Silky (OCE)
: Bugsplat loop after champion select
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: where is my season end rewards?
also if u got banned you wont get the skin :)
Zabuzà (OCE)
: 14 Day Ban
I got banned for 14 days as well, and was my first ever offense. Have been playing since 2014 (NA server days) feelsbadman {{item:3070}}
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Janná (OCE)
: Riot~ I couldnt get past the ending screen on one of my games so I just clicked to skip it and now it's saying to reconnect into a game that doesnt exist. Tried relogging and restarting and it's so buggy right now I cant do anything else. Any help would be amazing thank you x
i am to having this problem.. i cant get out of the reconnect screen : {{item:3070}} (
: November sales schedule
zombie brand please!!! c:
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: it really is no excuse though... "it's too hard, so we're just not gonna bother"
mate admit it he is a blob and the only difference u can make which will have a huge impact is the colour and the recall of the character.... think about it.
Maroken (OCE)
: That's just a list of champions that you suck against. I mean seriously, Cho'Gath? Olaf? Veigar?
Cho'Gath is actually extremely good if u know how to play him, olaf i agree and veigar is still op after the nerf you just got to play him right :)
Wolfclaw (OCE)
: the dragon concepts are awesome, it's a shame to see them wasted. why not make different dragons spawn in a random order? mix for their abilities maybe or at least their animations?
Like levels 6-11-16 is when he should transform into a bigger beast with different abilities, that would be coool
: Vote for the Ocean Week reinforcements!
why are people voting the champions with heaps of skins already -.- like Caitlyn and vi have so many skins
Mindstar (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Login Issues - 4/12/2014
brik (OCE)
: That's not good news for the people who can't log in D:
: Can't Login?
: Logging in issue
I just got back in and they said " Summoners we are aware of connectivity issues to the platform. We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible"
: Logging in issue
you can all watch this :)
: Im back in now.
i am still out :/
: Logging in issue
Are they updating or something?
: Nope, there is an issue
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