: > [{quoted}](name=Iloveyoubabygirl,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=IAWYJArh,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-01T09:30:59.638+0000) > > dont be rude How am i being rude? If you get a decent supp assuming that you basically do your job aa adc normally you normally do not struggle in game
learn to adapt this is why lol players are looked down upon as scum
Socon (OCE)
: Wrong. If you have a tough match up as adc you start dorans shield and build ninja tabi, buy cull on first back and just farm.
YEAH THATS PRETTY OLD SCHOOL 19/F/NZ BUT IN THIS CURRENT META U NEED MASS DPS AND DMG STILL FROM BEHIND ALLOWING YOU TO BE USEFUL AKA SERK AND SS. UR BUILD IS NOT GOOD AND MIGHT WORK AT THAT LOW ELO BUT AT HIGHER TIER PLAY IT MAKES YOU A 4V5 FOR 20 MINUTES WHILE U HARDGRIND CS FROM BEHIND ON NINJA TABI AND +5DMG LMAO movespeed and aa is mass utility and functional and better at avoiding ganks then reworked ninja tabi further likewise also i could go on but basically movespeed to kite and aa is what ur meant to be doing anyway ull just have slightly less dmg but on what ur suggesting ull have none
Bookbash (OCE)
: You could check op.gg/multi before the game to see where the noobs are in your team. It helps with dodging and identifying stuff that will happen in the game. Generally though, if people can't play every role competently, they shouldn't be playing serious games of ranked.
checking op.gg in oce pub is equivalent usefulness of splitting hairs on a silverback gorilla
: When it happends just dodge unless the person has a good record in a particular lane. But supp is not a bad role becuz you can create a beast time to time
good sups will roam on elise/alistar/twitch else thats why bad ppl traditionally fill sup role, that or you wanna play blitz one shot kek
: Random Things I Think of When I Play League
zyra vlad and graves all went to shxt after their remake, literally fell off the meta, which was already incredibly small to begin with. riot=incompetent and BAD >they will not enjoy this
: > [{quoted}](name=kaboomblah,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=ncL9j6PO,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-04-01T02:57:20.078+0000) > > Nah, ADC is harder than you think, because you need to know how to trade effectively. > > I've had countless ADCs who couldn't trade. Rather, they interpret a trade as an all-in and just get busted. Unfortunately, they do not get punished hard for bad trade in conparison to other lanes. Normally they do have heal for summ + utility from support so a single mistake for them is rather forgiving. Also, most of them are ranged and freezing bottom is not effective as freezing in top lane lane. This all means it is a rather forgiving role and worst thing can happen is losing your tower. Not saying it is not an important role as most snowballing starts in bottom nowdays and you need to have a really good reflex during teamfights.
you need a good computer good body and good internet (1+1+1 system) for most payoff generated which is in the adc role
fism (OCE)
: You say "low elo" but isn't gold low elo too?
anything under master elo is a headache, diamond will at least follow team opens (9/10 if they deserve to be there)
: What.. No. Adc is the eaaiest to play in terms of laning wise. We dont get ppl to ward and peel for us. Punished hard for a single mistake while have to be ready for tp so bot dose not fail.
adcs best role in the game, superior lineup is solo laning as adc shot caller vs their duo lane (if they have 1, else go mid) ... duo lanes should 100% always be mid.. its mistaken convention with no thought behind it as the center of the map is the pivot point and thus most vital to control around and outwards from. also on ward current iteration in league of legends there should always be 5x1 red wards on map unless uve got no item room as an adc
Darthski (OCE)
: his a feast or famine champ, when ahead one shots squishes. when behind is a walking ward.
static shiv split push with last whisper upgraded for towers
Socon (OCE)
: ***
googling how to counter champions lmao...
Socon (OCE)
: Lissandra is only a t2-3 for solo q with a 0.77 pick rate. I don't know where you get your stats from.
shes a high skill requirement champ thats why shes not picked in lol much as lol is a low skill requirement game somewhere around here is a good example of this in the user base
: Heres an april fools joke for ya! :D
he needs move speed in runes (or if ur pro predator with cdr or ms in 3rd slot, cdr more cheesey, ms more consistent) and to rush serker grieves for melee kiting then into zeal then one of the 3 tier 3 melee crit items else hes useless... yasou is a superior variant in short exasurbated by the most BAD changes ive ever heard of of this BAD game trying to be HoTS by fxxking with the minion gold lmfao dieing corporate growth anyone?? typically also needs either a dorans or vamp and then into ie before useful... i wouldnt take tp on him though thats useless more like ignite exhaust or ghost with flash or even heal depending on other factors can also babysit controlled demolition botlane 1v2 if ur duo can crush top lane cause he scales lategame anyway so the loss early isnt as important so long as you still make it late game without the map falling through cause of this loss tryns solid but at the same time crit based champions can only ever be at best inconsistent
Bookbash (OCE)
: If they don't care about the game, why do they play ranked? And yes IQ 84 can be diamond 5. If they are playing ranked currently, and have the capabilities to do so. Anyone can do anything really if they want to. I've seen challenger players with ONE ARM. In fact IWillDominate flamed this challenger player because they were in their game and messed up a Twisted Fate play. He flamed the guy hard on stream. He took those words right back when he learned that the guy had one arm. Go back to the TLDR and read it again.
