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: Well this JG xp change will kill half the champs played in the role. It's actually such a HUGE nerf.
Guess who's name won't be relevant for a long time to come
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: Patch 7.24 notes
I get that Zoe's w has been nerfed, but please nerf it again so that shards only drop within a certain radius of Zoe. The fact that you can see where the enemy jungler is at just by checking where there are stars on the minimap is a bit unfair imo.
: Dude u see that essence theft thingy on nasus or sion (adds to sion W passive) u gonna end up with like 600 bonus HP late game rofl
: The berserk Keystone will be to over powered and will need to be nerf in it gets followed threw into the pbe and the open live srvers {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
basically a yi ult. Which increases(removes?) attackspeed cap. don't see how this is overpowered at all. GJ Rito for brilliant game balance{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: firstly, for some reason im only getting notified of your two posts now wtf lol, anyway, 1 i dont understand the ult per combo dmg, and i think it would be better to have combo as an empowering resource, and probs have a reasonable max
1/ Basically, the ult deals damage in 2 parts; the base damage and the combo damage. the combo damage = number of combo stacks multiplied by the AD scaling. The damage will be dealt over time, duration of which is 0.1 seconds for every 10 combo stacks used when activating her ultimate. 2/ I originally didn't set a combo cap as it is very unlikely to achieve an absurd combo as it requires you to 1/ be in combat and 2/ not take large amounts of damage in a short time. Meaning, for you to achieve a high combo count which CAN be used in teamfights, you have to either 1/ farm near location of teamfight beforehand or 2/ fight the tanks and stay away from the enemy damage dealers.
Nightjar (OCE)
: this design looks pretty awesome, there is an issue with her kit synergising best with building tank rather than duelist or bruiser, and some of her combo requirements are pretty high. Also with her current system, her lane trading early levels is pretty horrendous. Maybe change the combo system, into something more like nunu rework passive, where having a certain amount of combo will allow her to use an empowered 'combo gated' version of the ability, a bit more like street fighter. Her passive, should probably not have the damage disabling combo, since she already has the requirement of staying in combat, and having her strength in sustained trades (more likely with a cleaver and bork) yanked out from her if she takes damage is probably a bad idea. Also capping her atkspeed at a different number than 2.5 is kind of pointless and will only lead to balance issues in the niche applications it provides. The movespeed and atkspeed stacking is cool, though the atkspeed needs to take longer to ramp up, and i'd I'd change her q cooldown to 10/8/6/5/4. Since triforce spamming, especially for splitpush does become a real possibility lategame and with cooldown reduction this might be a bit too powerful. However, since this is her bread and butter trading ability, it should be on a short enough cooldown earlygame to allow her to use it to trade. Maybe make the combo gate gives you the dash but otherwise this is just a two part auto enhancer. W looks epic and has nice synergy with rush. I like how it scales (sort of) off of crit with the slow-stun mechanic. Those numbers are a little high depending on cast time and given the fact this is a cc ability and that this ability can crit. Maybe cut the ad scaling to 30/40/50/75/90 + 40/60/90% bonus ad, and make it combo gated for a guaranteed crit. E has a nice design but 60s at rank 1 and a high combo gate? Maybe change it so that this ability, allows her to dash back to an allied champion or minion and gives them a +20% movespeed bonus towards enemy champions (a mini righteous glory). I'd say a fair cooldown is 20/18/16 and have the combo gate change the movespeed bonus to +30% movespeed in any direction and applies to Alyce as well. I'd say her ult in that kit you've described is kind of counter intuitive, since it both consumes her stacks (shutting off her other abilities) and is only damage. I'd think it would make more sense if her ult reset her combo stacks but for the next 8s she empowers her autos and gives her a short lunge when