont have so many weaknesses and outplays.
Garen is one of the strongest and most OP toplaners atm. trust me, the champions aren't weak. there's a lot to learn, farming, positioning, roles, build structure, etc. add me if u want me to show you why the easy champions feel weak to you
Bartolaim (OCE)
: Help in picking the right champions for me?
As someone who has played this game since season 1 (Im no pro, i have lots of gaps and breaks inbetween). i'm telling you this: Listen to the advice people gave you, stick to easy champions. You may not think it, but there's a lot that goes into a game of league, A LOT, so much to think about, and it gets to a ridiculous amount of things to worry about, the better you get at the game. With that being said, something you don't want to worry about early on is: Hard champions to play. this just adds an unneccesary increase of information that you have to think about, and will in-turn make you progress a LOT slower. however: i don't think you are stuck to easy-champions alone. Find a few easy mains (garen, ashe, annie, etc) play them as your main-champions, (1 for every lane at-least) Every so often, play a new champion to test that champion out, maybe a few games, however, revert back to the easy champions often. as for what champion you SHOULD play.... No-one has that answer, not even yourself, your "Main" champion will change so often it'll feel rediculous, with patches, and new-found loves, you'll end up swapping mains consistently, this is normal.. don't overthink it. tl;dr: Main the easy champions for now, and every so often mix it up, playing new champions you think may be interesting, mains will come naturally and entirely depend on what you like. it will change often
Por69ko (OCE)
: make a ranked ARAM mode
The reason there are so little game-modes in OCE is because we don't have a massive player-base. So to be honest, i very much doubt this would ever happen. Sorry Pal
Luciel21 (EUW)
: S Ranks are so difficult to get
From what i saw of your ahri games, your weakness is CS, No matter how hard you try, no matter how good your score is, if you have less than a 6(cs/min) score, you're not going to get S (S- maybe, but not S or S+), you should be aiming for 7+(cs/min), that's why you're losing your S score Just a note: the amount of CS is not important, what's more important is the CS/Minute, 200cs may seem like a lot, but if your game goes for 80minutes.. it's nothing at all, while 150cs at 18minutes, is very good.
: Is there a way to not derank due to your teammates afking right after 3 minutes
With how the basic system works. This wouldn't matter in the slightest. by logic there's a 50/50 chance of this happening FOR you or AGAINST you. therefore, if you lose 2 matches due to afk's, by logic you have an equal chance of winning 2 matches due to afk's. Why this doesn't matter in the long run: **1. These people are often reported/banned, afk'ing is by far the easiest to detect/punish in LoL, therefore these people are removed fast. ** **2. if you have a 50/50 chance of this happening for/against you, it evens itself out, making it not actually affect you in the long run (In the short run, yes, you're going to get annoyed, hate him, hate riot, ect.. but if you play 100 games, 5 dc's on your team, 5 dc's on the enemy team... it evens itself out like that..)** ** 3. You are probably in the level-bracket you should be in, if not, this will just be a small-bump into ranking up.** to explain this: _a 50% winrate, means that you're going to steadily climb through ranks (just because of how the ranking system works, it actually allows you to climb with a 50% winrate, which imho is rather generous..) a 60% winrate means you will climb regardless of what happens in 1/2 games, until you are at your skill level (at 60% winrate, you gain more LP and lose less, therefore if you play 10 games, comparatively to a 50% winrate, you'll rank up a lot higher.)_ **4. If they refund you LP for games that people afk/dc... then they'd have to remove LP for the opposite... and this is where the main issue lies..** _ IF: they do refund you LP, but don't remove LP for winning a game against a dc - This adds a ranking shift, making it ever-so-slightly easier to rank up, and further screws up the ranking system_ tl;dr they don't refund in order to keep the ranking system more balanced, if you didn't understand any of the points i was trying to make.... that's because i suck at explaining things, i'll try and explain further if you're confused at anything i said. p.s. Yeah it sucks having Dc's on your team, but think back to all the times you played against dc's/afks... it evens out eventually
Rioter Comments
