: Thank you <3 I wish I did more. Had all her abilities planned out (no art :C) and more Belly Flop art but it was past the deadline. I love doing projects like this. I don't care about winning, though I am over the moon! - Just a nice solid excuse to draw the best champion. I'm going to buying my friends skins with the RP, sick of looking at their classic skin butts :P {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
The website you did was super cool! How did you make it?? Did you have to pay for a server or anything? Cause i'm looking to do character design/ skin design in vce next year as a project, and i really admire how your design was presented!
Achenar (OCE)
: Star Guardian 2017 Fanwork Contest - Winners!
I waited 5 days for the contest to be announced cause i didnt see it on the front of the website!! Hahah, i think theres a few other confused entrants on the original post! I'm glad to have made it onto the shortlist ^_^
: My issue is more with the fact that riot can't even host a proper survey, not with the fact that it's being abused and whatnot. I mean if riot leaves open a competition that gives out RP, why the fuck can't they use something that can't be abused to take votes?
They've used woobox before for contests that gave out even higher prizes ^^ but it only got abused now because people could see the votes and see that incognito was working to get more votes. It was an honest mistake on the host's part(there was an error in configuring the contest), but you cant expect them to have forseen the spam voting that would occur, since it never happened before when they used the same system for voting before. Its good that they managed to confess that there was an error, and take action and listen to the contestants' pleas at least :).
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hi Hyoton, Thanks for providing your feedback. I would be interested to hear about how you and the others feel we should pick winners in the future. Art is quite subjective and with the awesome varying art styles you all have it is difficult to pin down an objective judging method for all the different styles. This is why in the past we have allowed our players to vote, we try to mitigate the popularity aspect of it by raising awareness in our client (lots of players voting who may not know any artists, vs just the artists friends voting). Would you all prefer an internal panel? or do you like the voting part and just want something that has no loop holes?
Thanks for being open to feedback, i've seen some good changes to the competitions over the years that have prevented art theft (the competition criterias have become more specific and unique to the oce community since the first ocean week contest) as a result of the surveys that were sent out :). I personally would prefer an internal voting panel for this occasion if the competition is to be recasted, since it would be embarassing for contestants to have to share it again to their friends if a voting was reheld. Voting for future competitions shouldn't be a problem if a vast majority of votes come from client viewers though.
Stylus (OCE)
: This has no longer become an art competition, it became a spam vote competition. Even Shaifira would agree with me, in order to stay relevant for top 3 you have to vote using incognito mode. To consistently spam vote on a particular artist. I am writing for you Riot to internally rank the top 20 in order of best to worst. Oh and if you think i'm just salty because I can't match you can remove me from the shortlist, there is no longer integrity in this competition . Your move Riot.
Having been in 5 competitions(ocean week 2015, 2016, opl final, pixel and shurima lore) from experience i have seen that the voting system for these contests were always flawed. Woobox was used for all ocean week contests and the opl one but the issue of spam voting has only come to light now, as we are able to see the amount of votes and the drastic numbers and differences. The facebook voting was more effective but it still made the competition a matter of popularity rather than skill. I agree that riot should be the ones choosing the winners from now on, but even so, i have seen people who have been deserving of being in the shortlist, and they didnt get in.
: Haha, I know the feels. I've had a pretty similar experience but I got in on the last contest (the pixel art one). Good luck :), your picture looks amazing!
Ive gotten into all the shortlists since the ocean week contest in 2015 (except the pixel one) but ive never gotten into the top 10 necause the voting stage is never on my side 😂 Its top 3 now so its even more difficult. Even though losing can be discouraging,its always good to persevere! These contests have made me better my art skills by heaps 😊 Goodluck to you! Your piece looks great and you are definitely deserving of more votes!
: Hope you get a nice placing Hyoton. Feels very Oceania like!
Thank you so much for the support! <3 this is my fifth contest and ive never gotten into the winning shortlist XD
: Is there a way to resubmit my art if i accidentally upload the wrong image?
I think you can just submit it again?, i've done that twice for previous competitions and i just messaged the facebook page to let them know i resubmitted
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Pixel Art Contest!
I'm seeing some traced images of official splasharts?, this shouldn't be allowed cause its unfair to people who manually go in and make their own drawings from scratch. It's alright if they get shortlisted this time since its not specified but could this be included in rules for future contests?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey Hyoton, We are looking for art based off of the recent stories.
so anything from bloodline is alright?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: 2016 Shurima Art Contest
Does it have to be a part of the recent update to the shuriman lore eg. addition of taliyah , or does the entry just have to be revolved around any part of the shuriman lore eg. cassiopeia betraying sivir.
waser62 (OCE)
: opl finals 2015 trivia prize
there were over 50 prizes to be packaged i believe :), including art and other competitions, so that probably took longer than expected. The shipping should only take a around week though.
: OPL Finals Fan Art Contest Results
i got shortlisted and received an email, am i supposed to reply to the email that was sent? did you receive my reply?
: OPL Finals Fan Art Contest Results
is asking for votes allowed???
: OPL Fan Art Contest!
if someone were to get shortlisted , would they be allowed to ask for votes on social media?, itcl could get unfair for those less popular
: Find your favourite past login screens!
wheres winter wonder ori T^T
: It says "short listed". They probably chose the ones they think had the best chances of winning lol The second one I saw was a cheater's one which is totally unfair.
I messaged the page on fb and sent the link of the original drawing, hopefully they see
: Am I allowed to use a drawing that I've drawn previously? Or does it have to be new?
It has to be made specifically for the competition
: whoa, 2 cheaters? :S
Someone cropped a drawing off google and posted it. :/ , the other heavily referenced someone elses art.
: Ocean Week diorama and art contest!
How will they know about cheaters? ive already found two on twitter


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