autoing a new enemy champion who she hasn't lunged to in the last 4s, gives her attack speed and movespeed. Hence when she ults, she would need to quickly start autoing people to start 'comboing' off abilties, and also uses the short lunges to quickly dart around and reposition in a fight. With this ult she would be a decent bruiser/disruptor and would have some outplay potential, especially when paired with hard cc engage supports Imo her base movement speed should also be 340 and her base atkspeed should be lower like 0.697 (the highest current lvl1 base atkspeed) at lvl1. With these changes to her design, she'd be an efficient fighter toplaner and possibly jungler, who is designed to make use of hard extended trades. She would be decently strong earlygame, but lacks sustain and lategame she needs a proper tank like a leona or a nautilus to engage so that she can follow up. In teamfights she is designed to make use of movespeed and short dashes to reposition and weave in and out of a fight and cause disruption with her high aggressive mobility. She has major tradeoffs when using her ult since it requires her to engage and stay in the fight to rebuild her combo bar, and she'd need her combo gated abilities to help gapclose since the lunge on her autos might not be enough to get to the backline. Hence if she engaged with combogated abilities, they'd be on cooldown which would make it more difficult to get in auto range during her ult duration, however if she could weave through the fight she can get more damage off. Whereas if she ults first, the abilties are available and can be quickly activated but she would need to quickly rebuild her combo to be able to make full use of her combogated abilities. Overall it would probably be better to burn the cooldowns and then ult if you have a tank disruptor to engage, but if you don't have someone else to engage, soak up cc and damage, and hold enemies in place, then ulting first before engaging might be a real consideration. I hope my suggestions haven't ruined your ideas for Alyce, she's an interesting champion design, I'd really like to see in league, and your kit is very creative, I'm just running through ideas that would seem more likely if she were ever released as an official champion.
A lot of great suggestions, thanks! I wanted to keep the ultimate as is, sort of as a finishing move, but I implemented your "combo gate" idea, so the ultimate isn't just flat damage. If possible, could you take another look at the *"new" abilities/values. I had the high E cooldown and minimum combo requirement as I thought it was a bit overpowered (Camille ult on Alyce, Alyce E onto minion, transferring ult etc.), but I nerfed it a bit, so "tagged in" doesn't last as long. I kept the "damage disabling combo" passive as 1/ keeping the "street fighter" theme constant and 2/ so you can't just rush at the enemy backline, but I lowered the timeframe to deal the damage to remove her combo stacks, so small bursts won't make her useless in fights. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: seems wierd, but a coolish kit, turning a trade into further power, maybe a bit of clarity onto the numbers of blood gained so to know if farming is op or not XD, and i dont quite understand his E, could you simplify plz
So the E is split into 2 parts; the initial activation (Forge) and further activations (Refine). Upon forging his blade, Baldomar gains increase offensive abilities (range and damage). Refine increases the buffs, to a cap. Did that clarify any confusion?
: Rakan and Xayah Gameplay and Strategy Discussion
For the synched recall, if for example, Xayah recalls first, then Rakan joins her a second later, does the recall timer restart from 7 seconds or does Rakan recall's time only need to reach 6 seconds?
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: your champ ideas