: > Yes, this will finally be an example from a recent game: > -greedy khazix jungle > -me as camille top > > I wanted to play safe, retreat pinged him on his attempt to gank, regardless he ganked, and we both died. (i was low, and he was oom). > > he then decided that my lane was up for grabs, constantly coming top and taking all my farm, and every time i was close to getting a kill, he would flash or purposefully jump in to steal it... > > Camille is a mid-lategame champion, with her early-game being weak.. taking a LOT of gold to actually become decent/strong.. > > this just makes your job 100x harder... 40farm down, 0 kills, you haven't finished your first item, while the jungler is 10-3 with 30 more farm than you.. > > And even if you win the game... who is seen as the bad player? the person who purposefully ruined the lane? no? hes 10-3 with 200farm... the camille dealing 0 damage and not being tanky... while not dying.. is bad. I'm sorry but this is one of the most dumbest things i have read on these forums ... Yeah you might of wanted to "play safe" that doesn't mean you are like a god in game and everyone should listen to what you want in ranked or not.. Yeah granted it sounds like a bad time to gank your lane but if your that low your dying 2v1 you probably should of recalled sooner obviously a few things depend on this like if you're last hitting under tower for an item or u don't wanna miss a big wave etc. Also at the end of the day do u really care who considers you a good and bad player in 1 solo q game? if you really are that good you're gonna win most of your games and your stats will say so, so why bother about what a couple of randoms say particularly if you win the game... Take the lp and move on. I mean this is minor toxicity at the very most you can certainly work around.. its not like the dude was inting or even flaming in chat. You can usually just push the side lanes to gain your cs back and yeah.. I dunno it just comes across as you would be 10/10 triggered if the jungler pushed the wave to tower after ganking and killer enemy laner. And in regards to your spam emote section and the penta kill yeah that's pretty bm but on the other hand a guy got a penta so hopefully u pick up the win take the lp and u move on. (NO ONE WILL EVER GET BANNED FOR THIS) But yeah i feel you. but there are definitely work arounds.. just be grateful no one is running it down mid 10 times in ur game
I might have really explained myself and the situation badly i guess, i was trying to make an analogy to explain what i meant. However i do disagree with your first point. As someone who has played a lot of jungle myself, i know the first rule of ganking... is to make sure your laner is in with you.. unless you can guarantee a solo-kill in my situation, as camille top, i know i can farm easily, gain my health back with W(Which also pokes), and stay safe without dying with my hookshot. i wasn't at risk of dying, and recalling 40seconds before my TP came back up, would have been a little bad in the situation. nonetheless, i saw the situation and retreat pinged knowing the gank would go badly.. (Me knowing the strength of my lane opponent at that time, knowing he could kill us easily) however none of that really matters, it was just a back-drop setting of the events that took place. which was toxic and very much hidden under Riots current rule system... It is VERY easy to make one of your own teammates behind in a game.. it's very easy to ruin their entire lane, jungle, or just outright constantly get them killed. take smite mid, smite ur junglers first buff, and then proceed to steal his jungle... i guarentee you he will be useless. and with the current rule system.... The person being toxic in reality, is not.. because their score is fine.. while the poor jungler that went 2-8, had 5 levels down, and didnt secure a single buff for himself... is seen as INTing.. And yes, this is "minor" toxicity at most... however it's very prevalent in the game... and not just at my MMR, i often play against/with plats/diamonds (especially last season), and it's still very prevalent.. People who just don't care about making the game worse for other people, who go out of their way to ruin their experience, yet nothing is done? What i tried to convey with my post (However realized i failed), is that work-arounds to the current rule system are very easy to find, very prevalent in the current game, and honestly just make everyone's experience so much worse. With at least acknowledging some of this toxicity, Riot may be able to reduce it, however they don't recognize it at all, and that's where my issue lies. "(NOONE WILL EVER GET BANNED FOR THIS)" This was the issue i have. The "get over it and start another game" Mentality, as i said in my Original post, this isn't about me not getting over a single game. this is about what these games do to the players: -You tilt, regardless of how hard u try not to, your performance will be worse. As for me, as i stated above, whenever something annoys/tilts me in a game, i usually take a break (or atleast from ranked, i usually just ARAM), either for an hour, or a day, maybe a few days. For multiple reasons, i know that me playing ranked after that won't do me any good. It isn't a good experience, not for me, not and not for the majority of players... so many people have an issue with these small bits of toxicity, yet nothing is being done or said.