that guy gets literally 2 kills in a stacked team and hardthinks he genuinely carried the game, that guys a joke
: Examples Competitive trash talk: (Enemy interrupts you dancing or teleporting back to base) “How rude.” (Enemy tower dives you and loses the engage) “Greedy” (You die from a misplay) “That was silly.” Troll trash talk: (You nuke a squishy Mage as an assassain) “You are so sh*t” (Mentioning anyone rank after anything happens) “You bronze piece of ...” Choice of words is key.
> when the enemies tower dives you lmfao.keksides
: Permaban Morg and banner of command in One-for-all
one for all is stupid so this is a stupid question
: When you struggle as adc, get diff supp player. That works fine.
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: don't be fooled by account level my friend
no i said u were new because of the content of ur post. no idea what ur account level is and this level of newness for you to think this of me makes me think even more that u are new. no im not talking in time. time x ability level = how much ur getting out of it/return for that time.. u can have high time and not much to show for it in any activity, thats where the ability to have trasnferable skill can come into play etc
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: point and click high damage abilities do not belong in this game and especially when they heal for 900
if ur minds comprehension goes as far as point and click you got more things to worry about as you probably shouldnt be in this game, brand has more point and click then vlad (2), what do you think an auto attack is? if u want pure skill shot go play counter strike
Lowrider (OCE)
: Should Riot release a 1 vs 1 Ranked Game Mode?
dota 1 use to have a 6v6 mode, that would be far more useful/fun/interesting what they should do is remove all penalties for afk/leaving game (including timer for queue) and add a blocklist ... but that would be like.. smart .. correct.. right thing to do, so it wont happen, not here!
Socon (OCE)
: yeah shes much better in a coordinated team than in solo q which is why she isn't as popular.
this isnt true shes actually prototypical solo mid solo q. her aoe lets you 2v1 their jungler/lane/burst solo 1v1s/escape/disengage/re-engage/crowd cc/ and snowball. shes a tier 1 mage, the best in the game
: Can you word this so that low IQ people like me can understand what you are trying to say cause the wording is too hard for me to understand
if its THAT level of adc, just shove/farm/take their cs when you visit their lane to get something equivical to the gold and xp you'd get if they were actually good enough to of got a kill (this applies to any of the other 4/5 of team) with you and keep going, build a static shiv with the extra gold ur self and to help offset/compensate some of the missing aa dps that the team needs - classical strategy
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: Vlad
build abysal mask if ur hardstuck vsing him and/or grevious wounds from wherever im amazed ur this new to the game yet are posting on forums his rework was a nerf. hes already been nerfed. hes bad now. in fact they fxxkxd it up so bad they had to rework swain into some quasi revariant of him. which same advice applies
Rectum (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Iloveyoubabygirl,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=N3s18wor,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-01T06:05:06.566+0000) > > I've played professional and competitive gaming since 1999. League of Legends suck for 2 reasons > > 1: the corporations (Riot developers and tencent financiers) behind the game are sub optimal (bad) > > 2: its a custom scenario third generation iteration from an old blizzard rts, its like people thinking they know how to play chess because they once saw someone else play a game of checkers You are not making any sense. What is the point you are making about the game? your past history of others games? what..?
hi rectum, my point is play other games and dont main league of legends (or something like runescape for that matter, another tencent product go figure), doing this will make you better faster at league then maining it (my advice age of empires or starcraft)
: Why people suck at league of legend.
