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: I can look up your IGN but cant add you :(
I've added you so hopefully it works :)
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: Toxic Player Island
This is something that has been suggested quite a bit, and something that [Riot stands firmly against]( Their two reasons and the explanations behind it are pretty logical if you think about it. > Reason One: We believe in a real shot at reform for unsportsmanlike players >Reason Two: Prisoner’s island is a truly awful experience for the “prisoners” in more ways than one Honestly if Tyler1 can reform and take on a more positive approach to league, then anyone can. Some people just need that extra push. Its more of a matter of finding ways to reward summoners who aren't jerks (things like the clash limits and bettering the honor system) to further incentive's being either a neutral or positive teammate, as well as to continue to better the detection and punishment systems in place for antisocial behavior for typing and in game actions.
: tft mobile
Probably not January, but you can expect it _before_ [May 31st 2020]( Be sure to be [signed up for the updates](!
: Picking a champion pool vs one-tricking
I'm a support main, and while I can play pretty much all supports to a decent level, I usually pick one to one trick each season. I find climbing a lot easier that way, you are really familiar with the match ups and since support is usually autofilled you often have that advantage as well. In saying this, it is also important to have a small champion pool behind your one trick just in case it gets banned or your team is missing something really important. I would suggest something along the lines of: * **Engage support** - looks like you and your hook play style has this covered * **tank support** - looks like you have this covered as well, thresh can be build off-tank and naut is a tanky boi. * **Mage support** - the understated and often flamed support. Mage supports are really handy to have because quite often in soloq you will have a team of full AD. Picking something like a brand or a zyra will help your team because its likely the enemies will build armor and forget about you, and you will shred them on behalf of your team. It's also pretty handy to have in case you have a less than skilled ADC and need to carry the game. * **Enchanter support** - the heal/shield. There are definitely times when the meta favors these types of supports, they are also pretty handy to whip out if you check your ADC in champ select and they die a lot or are going into a poke match up and you don't trust them. Good, easy enchanter like Raka or someone a bit more durable like Janna are pretty easy to pick up. Everyone has their own play styles and some will find it easier having a decent pool of champs and matching their opponents and optimizing adc-support synergy, and others will find it better to one trick a champion and to learn everything about each matchup. Have a play around and find what works best for you ♥
: URF Should become a standard game mode !!!!!!!!!
It's requested every time that URF comes out, however it will probably never happen. For a lot of people the novelty wears off pretty quick and for smaller servers like our own, there just isn't enough people to sustain healthy queues in all modes.
Rilez (OCE)
: Risen LOL Academy Team Looking for Players (G4-P1)
For those who can't access the embedded form, this should hopefully work -> [Risen Academy form](
C9 Girl (OCE)
: This is really lame
Fresh accounts are usually going to place lower, even with a good win ratio just incase they fluked their way through 10 games (it does happen). Your LP gains are likely going to be significant, and you will climb incredibly quickly.
Wano (OCE)
: Please change back collection of champions
: Evelynn tips
There's an [Eve onetrick that regularly streams]( and offers a lot of advice on her. Not sure if you learn through this kind of method, but maybe its worth a check?
: Curious with Name changes, Especially with inactive accounts
Howdy, you can also use sites like [**THIS**]( to check as well ❤
Ornn (OCE)
: Here riot I did your job for you
Are ya going to go in depth on why you think each champion is broken? Would you like some counterplay tips?
: I'm going to be honest, the whole "Eternals" concept seems great. A system that allows players to earn achievement, and even on specific champions, that they can then use to show off their prowess. It sounds great, in theory. Then someone along the line decides to monetise the crap out of it, like most everything else in LoL these days, and, as a result, the entire concept becomes disgusting... Personally, I'd *love* to see a good achievement system in-game, and I'm sure most of the community would too, but this is just the wrong way to do it. There is no need, at all, for something like this to cost actual money, and the fact that Riot have said "We took a look at how other games have tackled similar systems" in the [Dev Post Exploring Eternals](, and then decided to package them with RP purchases, just shows how out of touch they are, since putting achievement systems behind a paywall is something that any decent game isn't likely to do (in fact, many of them will provide small amounts of "premium currency" to the player for acquiring certain achievements). As a personal recommendation, I'd suggest that no one bother to use the system at all. We need to show Riot that we don't like it, and that's not going to work if people are still buying into it (even if you're getting the RP for free from things like competitions or giveaways). Please, don't condone this from Riot...