: seems extremely detailed
Wanted to explain my point as best as i could, rather than just saying "League is toxic, fix it riot" because i very much do agree that it is a difficult thing to deal with, toxicity which is extremely hidden
Rioter Comments
: RAnked system is HORRID
For starters: You're in the OCE- forums. Secondly: Ignore the wording everyone is using here and these are the basic principles: 1. you're inconsistent, meaning even if you play well 50% of games.. the other 50% are the reason you aren't progressing... 2. from just a quick look (im not gonna spend hours..) it seems like you're lacking CS, and aren't helping the team much (Kill%) try working on just those 2 things.. try not titling, and you'll see yourself progress.
manutdfan (OCE)
: Mouse playing up
It could either be: 1. Mouse related: - buy a new mouse - clean the bottom of your mouse properly 2. Surface related - Buy a mouse pad - clean your mouse pad - clean your desk 3. Software related - Download the newest update for your mouse - Delete and uninstall your mouse, and reinstall it. - Check league settings for anything that is related to Mouse-game play. There could be more reasons, but mainly, those 3 will affect how your mouse moves while u play. and if you're having issues after u try all this... well you probably need to run a virus scan on your comp. P.S: If you're using a laptop, and not using your track-pad. make sure it's disabled....
: i get kicked for queue dodging even though i selected a champion.
Not too long ago, they added that you need to "Lock-in" During champion select for ranked matches (Unsure if this includes draft mode).
: This pretty much denies 90% of everything I do on the boards.
To put this very Simply: There is a lot behind balancing champions.. every little TINY tweak done to a single champion, it changes the entirety of the game in a whole... with a little game design knowledge you'd be able to notice this. Why they don't listen to random players on forums: it's a waste of time... i'll explain 1. Every player has a different idea of which champions are broken, why, and how to fix this.. in everyone's eyes.. every champion is broken. 2. they are very limited to their own games, and do not see statistics/internal data for the champions, to understand what NEEDS to be fixed. 3. (as a darius main, i can say this openly): People either have 0 clue how a champion works... or know how to counter them easily... certain champions (especially at early ranks) seem un-stoppable due to their kit... mainly because the players have no idea how these champions work.. for instance, countering darius? easy. Dont let him get 5 blood stacks in any fight. Dont like his Q(Swing around him), hit you on the outer edge. At the moment, darius is weak... very weak... but i can still pull of 8-0 lanes, because a person doesn't know the champion... that simple... 4. most people have no clue how the hell balancing works in any way shape or form... because when you balance.. you need to think of: - Current Meta - strengths/weaknesses of every champion against that champion (Of what? 130ish champions? jeez..) - how this influences the meta - any hidden OP'ness with runes/builds that could be unlocked - Snowball affect (Any tiny difference within an early game stat, could have INSANE implications towards their late-game potential... having a jinx get to late game faster? broken. have her get to lategame slower? weak.. this could be the difference in 1 AD early game...) tl;dr: There is a lot going into balancing champions... it's nowhere near as easy as people think, and while they listen to your input... they probably already know everything you're writing (Or just know the plain truth behind it)
The Beard (OCE)
: WHERES 3's
Buuuump. like legit 90% of the reason i'm playing League atm, to play 3's with a friend T_T
: He's a shadow ninja demon with a scythe. The symbol incarnate of pre-pubescent 'badass'. That's why he will always be popular. I don't think anime has anything to do with it? between ages 10 and 16 pretty much anything 'darkness' and 'death' is the epitome of coolness. Once you grow up and develop a sense of subtly, you start to appreciate how unimaginite it is and how much cooler the more complex and quirky characters are. But I do agree, you look at a Lee main's most played champs and its always Yas, Riven or Trynd, and vice versa.
