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Achenar (OCE)
: Hey guys! Thanks for checking in on this. The skin codes should be emailed out by Event in the next couple of days - it's a digital process rather than a physical skin card! There are some technical limitations that mean the codes can only be sent out AFTER the viewing - apologies for the confusion, we need to be better about setting expectations here.
: I submitted a ticket asking about it but apparently last year they sent out the skins via email a few days after. It’s probably only available to those who ordered tickets online. Anyways, if I find anything, I’ll post it here. Hopefully we all get the skins.
Prodïgy (OCE)
: No, actually i checked after the games (which were too laggy to watch btw) and we got told that the skin codes didnt exist! Actually pretty sad. This is also false advertising.. so... yeah...
Who told you that there are no skin code???
C9 Ooti (OCE)
: Same here :( I feel robbed
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Ice Age (OCE)
: Got no skin code here (EVENT Cinemas - Innaloo (57 Liege Street, Innaloo, WA, 6018)) :( :( :(


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