**Alyce, the Backstreet Brawler (Queen of the Ring)** A teenage girl from the slums who earned her living fighting in shady tournaments, relying on her agility to make up for her slim build. HP: 600 + 50 per level Mana: 300 + 20 per level Armor: 20 + 4 per level MR: 16 + 1.2 per level AD: 45 + 2 per level AP: 0 + 0 per level Attack speed: ~~0.94~~ 0.7 + 0.08 per level Move speed: ~~335~~ 340 **Passive: Momentum** Every auto attack, Alyce gains a stack of "Combo", stacking up to 250. Every 5 stacks, her next auto grants 5/10/20% additional movement speed for 1 second (at levels 6/11/6). Every 20/15/10 stacks of combo increases her attack speed by 5%. If she takes 10/20/30% or more of her max health within ~~3~~ 1 second as damage (at levels 6/11/6), or of she stops DEALING damage for more than 3 seconds, she loses all but 2 (+ 1 per level) stacks of "Combo". All of Alyce's abilities require a minimum "Combo" before being able to be cast. Casting abilities with certain amount of "Combo" stacks subtracts that number of stacks and empowers the ability cast. **Q: Rush** 5 Combo Minimum 20 Combo Empowered 20/22/24/26/28 mana per cast ~~20/22/25/28/30~~ 10/8/6/5/4 seconds Alyce dashes a short distance in a direction, empowering her next auto attack (+30%AD) within 2 seconds. Can be cast a second time within 0.6 seconds before going on cooldown. Empowered: Increases dash range by 20, dealing 5/7/9/11/13%AD + 20/30/40/50/60%MovementSpeed to all enemies dashed through. **W: Sweep** ~~20~~ 15 Combo Minimum 40 Combo Empowered 50/55/60/65/70 mana 20/17/14/11/8 seconds Alyce attempts to sweep an enemy champion's legs, dealing ~~100/110/120/130/140% her attack damage~~ 30/40/50/75/90 (+ 40/60/90% bonus ad) physical damage and slowing by 1/3/5/10/15% for 1.5 seconds. Can crit. On a crit, "Sweep" stuns the target for 1 second instead. Can be cast during "Rush". If cast during "Rush", "Sweep" extends the distance of the dash. All enemies hit act as if damaged by "Sweep" (slow/stun + damage). Empowered: Increase crit chance by 10/15/20/25/30 and slow to 5/10/13/20/25%. Reset "Rush" cooldown. **E: Tag out** ~~40~~ 20 Combo Minimum 60 Combo Empowered No Cost ~~60/50/40/30/20~~ 20/18/16/14/12 seconds Alyce jumps behind target ally/minion in range and pushes them towards Alyce's orginal position and marks them with "Tagged in" for ~~1~~ 0.5 seconds. As long as someone is "Tagged in", all attacks/abilities that target Alyce (and are currently targeting Alyce) are instead directed to that person. Remove all stacks of "Combo" from Alyce. Empowered: Increases "Tagged in" duration to 1.5 seconds and grant target 5/7/10/13/15% damage reduction for duration. Give Alyce and all allies within 50 units of where she landed +5/7/10/13/15% movement speed. **R: Overwhelm** 10 Combo Minimum 80 Combo Empowered 100/150/200 mana 200/150/100 seconds Consumes all stacks of "Combo" and deals 25/40/55 + (*Combo Stacks* x (1/3/5 + 10/20/30%AD) over (0.1 second per 10 stacks). Grants the movement speed bonus from her passive. Empowered: For the next 8/10/12 seconds, Alyce gains 15/25/35% attack speed and her auto attacks remove 0.5/0.7/1 armour and magic resist from her target for 2 seconds (stacking). Halve "Rush" base cooldown. I loved playing Street Fighter (if you didn't played it, you didn't have a childhood), and I wanted to create a champion who is able to pull off large combos. Originally, I had an idea of a champion whose skills changed depending on the last skill used, similar to LeBlanc's ultimate. This meant it basically had 4 different skill sets and became very overloaded. I decided to cut down a bit and just have the combos as a passive. Overall, I think the kit is slightly overloaded. She's very mobile and able to stay alive for quite a bit due to her E, and can disengage quite easily with her Q + W. Alyce is designed as a very squishy, but agile champion, which does not hit very hard, but items such as BotRK might make her design a bit flawed. Right now, the problem about her kit, apart from being a bit overloaded, is that she doesn't seem to have much damage without her ult. I purposely lowered her attack damage and defensive stats to keep the "fragile" element in the champion, but that seems to dominate right now. I guess I could lower her ultimate's cooldown and damage, but I would like to hear your opinions first. As with my other champion ideas, names are subject to change. **EDIT**: Formating **EDIT**: Value changes **EDIT**: Passive changes (ability empowerment)
: your champ ideas