Ehh, i don't see him as an anime character, or "the symbol incarnate of pre-pubescent 'badass'" It's a character that represents Death, and has a huge-ass scythe... People will enjoy this regardless. And yes, that's someone who like's Kayn, and yes i'm VERY much over 16. Whether a character is subtle or not, i don't really mind, the play style is all i care for. As for the "toxic-tryhard" portion of this post: Each of the champions you listed are known to be high skill-flaw/cap champions... yes, if you play them once or twice, you may get the gist of their character, but watch Pro-players play the characters you listed... it's a whole other ballpark. The champions have insane mechanical reach, and do take effort and skill to master. Riven: Without knowledge of weaving-auto's, auto/animation cancelling, and the prospect of positioning... she's useless. Lee sin: Without being able to understand your role, and use your skills to properly help your team.. he's useless (I've seen lee-sins kick a tank into their ADC before... it really is a big difference to a teamfight) Zed: Ehh... a little more controversial, depending on how strong he is in the current meta, he's either hit or miss, although positioning matters a LOT for a zed. Yasuo: Dodging his Q's are easy, and once you understand how his dash works... he requires a lot more skill to do well with, In higher-tiers, yasuo's are usually hit-or-miss, And lastly Kayn: So far, his potential is high, and his numbers may be slightly skewed towards the more "overpowered" nature, however he DOES have a skill-cap required to play, he isn't as mind-less as people assume... everyone is just currently panicking. for example: 1. Learn to ward/play lane against a kayn... he's not your average jungler, different warding-zones, and a more defensive-pattern would work better (Same deal against someone like Eve or twitch.. warding River bush may seem smart.. until it does literally nothing to save you) 2. Hit him if he's Blue, CC him if he's red (In his classic skin) 3. So many games.. i've seen a Kayne Ult someone, and that person panic like their hp bar is going to melt... His ult does BARELY any damage, and he's invuln for 2 seconds, and has a .5 second delay once he gets pushed out of it.... DO NOT FLASH AND USE ALL YOUR ABILITIES ONCE HE ULTS YOU, just wait... Once people learn these simple 3 things... then you'll see kayn drop out of the "new-champion-hype", and his skill-cap will rise exponentially, so yes... he may become one of the champions listed above.. however, league of legends has always worked the same way.. since Beta.. Easy champions are meant to be weaker by number-standards Harder-to-master champions, are meant to be stronger by number-standards... If master YI had the numbers that riven or yasuo had? You'd see him insta-kill an entire team every single game. however, he's mechanically easier, therefore his numbers are lower (usually, balancing is a LOT harder than people give credit...) tl;dr: Kayn looks interesting, is fun to play, and like the champions above, has a high-skillcap, yes people will continue to play them, but he will fall and rise out of meta constantly like most other champions...
Jason (OCE)
: A problem with LoL, and a solution
At a first glance, i thought this would work... However.. Insta-locking is not the root of the problem, and to properly remove an issue with ANYTHING, you must strike at the root of the problem. What is mean is: IF someone is thinking of taking a lane, and a champion, and not caring about their team... They will do this regardless, it doesnt matter if you stop them from locking in for the first 10 seconds, 30 seconds, minute... they will do this regardless... It's very hard to fix the problem you've discussed, Even if they implemented draft mode, they would still arise with these same problems, people stealing lanes because "it's not ranked, who cares, im taking mid, go support". And well.. draft mode isn't viable in OCE due to the amount of people playing...
: People playing "ith a "time frame"
As a rather busy individual with things i have to do in life, after all, not all people that play league, are playing 24/7.. it's just not going to work out. 1. Sometimes people find out AFTER they start a game, which is troubling for allll parties.. 2. riot banning people for 2 weeks over a few leaves, does not work for their system... each game consumes around 30 average in-game time, and maybe 10minutes of queue/loading (longer depending on circumstance) even the smallest disturbance can ruin this.. most people cannot remove all real-life distractions and just play league of legends... yes it's frustrating, but sometimes it happens, even me, someone who leaves 1.5hours of free time, during a ranked, has been forced to leave mid-way due to circumstance.. it sucks. 3. there is no way to properly discern true-leavers from accidental-leavers... it's impossible unless the person says otherwise... for instance.. someone joins a game, it's 6-0 against their team, they have died twice, and are not getting helped by the person. They then say "omg gotta go, something just happened, sorry". Truth? or Lie? would it matter if his team was winning? if they were equal? if he said nothing? What if his parents just got into a car accident and were just rushed to hospital? are you going to ban this person because of that? This issue was raised LOOOOONG ago in league of legends. The basic idea to come out of it is: If someone is a frequent leaver, give warnings, issue short-bans, or queue-related bans. if the person is NOT a frequent leaver, some leniency is given. To put it into retrospect. if i say beforehand "i need to leave soon, can we make this a fast game". There are 3 main things that will happen 1. Team rushes and loses, 2. team rushes and wins, 3. team doesn't rush, person has to leave mid-way. 2/3 of those circumstances are bad, however only 1 should be resulted in a ban IMO, as again... people sometimes need to leave, it's impossible to account for all disruptions. AND before this chat gets out of hand, i'll say it simply: 1. i do not play ranked (or even blindpick) unless i have ATLEAST 1.5hours to spare, uninterrupted. 2. I usually play ARAM if i have less time (or just mess around in practice tool). 3. i don't even remember the last time i left a game due to time restrictions, it doesn't happen to me at all. tl;dr: it's a hard thing to stop, a lot of issues come out of banning people with time restrictions, for a game that can take anywhere from 15-60minutes, it's a little hard for the general populous to keep perfect uninterrupted time. People have lives... the world is unpredictable, even if you think you have 8hours interrupted... you may get interrupted for a random reason within the first 20minutes.. they can't ban every single person this happens to, otherwise they wouldn't have ANY playerbase.. (Also let's not forget this is OCE, the playerbase is small enough as it is.)
