: Ask Us Anything - Oceanic esports team
what is your stance on the opl compared to other leagues around the world, i feel like we have allot of catching up to do.{{summoner:4}}
: Dire Wolves pre-season in Korea
this is actually so good for team i hope to see big things from these guys this season however korean play style is allot different to oce so it will be interesting to see if they bring any korean play style to the comp oce will be big this year
: Reformed Players Ask Riot, How You Like Me Now?
What if you give it as a reward to players who have climbed elo progressively throughout the season and is rewarded at the end of the season e.g. bronze 5 > gold 5 or if the player has already reached master or challenger an LP cap and if the player has been hit with an afk message throughout the season they don't get the reward like riot did last season with the reward?
: Wukong Bug fix (????)
BTW the title might be a little misleading for some basically i haven't seen anything in recent patch notes about this being fixed so i was wondering if recently you guys have come across the bug or if its been fixed hence the vote duhh :)
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: The wonder above
new champ maybe?


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