Totally agree with this
: How Does LP work
Game stats have nothing to do with your LP gain/loss. If they did, it would be such an easy way to exploit ranked by taking no risks and sitting back farming all game. LP is done by a hidden rating called MMR. MMR is basically your "skill" and is different from your actual ranking. It's influenced by your wins and losses- both your win/loss ratio as well as the opponents you face. win/loss - If your losses are (significantly) higher than your wins, you probably aren't in the right ranking and the system will try to adjust you to the right place. This will mean losing more LP than you win, until you get to a rank where you stabalize to around 50% WR. The opposite is also true if you wins are (significantly) higher than your losses. You'll gain a lot more LP than you lose and will climb faster until your WR evens out. Opponents - If the opponents in your game are a higher skill than you, you aren't *really* expected to win the game. If you do, you often get extra LP for doing so. If you lose vs them, you get slightly less of an LP loss than usual. This is usually most noticable in ranked games played at weird ass times of the day when matchmaking is wonky, or in flex. An example of this being I was playing flex and lost against a stacked challenger team and only lost 6lp where I usually lose 16. Likewise, if you are on the higher skill team you may lose slightly more LP than usual if you lose vs a lesser skilled team, and you probably wont gain as much if you win. Anyway, MMR is largely secret and nobody really knows much about it other than the Riot team in charge. You can't check your MMR and any sites claiming you can are full of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ . Your best bet to improving your LP is to focus on improvement and becoming a consistent player so that you can win more games and get ahead. GLHF ♥
Ninox (OCE)
: Right?? How I long for a random ward and/or random skin option. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Totally agree! Takes the effort out of choosing
JinxxBase (OCE)
: League of legends Onesies
I would def buy one
: I want to know how to get better and get out of bronze, any good tips?
Brokenscripts covered some pretty good points. Looking at your match history, it would look as though jungle is going to be your best role to learn. [This series]( is a little old but still has all the basics that so many people lack in lower elo. Learn and implement these into your games and climbing should be relatively easy, especially episode 9/10 for the jungle emphasis.
Streeserz (OCE)
: Can we fix matchmaking?
It has been addressed in a recent[ dev post](, they know they screwed it up and they are looking to do a slight shuffle in diamond+ to try and get things back to how they should be. >We’ve also seen numerous matchmaking issues affecting players in Diamond and above. Some of this is expected since we rebalanced the top tiers and expanded the size of Master, as I noted in our previous update, but there are some legitimate issues we need to fix as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=Z9wRpuZs,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-23T13:03:08.905+0000) > > But solo and flex are not. Someone who is Diamond in solo (which is what will show on sites like might have never played flex and so is in the silver~ bracket. > > Given that OP posted from a level 1 account, we're lacking pretty much all the information to detail why this would/could have happened. Not sure what you mean when you can duo queue in solo queue. No idea, though.
Even with people duoing in soloq there is no way a plat/diamond is in a silver game. In flex it would be normal due to the reason Seras stated.
: Champion capsule drop rates
While you are leveling most capsules give you BE in place of skin shards. You can see exactly what you can expect [HERE]( It's so that you will end up level 30 with more BE than you would have if you had been given champ shards in the leveling process, and gives you the opportunity to choose your champs from the store instead of feeling limited to the shards you have.
Lapis (OCE)
: Is there an OCE discord or club I can join?
Summoners Society is a good place to start! Plenty of people to play with. - [Discord ]( - [facebook group ](
: is this provisional ranked system bad or am i trash
Your score in your games doesn't matter, what matters is if you win/lose and the relative MMR of your team and the enemies. When season resets everyone gets shuffled down the ladder and its completely normal to be placed provisionally or fully in a rank lower than where you were last season. I finished last season in P3 and my provisional placement was G4.
xFawxBoy (OCE)
Is this soloq? Because that doesn't sound right at all. If it's flex thats pretty normal since flex and soloq do not run on the same MMR.