: I'm not necessarily saying that we need bans in normal games, i'm suggesting that you are just able to lock in your position before a game to avoid any confusion.
Basically, we had a version of Draft mode in Oce, Riot realized that we didn't have the population to support it, and put the idea on the backburner. At the moment, i still do not believe we have the population to support draft pick (Just on the basis of my own games, i'm usually within a 100-200 mmr gap. which is ridiculously bad compared to other servers). If they were to implement draft pick, it would have to entirely replace blind pick, due to the numbers, and issues with queue time will still arise (and be definitely much worse) The only conceivable way i can imagine Riot implementing draft pick currently, Would, as HeartVine said, to implement the queue in increments, as a test. However i think there should be more done. 1. Bans would have to be removed (Especially for new players, this would basically make it impossible for new players to play, 10 champions banned, 9 champions used, must have atleast 20 champions OWNED to play... isn't realistic) 2. the system would have to be MUUUCH lighter in ranked, maybe asking for your top 3 roles in order (Top>Mid>Adc), Attempting to find the best match of players for the first Minute or So, and then auto-filling required people. 3. Auto-fill protected would have to be removed (I have once waited in a 20 minute queue, in GoldV, while auto-fill protected... it makes the sorting system MUUUUCH harder, if you play popular roles. the ONLY benefit the system would have, is to remove "call order" from the game, sorting out individuals prior, so that less complaints happen. However then the same issues that happen in ranked, and current blindpick, would still happen... People not respecting the system, and just stealing/auto-locking whatever they feel like.. However i do believe it would minimize this... slightly..
: Is Kayn leaving the map intentional?
It seems like a bug, he's still not properly released, most champions have bugs like this that are found during PBE.
: I would be a better wrenchmen than everyone else.
There are so many things wrong with this post that i just cannot begin to fathom a response. I really do hope it's a joke... but in case it isn't.... Calling people out, is a rule you've just broken... do you think with your current behaviour you'll become a wrenchman? do you even know what it is? why do you want to become one? To flaunt superiority over people in the forums? i don't feel like arguing with someone over this, Riot makes people wrenchmen for their own reasons, if you think you're worthy, sooner or later they'll make you one... they have plenty of other things to deal with at the moment.
jadelink (OCE)
: Tanks in the top lane since 7.12
Throughout the entirety of league of legends, there has been a cycle of strong and viable champion archetypes. At the moment, tanks are a big strong force, and a lot of them don't need mana.. however, you stated that 'darius' is a generic toplaner that doesn't need mana... and well, you're mistaken, darius' kit relies heavily on the usage of his spells, if you're not constantly hitting Q's and missing your E's, you're basically going to get picked off instantly. as someone who plays toplane darius, im forced to not use spells in order to sustain in lane, i don't buy mana items, or even think about mana regen in my masteries, you just play conservatively, don't spam abilities, don't use spells constantly. with different ranks this might be harder/easier, but i'm sure you can make it work, figure out your champions, and the enemy champion, and how to best play the lane. as a darius i wouldn't want to use ANY spells in a fight against fiora until i believe i can kill her, because if i even screw up 1 ability, most likely she'll kill me. against a Jayce, i'm forced to keep him away from minions in his melee form, while also dodging his Q's (yet forcing him to use them), in order to waste his mana and not be able to fight in lane.. Figure out your champion, how it fits into the current META, and how to deal with the issues your champion faces in lane P.s. the river-plants are a great source of mana/health when you can afford to run down, learn the spawn timing, and don't make it obvious that you're going there.
