: You do have to land Q to play an effective anivia, if she misses her Q then she is forced to use her R to proc her E damage, once she has done that (sure it takes a chunk of your health away but a R/E combo cant 100-0 something so youll still be alive and with all your abilities) she legit has nothing left to hit you with for at least 6 seconds, and any half decent mid laner can kill a defenceless squishy in well under 6 seconds. They key thing to do is not be scared when her E crits, i play anivia a fair amount, and when i crit E on someone, they shit themselves and run away, which exactly what she wants you do to because she's out of tricks after that, the only thing she has left is a wall.
Except other mid laners also have cds., with one rotation not being enough to 100-0 someone early to mid game. There's also the issue of taking creep damage. Since anivia is ranged (and she can be shoving the wave in as she's chunking you to half) she doesn't suffer a lot from minion aggro. There's also the fact that she has two health bars :^). People don't just turn and run away, they hit back but a guaranteed half hp combo at level 6 every 6 seconds is broken so it's much more difficult to out trade than it should be.
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Charbz (OCE)
: Are you kidding me? Why was Anivia nerfed? Reducing the chilled duration is the worst thing you can do. You do realise EVERYTHING about Anivia is slow and allowing a 1 second window to actually deal damage is stupid. Anyone can see her Q a mile away..What an absolute joke, Revert this stupid nerf and stop limiting diversity for God sake. Even a swain and malz nerf.. Just lol.
Swain and Malz were fine but Anivia definitely needed this nerf. Her ult was way too spammy for what it is.
kJs (OCE)
: A common misconception that Gold+ players have it that every player knows how to kite and does it efficiently; this is bronze/silver. Half the players have no idea how to kite efficiently, at this level of skill Nasus has no counters once he hits late game with Q stacks. Nasus is freelo at this skill level because after you get past the early game, with stacks, you will be able to kill everyone on the enemy team with relative ease once mid to late game starts. Nasus has strong single target CC to lock down carries. The typical Nasus build is Trinity Force/Iceborn Gauntlet with the rest being tank items. Nasus will be able to tank for your team, especially well after he ults to catch people off guard. The only champion that I think does really well against Nasus in teamfights is {{champion:67}}. The invisibility will throw newbie players off-guard. It's not hard to tumble and condemn a Nasus away for saftey. The innate tank busting skills that Vayne has is a great counter to Nasus once the Vayne is fed. Of course the Vayne player would actually need to be good enough to get past the crappy lane phase Vayne has compared to other ADCs to actually get fed and delete Nasuses.
If you keep thinking "How can I circumvent this problem with my current skill level?" you're not going to get better. The key here is to get better so you can see that it's no problem at all. Also all you need is a qss to get around the wither. Although I suppose a lot of players in low elo will forget they even have it during a fight.
fum422 (OCE)
: dont play ranked if you cant play all roles
Uhh...I'm plat IV and I pretty much play adc exclusively. Every once in a while I get in trouble cause I don't get adc and I have to play another role that I suck at but that's about all there is to it.
Jink (OCE)
: Skarner's so sick now.
"Gj riot". Yes gj making a perfectly (solo queue) viable champion broken beyond the imagination. Usually I think riot does a decent job of balancing but this new 'juggernaut' thing...not a fan.
: I think the most likely outcome of that game is that you lose. If your team just isn't getting great trades and objectives in the early to mid game then there is very little hope, just an honest opinion and probably a factual as well. If all of your lanes are doing horrible, as in (compared to the opponent laner) extremely low CS, high amounts of deaths, low assists or kills: then it is safe to say that you will not be getting any ganks or help from them for the majority of the game because they will likely exacerbate the enemy's advantage by leaving lane. If your jungler isn't doing well either and especially if your jungler doesn't help your lane then you are not in a prime position to do much of anything. You can "win" lane but Nasus will always be a big part of late game - Nasus will always come back late game. You can only rely on enemy team mistakes and disadvantages like DCs, AFKs etc to win the game. Otherwise you're quite literally done for. ____ You can use the time to practice instead of completely giving up and DCing or AFKing. ____ Some counters would help you lane against Nasus: {{champion:80}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:92}} Some of these champions are simply too tanky to kill. Others have strong disengage. Some can negate Nasus's main damage ability (Q) completely. Whilst others can easily stomp their lane against a Nasus. ____ I'm no expert, just a Bronze II. I'd like to see what other players think of this scenario and how best to play it and possibly win it.
A common misconception that bronze/silver players have is that nasus is a strong champion. He's not, he actually sucks quite a bit. It doesn't matter if you have 1000 stacks cause you're just gonna get kited by the enemy team and you're never gonna get to touch any of the targets that matter. That being said in bronze/silver adcs and other carries don't really understand the key differences between ranged and melee champs so there's a question of whether they will even try to kite back. Anyway, point is, a nasus with more stacks is just a better splitpusher, he should never be able to carry fights for his team, so if you help your team win the game, a stacked nasus won't (read shouldn't) be able to do anything.
Jakiron (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mar3thyu,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=GU9ApdeZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2014-12-17T09:06:49.962+0000) > > People will always ways talk "smack" nothing riot can do about it or basically LoL will become a game with no players because they all get banned Good, ban them all. They're all horrible human beings that need to learn manners, respect, and a basic level of human decency. Some of the ♥♥♥♥ I see in this game is disgusting and it ruins my mood. I just want to have fun.
You wanna have fun, you do your best to have fun, its not up to other people to make the game fun for you. Mute em, listen to music, play zed jungle... do whatever makes the game fun for you.
: {{item:3075}}
OMG THIS ITEM COUNTERS HER SHE"S TOTALLY BALANCED. No, fiora is broken; or was, I haven't seen her much after the nerfs to her ultimate so not entirely sure.
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: Symmetry Gaming Recruitment (High Silver/Gold/Plat+) - Open League
Age: 17 Chosen role: Middle lane Main champion pool: Zed, Azir, Oriana, Fizz, Lucian (Middle lane), Xerath Current rank: Silver II Rank season 3: Bronze V Voice/headset: Yes Able to play during required hours: Yes Additional comments: Through my near 500 ranked games with zed this season, I've learnt that LoL is more than just a game of mechanics, indeed teamwork and coordination play a more vital role, and although these are hard to find in solo queue, I'd like to improve my own abilities in these areas thorough playing in a team so that hopefully I can apply these skills to my solo queue games at a later date.
Phreak (NA)
: I'm David "Phreak" Turley, Ask Me Stuff!
Hey phreak thanks for doing this AMA here. Not sure if you're still answering questions but if you are, here's mine: As an ADC main what do you think of the current state of the role and the itemization choices, and what changes during S5 will affect ADCs the most?

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