**Baldomar, the Smith of Slaughter** A blacksmith/haemomancer who forges weapons from his opponents' blood. **Passive: Blood Smithing** Instead of mana, Baldomar's abilities use "Blood". "Blood" can only be gained by dealing damage/killing enemy champions, minions and jungle monsters, capping at 200. If Baldomar does not have enough "Blood" to activate his abilities, the 2*the missing "Blood" will be deducted from his health for the activation instead. Damaging minions +5 "Blood". Killing minions +15 "Blood". Damaging Champions/Epic monsters +10 "Blood". Killing Champions/Epic Monsters +50 "Blood" **Q: Blood Needle (skillshot)** 30/25/20/15/10 Blood 8/7/6/5/4 seconds Baldomar throws a needle made of blood, dealing damage. Killing a unit with "Blood Needle" refunds the cost, and restores additional 5/10/15/25/30 "Blood". **W: Blood Vial (trap)** 60/70/80/90/100 Blood Gain 1 charge every 30/25/20/15/10 seconds 1 second Baldomar hides a glass vial of blood on the battlefield. Activating his Q or E while within 400 range of the vials cause the vials to burst, and the blood inside to shoot back to Baldomar, restoring "Blood" (equal to casting cost) and 12/25/40/55/70 HP. Enemies hit by the blood stream take 20/30/40/50/60 magic damage and are marked for his ultimate. Healing is increased by 20/40/60/80/100% for each enemy champion hit. **E: Forge/Refine (self-buff)** 100/90/80/70/60 Blood 8/7/6/5/4 seconds EDIT: Cannot be cast after leaving combat Forge: Baldomar forges a blade from blood, which lasts 3 auto attacks before breaking. While the blade is still active, Baldomar's auto attacks gain 20 range and 50AD. Reforge (only castable if "Forge" is active): Baldomar reforges and refines his blade, refreshing it's durability and gains a stack of "Refined". Each stack further increases the blade's AD by 50. Can be stacked up to 10 times. Attack range further increases at 5 and 10 by 20. Further casts of "Reforge" only refreshes durability. EDIT: Blade loses "Refined" stacks every 15 seconds (NO MORE CHEAP EXPLOITS) Upon death, all stacks of "Refined" are lost. **R: (to be named*) (AOE damage and CC)** Increases max "Blood" to 500. Baldomar causes the blood of his enemies in a target area to writhe painfully for 2 seconds, dealing 100/150/200 (+20%AP) magic damage, restoring 25/50/75 "Blood" for each enemy champion affected. Enemies marked by Baldomar's W are also stunned for the duration. Baldomar is a fighter/buiser who specializes in large battles (teamfights, middle of minion wave etc). Overall, I don't think his kit is too overloaded. His lack of mobility and CC in his basic abilities means that he is susceptible to early ganks if he pushes out too much. Similar to Nasus, to get the most damage, he needs stacks. As all "Refined" stacks are lost on death, and his dependence on the stacks, ganks are very important. If given a chance to snowball, be will snowball hard. I think that the passive is quite interesting, as you will have to eventually decide whether you want to spend health for your abilities. The only problem is that you can technically stay in fountain and spam your E to gain 10 stacks without much repercussion. I don't want to remove the way you can spend health in the middle of a fight to give an attack buff, but it still leaves the fountain + E problem. I'm open to suggestions. The Q is quite straightforward. You use it to farm "Blood". It's a skillshot. Any questions? Baldomar's W is interesting, in the way that, while it is a trap (technically), it need to be manually set off. As it is Baldomar's only form of sustain, and empowers his ultimate, it will require careful positioning and planning, much more than traps which deal instant damage. Of course, all names are probably going to be changed. **EDIT**: Formating **EDIT**: Values added
: Where is that normal draft pick atttttt{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Shhhhhhh... we're making progress. just be happy urf is back
: Did anyone get their bonus hextech chest during ocean week??{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I've gotten the one for defeating 3 monsters. guess the rest are given after the event finishes
: I got nocturne :D {{champion:56}}
makes the entire enemy team paranoid.
: How will we know what champion/skin we got? Will it pop up with a notification or will we have to hunt for what we receive?
: Thank you so much Riot for the skin and free champion. It's these sorts of events (especially Poro King) which keep the game from becoming stagnant and is an appreciated gesture :){{champion:201}} {{summoner:31}}
Narfouz2 (OCE)
: how to contribute a point
2 l8 m8, u missed the event
: Ocean Week Summoner Icon is here!
TY RITO 4 {{champion:107}} !!! ILY
: pfft, easy, we can just throw land chunks containing wild life at whatever enemy threatens the colossal death trap that I call home. /o/{{champion:69}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:58}}
lol yeah, neva forget the aussie wildlife. the fluffy, cuddly, easily able to kill u wildlife


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