: Riot, what the fuck.
Firstly. Riot isn't going to ban someone because you spam on the forums, actually.. they may ban you for going against their guidelines. Secondly, riot has a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of trolls to deal with. it takes time... calm down, nothing you are doing will make things better. Thirdly, if you go... idk, 1-14, in a game, while he goes 9-12... how is he going to get banned for intentionally feeding? from a statistical standpoint, the ban will be ignored. if team has 30 deaths, and 1 player has 8, most likely it has just been a bad game... if he honestly is a troll who continually trolls and intentionally feeds... he will be banned, just wait it out, sheesh. atm, all you're doing, is not only stooping to his level, but also trolling the game... you decided to go 1-14-2, because you saw a guy you didn't like was on your team... guess what... there are 3 other players on your team, who have nothing to do with it.. so yeah.. you just intentionally fed/afk'd/gave up for the rest of your team. who will most likely report you, not him.
Arkangyle (OCE)
: You're not making it easy
I know it seems frustrating, and that it's riots fault, or your teams fault. or whatever. But sometimes you can't climb for another reason.... Yourself. This isn't an attack solely on you, i think a lotttt of bronze-gold players are exactly the same when it comes to trying to climb, they believe they're better than everyone else and that they're in "Elo-hell". from just a quick little look at your games, i can tell there are a few issues with the way you play. just some quick tips that will help you climb a lottttt faster. 1. Farm... you should be aiming for 7cs/min, but having 6ish isn't so bad if you're doing well and ahead. 2. don't ignore every other lane. if you're going 10-0 in lane, but your other lanes are losing, actively see what you can do to help. 3. learn objective taking vs chasing for kills, sometimes it's soo easy to get 1 kill, on the enemy support, that's 0-5-5, but taking dragon would help a lottt more. 4. Just play... no matter what you do, you will be in your current rank, until you improve your play. i'm saying this as a Gold5 that is struggling to climb. i play, figure out all the things that I did wrong, and i try and fix them. i had 150 farm by 20 minutes? oh cool, thats amazing. but by 30 i only had 160... that needs to stop i went 8-0 and had 7cs/min, but my team lost every lane, and i had tp as a toplaner.. i could have easily helped the game i went for top turret instead of tp'ing to dragon and following my laner. they received dragon and 4 kills out of my mistake. the enemy ADC was fed, and i went to 1v1 her as a midlaner and died... i should probably check her score before i go in again. every single game, think about what you could have done differently. change that in the upcoming games, and you'll see yourself getting a lot better.. while you may think you're good enough to be *Insert rank here*, until you achieve that, you have 0 clue whether or not you can be that good. Lanes are different the higher you rank up, team fights are different, objective taking. everything.
: Just because you're fed doesn't give you an excuse to stop CSing
As someone who doesn't do this well at all, i can tell you, it's still a problem at higher Elos, however not as MUCH of a problem, and my numbers are probably a little better. but still a problem (also, the whole "16cs=kill" is bs, if i'm at 8 kills, with 8cs/min, and you're at 10 kills with 6cs/min, i'm still going to have more gold than you. Find a way to get kills, secure objectives, and farm, it is possible.)
: Intentional Feeding vs Just Bad??
For starters, most people wont report you for "intentionally feeding" unless you legitimately intentionally feed (even if they say they are going to.) Secondly, before taking a champion into ranked, its suggested to first play that champion in a normal game (i tend to do 5 normal games where i win lane, 5 normal games where i lose lane, before i take the champion to ranked). From the stats i saw, you need to very much focus on surviving after you've died a few times. Most players can do well if they get fed/win lane, but once they lose, they die constantly. Learn how to LOSE a lane, but not feed/be too far behind of the rest of the game. your CS shouldnt be based on the number, but rather the Number per minute. having 150 cs is fine, but if you're at 40 minutes, you should have atleast double that.
