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How does it feel being the 2nd best PBP commentator in the OPL, and how do you think you can improve to be better than Riot Benji?
: It's a shame that in our time spent at Riot we've never really seen Benji shoutcasting anything before. At all. Ever. In saying that it's a bigger shame we know the alternate accounts of our producers in LoL, Benji. I see you ;)
Oh, because I was looking at the LoL Oceania YouTube page and the 5th most watched video is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5dgUUrfmzE
belquin (OCE)
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Why do you not put your best on air talent on air and instead relegate him to production duties? I am clearly referring to Riot Benji here. Thanks!


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