I've played professional and competitive gaming since 1999. League of Legends suck for 2 reasons 1: the corporations (Riot developers and tencent financiers) behind the game are sub optimal (bad) 2: its a custom scenario third generation iteration from an old blizzard rts, its like people thinking they know how to play chess because they once saw someone else play a game of checkers
Rioter Comments
vladiq (EUW)
: Scarra's Insane Nunu Ult | Sneaky Build Jhin Guinsoo's (1300+ AD)
guinsoos fkn awesome on graves too as a 2-3rd item + zerkgrieves
Rexisea (OCE)
: Chat adjustment
dude u read chat? girlslaughing.jpg
Rectum (OCE)
: OCE FORUM and it state of decay.
this forums low quality its not in decay, the old forum was better because au played on na but au is a cesspool in and to its own
Imperial (OCE)
build movespeed its tenacity but more versatile
: I'm not hardstuck Bronze... I'm hardstuck honour lvl
this games not honourable thats why dimsims
nasus but hes better mid in bronze - bring tp elise - map control, learn skillshots, rotations, and take mobility boots for follow up ganks, next gank graves - learn how to kite, practice on jungle creeps with their leash algorithm and your spacing and reload times/dps
: DotA2 has cheaters, as does SMITE. Cheaters cannot be banned instantly else it will give away their system to detect cheating software. Also, three days? It has been years and Riot still hasn't changed that guys name that contained a homophobic slur. However, they are decent with scripters. I would know. It's a dying market... perhaps because League is also dying.
dota (bored aussie) had a block list JUST ADD A BLOCK LIST JESUS CHRIST or make ignore do it so it would actually be useful, person on ur ignore list, cant join ur game, simple
: League of Legends is the most toxic game I have ever played
its no more toxic then anywhere else its just the most fragile x
Rioter Comments
VmixD (OCE)
: GayStar! New in game club for LGBT and friends of players :)
wheres my straight star? this is prejudice im calling the cops
: hey can you stop flaming junglers for not ganking
play for team gold effeciencys the most effective hedge bet
Phos (OCE)
: Yes it is bannable
you dont hold it you dont own it mfr - chriss duanne god forbid something as bannable as property rights invade "ur" safespace
Nightjar (OCE)
: nautilus isn't exactly a guardian support, alot of what he provides in the support role is base damage and engage, since he has very little defensive peel or disengage. As a toplane, he uses his shield to trade, e to push and his hook to threaten engage, and he fits toplane alot better than he does support. Naut is bad vs healing toplaners actually, and has difficult matchups in Illaoi, Fiora, Garen, Darius, Olaf, Trundamere, Vlad and Swain, but Naut is very good at shutting down carry toplaners like Riven, Irelia, Camille, Pantheon, Quinn, Talon, Teemo, ect... Naut also fair decently well against his brethren tanks, since he typically outtrades them and scales just about the same, and his shield allows him to be more aggressive when fighting over minions in lane.
He's a walking invincibility tank with the highest cc (literally every move +scaling hp shield that can tank eg a full illoi engagement), stick to ur adc (or dont then grapple back to get the threat off it) with some movespeed u can keep 5 on lockdown. You're an idiot if you're trading top vs a naut with his shield up, it doesn't last that long.. just wait and have movespeed to dodge the hook (more easier to hook out of bot lane too). Relic shield and attack speed on naut makes him a leviathan. edit: this was pre face of the mountain removal. that hit hard{{item:3309}}
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: That can happen with tanks though. There supposed to be on the front line so if things go wrong there the ones that are gonna die.
theres a game called dragon age: origins. in dao there is a system called threat in that enemies are more attracted to the higher damage output scaled by difficulty of target access to that damage outputter. and so it scales like this and if you know what an opposition is intending to do (say this) then you can manipulate these facts to your advantage through positioning (constantly changing/updating - fluid positioning) and timing. one of my most favourite pub strategies if youve got an adc that trusts you is to get them to rush a ga 1-3rd item based on how early you are grouping and baiting the adc open. you dont want them face tanking full hard cc but you want them getting fluent damage output whilst tanking till ga goes down... then phase 2 comes in where they realise oh we're all completely entirely out of position for 3 seconds and you get the second rotation on them... and have a blocker ready for your adc respawn to play the second half of the fight more standardised after that open/advantage. works soo well , and often!, in my experience of the last 2-3 months solo q'ing oce.
: > [{quoted}](name=QAPLA,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=ncL9j6PO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-26T19:35:01.777+0000) > > I thought the general rule was... > If your team is losing, blame the jungler, not top. > How dare he not gank all 3 lanes at the same time while also counter jungling, all game long. I know this is a meme, but 90% of my losses are because my jungler has no idea how to jungle.
: New adc who should I buy and why?