Night Guy (OCE)
: faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark
To build on what he said, Before locking-in was required, you would have people afk the entire lobby, not choose a champion that synergized well. also, someone afk for champion select, who then leaves during loading, just wastes 5minutes of 9 other peoples time. even though you can /remake at 3 minutes in, waiting on loading+the first 3 minutes, is just tiresome, considering how many times people accidentally don't pick a champion/lock in, i'm sure you can see how annoying this would be. Yes, there will be moments where forgetting to lock in, is just annoying, however if you have done it 3 times in a row... who says you wont afk during those games, resulting in a loss? imagine if someone on your team was afk for 5 minutes in the middle of a match.. you wouldn't say it was fair would you?
: 'Report _____ for _____!' should be an instant 5 game chat restriction.
Even if all 9 people in the game reported you, unless you actually did what they said you did, you will not get banned. Also, if someone was to say in /all chat "report _ for racism" but there was no racism, you could just report them for harassment.
: Just a random idea for better gaming environment
on paper this sounds like a good idea, someone who went 15-3-5 but still lost, gets a win after his team throws/feeds/afks/whatever. buuuut. there's a lot to think about, and there are easily ways this can be abused, it would also Heavily skew ranks, as instead of 5/10 people from each match winning, it's 6/10, pushing all ranks higher, therefore diminishing higher ranks. you also get into a situation where everyone is diamond. by the simple math that, if 6/10 players win every single match, sooner or later, every player will move up ranks until there are no ranks left. The reason the current system works so well, is that each team has a 50% to win a game, before it starts. Making the better teams go up, while the worse teams go down.
: Tbh i do give kills away most of the time, its why i tend to have double digit assists. But there are also plenty of times where i have to take the kill either because it is a solo 1v2 in mid lane or something, or they are about to get away so i throw one more cheeky ability to secure it. I also understand the flaming thing, trust me i do, but i act irrationally when im angry, if i could disable chat alltogether i would, i already play better when i ping mute and chat mute everyone so i dont have to read their bullshit tactical decisions, but that doesnt stop me typing in chat that the fact they are doing baron when the enemy "fed to the tits carry" is still alive is suicide. And i know im blaming it on my anger, but i get away with this personality irl by simply not getting angry, the very very few times i do get angry all logic goes out the window and i lose my cool calculating mentality and go straight to rage mode. League teams just have more things that tick me off than anything else in the world so i have more outbursts playing league. Basically i have anger issues, but its an anger issue that only certain competitive video games can trigger, and thus going and seeking help for it is damn near useless as a therapist is just going to say "well stop playing that game" You are also correct that i cant 1v5, this is why i get so bloody angry when my team feeds, because they just dont care that they making the game damn near impossible to win, do they not have any competitive sense what so ever? do they not enjoy winning through the process of overcoming a stronger opponent. I mean hell i know why half of bronze feeds, i could teach a master class that goes for 5 minutes that would solve feeding altogether for the majority of bronze players. itd just be a flow chart that says. Did you die yes but i can i can still beat him but did you die yes... then play safer mate but i cant play safer yes you can just last hit your lane to freeze it infront of your tower class dismissed no? then keep playing how you were
If your main issue is anger, there are a lot of things you can do to help, as someone in the last semester of psych, who literally just finished an anger treatment paper, i can tell you. 1. Meditation, it works, a lot. 2. CBT, look it up, as it's too hard to explain. 3. if you get angry during league, count down from 10, then think to yourself "Getting angry will make things worse, move on" as for the rest, here are the simple truths. People don't care if they feed most of the time, and if you have a feeder, or an int'er, or an afk'er, then you probably will lose. Don't let this stop you, continue playing that match, understand the champions strengths and weaknesses, learn how to farm better, get better at dodging, understanding range. basically just play the game, and don't rage, you'll get better, and understand how to win future games. as someone who has climbed out of bronze twice, and silver 3 times, i understand elo hell (currently in it atm.. i came back to league and lost my cool, im trying to get back out of hell though..) understand one other thing. It isn't always your teams fault, as i said earlier, it's a 5v5 game, and 1 side HAS to lose, each lane has to have a losing