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: **Looking for gold/plat/diamond FLEX players for late night games**
Aware (OCE)
i sent you a friends request, i play late nights also- currently plat 1 in both queues
: PLAYER ABOVE MY RANK (mid,support,top) inting and trolling on ranked flex??? ( im s4)
The i can feed early cause i scale late mentality is the issue most likely. Try play safe early if you get behind, cause if you die a bit early and the enemy bot lane takes over the map it affects all your laners/jgler and the lanes that were slightly ahead/even are now losing due to the enemy botlane pressure thats where the frustration would come from, on the other hand your in the low elo bracket and alot of players there are looking to blame others for the loss and give up mentally as soon as someone dies a few times, its a common trait amongst low elo players and is also the reason they cant climb as they never focus on what they did wrong and only blame others.. if people start being toxic, mute them its the best way... focus on your game try to make less mistakes and remember its a team game so what you do affects your team
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Mindstar (OCE)
: 2018-03-21 Ranked Disabled & NZ players increased latency
Riot surely you can give us a little more communication. An estimated ETA or something.
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: LFM S1-G1 for Tournament (stay-at-home online), OCE
Hi I'm interested in playing. i have a little bit of tournament experience having played in the truth gaming invitational. 1. Rank: Currently Gold 3 (and climbing) 2. Main role/roles: I main ADC but also play jg and mid really well if required. 3. Main champ(s): MY main ADC's are Tristana, Miss Fortune, but can also play ezreal sivir and kogmaw and a high level. MY jg champs Are Nidalee, Khazix , J4, Sejuana, vi and Diana. My mids are Ahri, lux, Zed, Dianna. Add me in game if interested. my ingame name is ii deceived ii
Gloomies (OCE)
: High gold/ low plat duo (pref adc)
I'm down, I'm Currently plat 4. I main ADC/JG
: Looking for Duo - pref ranks Mid gold to Mid plat
I sent you a friends request in game.
: Looking for Duo - pref ranks Mid gold to Mid plat
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: Making a silver/gold team
added you, I play jg/mid/adc. I'm down to play some flex
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Skyla (OCE)
: Gold Looking for an ADC Main to duo with or a team :)
I'm Gold 4 I main ADC and Mid can also jungle fairly well add me ingame if your interestested - ii deceived ii
trhrty (OCE)
: Ranking Smurf. LF other.
im no smurf but im g5 with a 60% win rate with ahri over like 300 games if ur interested
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