: Just saying "I am not a toxic player" or "I am reformed" does not make you a non-toxic player. This is everything I found negative in your game. >In Your Mom: Report Draven... In Your Mom: Its just stupid for u In Your Mom: i legit don care In Your Mom: ping your gold draven In Your Mom: Draven is a troll. In Your Mom: Who are you speak on that matter, you are 0/3 In Your Mom: 0/4* In Your Mom: no need to be toxic... In Your Mom: 0/4 and losing so flames his teammates... pelase calm down In Your Mom: Why are you so angry, you noob? In Your Mom: 0/4 noob. In Your Mom: Draven In Your Mom: Calm down In Your Mom: I have nothing against you you just started flaming us In Your Mom: You are delusional, I healed you and Kai' Sa both once. You start things off with calling for reports on Draven. For future reference, it only takes 1 report to trigger a review of one's chat. I'll come back to this point. The rest of the chat is mostly involved with arguing and insulting Draven, calling him noob, delusional, toxic, flaming, and pointing to his score. There were many points where you could have just muted Draven and moved on, but it frankly did not appear that you tried to defuse the situation at all. If you had a prior 2-week ban, then the permanent ban was the next step. >Draven's duo partner, Kai' Sa, and himself, along with the Amumu, proceed to report me after the game, although I had done completely nothing wrong. There's no way of knowing who reported you in this game. And again, it only takes 1 report. Feel free to submit a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) if you disagree with me, as Rioters will be able to look at this punishment, as well as your history of punishments to determine whether or not you should remain permabanned.
The reason I called for reports on Draven was because he was intentionally feeding. I didn't swear a single time during this game. For my 2-week ban, which I received around 6 months ago, and haven't offended since, I was being completely toxic, I was flaming my teammates and telling them to kill themselves. In this game, I did nothing like that.
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: after 2 days of abuse from players like you, i welcome these posts. they tasty reflect on your actions if you can
What are you implying by "From players like you"? I didn't abuse anyone in this game at all. The Draven walked into my lane and walked under the enemy tower and killed himself. He then proceeded to flame me for his negative KD.
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