side (regardless of how well you do), so understand this, and find ways to make it better. you can read advice all day long, if you don't understand that sometimes it's inevitable to lose, you'll realize it's not the end of the world. dont flame, don't troll, don't int. get better slowly, and with time you'll get out of bronze. The reason i think you're not playing up to scratch, you ask? simple: You said it yourself, you're in bronze5, and everyone is feeding or int'ing.. thats equally true for the enemy team. if you are honestly silver/gold level, you can easily climb out of that, play your lane well, help other lanes, understand the structure of the game. understand when to take a turret, and when to go down and help your botlane. understand champion roles, and how to take advantage of them, a tanks main priority should be to take damage, and stop their carries from taking damage. understand when to go for dragon, rift herald, and baron. understand what disengaging a teamfight means, and how to do it. understand that denying farm is equally as important as farming well. i was recently in a game, where i was 0-1-0 in lane, however i had 50 farm on my enemy, we both entered a team fight and i got a quadra kill... there's a reason. last tip: Do not give up. people concede and lose morale at different points, if your team is 0-10 at 5 minutes, sure it's easy to give up, however comebacks happen 24/7, and ARE possible in lower ranks, understand that. Until the enemy team is bashing your nexus and kills it. there's always a way to win, you just have to figure it out. even if comebacks are rare, coming back from 1/10 games, is still decreasing your loss rate by 10%, which is a huge deal.
: For those of you who wonder why i bitch about my teams all the time, lets review todays games.
So i've read most of what has been said, i didn't read every last word, but i know what point you're trying to make. I would like you to attempt to heed my advice and constructive criticism, and not ignore the entire post because you've heard parts of it. League of legends, and ranked, is based upon a simple construct, 1 team HAS to lose. Always remember this, This also means lanes lose, regardless of what you want to do. Morale and determination play a BIG part in strategy games and games like league, especially in the lower Elo's, when everyone says "dont flame" they mean it, if you literally stop flaming, you'll see yourself winning more games. i don't care how many times you've been told this, its better to just shut up. Do not give advice during league games, you should understand this the most, why? Because everyone here is trying their best to help you and let you understand what you're doing wrong, and instead you're attacking them like they're imbeciles. Giving advice to low-elo players, demoralises them, makes them think you're flaming, and bam, you have someone afk or inting. 1 person does not win a game. otherwise you would not still be bronze 5. Every time you flame, and make someone give up, you lose the game. Why? because you can't 1v5, stop trying, let other people win. Don't take all the kills, YES, real advice right now, Right here, Do not take all the kills, 1 person with 50 kills, is not the same as a team with 50 kills, you get Cc'd in a fight, your team with 0 kills losses the game.. allow yourself to be ks'd/give kills away, trust me you'll win more often. it also boosts self-confidence and morale of your team. (DO NOT TAKE THIS ADVICE LIGHTLY, If you ignore me entirely, i couldn't give a shit, but if you ignore this advice, and say im not trying to help, then you aren't trying to get better) Realize that, yes, you will lose games, yes, people on your team will lose lanes, and yes you will lose lanes. Also realize 1 last thing. Everyone is auto-filled. Everyone. If you give up, during ur auto-fill games, because "it's just autofill, who cares" you're making your team lose. Think of your own experience, where the supports have been stupid and not cared, or when the junglers do whatever they want. there is a legitimate reason to try when you are supporting. i don't care how much you hate it, just suck it up, it will make you win more games. tl;dr: doesn't matter how many times you've heard it, fix your attitude, morale is a real thing that exists, deal with it. p.s. if you respond to this with any bit of aggression, like you have with the rest of the posts, i will not reply, i will not even bother ever opening this thread again, however, if you decide to respond normally, with some dignity, i will give you more tips on how you can win games and get out of elo-hell.
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: Can't Movement Click off PAD
happened to a friend yesterday, it's as if the beginning area is still blocked off, even after the 15seconds. for him it just went away at like 40 seconds by itself.
: Ranked Disabled?
Seems to be working fine for me, might just be a temporary glitch? Try restarting your computer, and then if it still is greyed out, try repairing the client, or just waiting. Edit: See if someone else can invite you to ranked games as well? Maybe it will fix itself after that
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