Surry (OCE)
: Rengar - How do I even deal with this as a support main?
shove and ward ahead have correct entrance order when entering teamfights. keep asking the team to red ward and sweepers until they do it you might have to ask 20 times but type it if uve got the chance. dont give reset champions a free rotation on you.. hourglass is an option. if somethings stupid snowballing build a counter item to it and group its the only real viable response often in this format. example if they are bursty but still catchable, hp and armor/mr - recognise it early, how bigs the discrepency? who is strong? who is weak? what course/corrective action has the most payoff/is most beneficial for your team? timeframes? is this going to be a problem in 3 minutes/now/3ago? if they are healing like gunblade or lifesteal make sure 1-2+ of you are carrying grevious wounds and prioritise ignite from game selection screen, think about what scenarios might arise and what you gotta do in acted correspondence if some opposing attrocity is snowballing ahead in like 3-4 levels, you have to buy hard stats that will at least make up the difference to the missing stats you'd naturally acquire in catching up the missing levels between the two parties. so ruby crystal(health before and then ar/mr) and longswords as opposed to funny items like regen and partialised components. get giants belt. get flat armor. buy the longsword not something tricky or sneaky. you have to take the sting out of the snowballing (usually accompanied with "Teching" in itemisation and levels and play) by building gold effecient flat stats once you've traded at least equally with the enemy team over this worry about going further forward with your build order. like say enemy team is 4-1 to you... well trading 2-2 to make it 6-3 only makes them 100% on you compared to the 300% they previously had. if the team has coordinance, hunt as a pack, target access and wipe 2-3 times then change to whatevers next (priority/problem control mitigated/managed -> map control -> objective control -> further end game progression), but dont just think ok hes 2-3 up now where is he whats he doing next, as sup ur second position should be jungle and learn their pathing and recognise when top macro/meta is about to tp or mid roam to help protect and ping and ward it out for your adc while they focus on last hitting (derptrain). you have to be thinking ahead.. rengars 1 up whats his next move.. 2up right? where and when.. cut it off at the pass... link up with jungler and one of the damage carries from 1 of the 3 lanes and get active.. know whats happening, and then you can start dictating rather then reacting, proactiveness always holds advantage over reactionarys rengar blows the fxxk up in my opinion/experience , look for the guy building duskblade and tell him aim reng if hes building flat hp and swords or something stupid off transcendence you just need flat damage and target access and coordination just dont put your hand in the machine and get fed/sucked into it. thats a real danger i guess. ignites typically destroy rengar as they give vision, grevious wounds vs his w(w is heal right?, its been a while) and any lifesteal it inevitably has (no good ad options in game without sword of the occult... think it was a bug to be removed). take ignite on ur sup if ur worried or ur team needs 2 of them/has no comm to coordinate (tp ignite top can shut down a roaming rengar too if ur a bit more advanced/skill nicely) i think at some point around s4 this game became league of snowball, epsecially since last worlds meh, they need to bring back like poachers knife and wards.. sword of the occult.. mana potions... again, stop the resets, blow him up. ignite lights him up big time{{summoner:4}} if he has no sustain hes relying on all inning stacking then b'ing home to regen in pool. anticipate based on what hes going and shut it down with a plan where you can.. thats skill i guess, its in game and real time strategy, differing in every occurance/set of factors, but there are obviously generalised guidelines through experience and knowledge that we can apply also randuins can help/ aoe slows etc - good cc... lissandras top pick mage since they released her. which is a rarity for riot.. release a good hero.. your job is to be like 50% stick like glue to adc if thats whats required, 25% tank open or baiting such and 25% be real sneaky and when you get windows of positive advantage opportunity - maximise on it by placing wards etc forward and scouting in general but then getting back to the predicted right spot in space time when required (rejoining team/repositioning)
Lil Zoe (OCE)
: OCE coaching
: Addressing low ELO top-laners
learn to rotate jungler ganks mid lane roams bot lane rotates (often a good strategy is to 3-4 man bot lane early then rotate duo to where they are needed - this is very basic stuff like 1400 elo)
: Anyone know a good oce site for coaching?
: Have you heard of Battlerite? is a really good moba! i recommend it. There are so many different spells for every single champ and some spells require energy, all this with tactics makes it a really mechanical game there is also no minions, its a MOBA, Multiplayer online batter arena not a MOFA, Multiplayer online farming arena
: List of long time bugs in League
essence reaver doesnt return mana on crit moves eg pantheon
bdcam (OCE)
: Don't worry league can be hard to get the hang of. Maybe try Heroes of the Storm first to get used to MOBAs?
lols actually the easiest /ezmode out of the classical moba list but ok not ok
: help with maining
works really well up to gold before ppl who are genuinely ok at this game start countering your ravenous with a executioners calling or dont waste a move on her invulnerability, good tank tops will also roll you
Taknan Jr (OCE)
: Tips on how to play lee sin?
yeah dont :^) that or realise you have to carry stacks of pink wards every back.. tiamats for gold difference, be ruthless, blacken out the sun
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