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untkays (OCE)
: i got permanently banned just then
They call it permanent ban for a reason, unless you were perm banned under false accusations you should send a ticket to riot.
: Looking for other beginners.
toss me an invite if you'd like username's KamiShima, I'll be home at like 4ish
Slowdownn (OCE)
: 'Server is currently busy'
It hasn't been resolved for me, for the first three attempts it says that the servers are busy but the 4th attempt logs me straight in, is it just my pc or is this a server/global bug? {{item:3070}}
: I don't think Kindred are necessarily a 'he' ..
well actually Active: Wolf temporarily splits from Lamb, creating a large spirit zone around him and attacking whoever Lamb attacks, or his closest enemy. Lamb can cast Dance of Arrows with a greatly reduced cooldown while inside Wolf's Frenzy. on his W it states it as a "he".
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Âtlas (OCE)
: For all the people who are saying OCE is better then NA server, your all blind or something hey, i got 2 accounts for this reason, NA is friendlier, polite, dont blame others for there mistakes, don't rage for no reason, they dont abuse others as often, and somehow they tend to work as a team better then OCE any other day, yeh while the ping in OCE is for me 80 most the time, the ping in NA is 250+ most the time but it feels just as smooth as OCE, doesnt feel laggy, you can last hit if your ADC or Mid rather well, oh and the intermediate bots in NA are like Doom Bots of Doom minus the buffs, the basic bots here in OCE are too easy for 10 year olds, the intern. bots in OCE are like the basic bots in NA, oh and i have read in a few different places about OCE server in general with all games and OCE in GENERAL is the most Toxic hands down, WHY IS THAT, RIOT?
Not everyone in NA servers are friendly, you just got lucky, not everyone in OCE servers are aggressive, you can't tell me that it's our fault for why the bots are terrible, they could've added an extra difficulty for us which give out Doom bots. that's riot being too lazy to add in a extra line. what does last hitting have to do with why OCE is shit? If you ain't got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all man, your words here will only cause aggression

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