Ramb007 (OCE)
: i got banned banned and reported for exiting and re entering and people though i was trolling even though i tried to reason that my wifi was playing up. I think this is why people are playing fortnight and apex legends instead of this game!!! i think we should have strikes/warnings for afks and if we get banned it should reset in a week.
You don't get banned for AFK/connection issues. That is dealt with by the [automatic leaverbuster system ]( implements a low priority queue (you have to wait like 20mins before you can get into game for 5 games). It kicks in regardless if people report you or not. If you were _banned _ it was most likely for something else. You can reach out to Riot support and ask them why [HERE](
Shikoda (OCE)
: Reportable Offence?
Playing off meta isn't a reportable offence. Giving up on a game and AFKing because someone is playing off meta, is though. People get salty over everything, even standard picks you risk people packing a tantrum - Playing Karma support? ♥♥♥♥ you! Why don't you play someone good in the meta? (<--- saw that one a few days ago) Just be sure to keep your super off meta picks like GP supp out of ranked (people likely won't know how to play with/around it and it will disadvantage your team) and you are all good to go ♥
: Are prestige tokens worth?
I'm going to hard pass on the prestige points. I agree that they need to come up with more ways to get the prestige points other than "buy chest packages and we will give you a small number of points". They did say with their[ initial PP announcement]( that they were looking at hopefully finding new ways to give out the points in the future, hopefully making them slightly more attainable for most of us who don't want to spend $100+ on a skin.
: does anyone notice that ranked games are rigged
Hate to break it to you buddy but being higher ranked does not protect you from this ♥♥♥♥. In fact, some of the worst levels of ♥♥♥♥ behavior are found in master +. You get to higher elo despite this kind of behavior by playing consistently and consciously focusing on improvement and over a wide enough number of games so that the effect of negative games become negligible.
Hi Im Luc (OCE)
: Favourites
In a recent (like 2 months ago)[ Ask Riot, they discussed wishlists]( Basically it is something they would like to do (since it does get requested a lot), but the way that they have built the store makes it pretty hard to create. At the moment they are doing some behind the scenes stuff that will hopefully make it possible for wishlists to be a store feature in the future ♥
SP31 (OCE)
What kind of competition are you thinking? We regularly host creative comps that everyone can enter like [our current fanfic one]( For gameplay there are a [number of communities that organize tournaments]( for everyone to enjoy (some are split into rank categories for fairness). You can play in these and have your shot at winning RP and triumphant ryze ♥
Mezmorize (OCE)
: Boku Mobile Payments
I'm not sure why it was discontinued, and there isn't a way around it (that would continue using mobile payments)[]( If you wish to buy RP you can continue to do so using prepaid RP cards (at supermarkets and game stores) or in the clients with a credit/debit card or with paypal.
: Matchmaking sux? How does MMR work?
You are playing flex. Flex MMR is not the same as solo MMR. You will find diamond soloq players with silver/gold/plat MMR that will match yours, either because they like to play with their lower ranked pals, or because they did their flex placements before they were high ranked (initial flex placements were slightly based on soloq MMR).
Kooconut (OCE)
: Placements: Can't lose LP before winning 10 games?
Once you have finished your 10 placements games you are meant to be able to lose LP. Not quite sure what is happening with your friend, is he on 0 lp? Are the games in different queues? Perhaps flick an email to [Riot support ](
Reivz (OCE)
: Not Enough Flex Queue Players
Flex is probably going to be very quiet for a while people are focusing on soloq placements, early season climb and the long waited return of ARURF. It will hopefully pick up in a month once the excitement of season start has died down.
XrossFade (OCE)
: Ban Appeal
Good to see you have changed now and are enjoying the game without being a ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, however punishments that weren't given out in error don't get lifted, and considering you got a 14 day ban prior to the perma (and likely the two chat restriction tiers) you were given a fair bit of warning to fix your behavior before you lost your account. Ban appeals aren't done through the boards so we can't help you here unfortunately. Feel free to send a ticket in to [Riot Support]( and request an appeal that way. Please remember that due to the fact it is preseason response times may be slow, and not to send in multiple tickets or keep "bumping" yours as it will slow down your response.
SaltyBay (OCE)
: 14 day suspension
Ban appeals aren't done through the boards, but feel free to send a ticket into [Riot support]( and ask to appeal your ban. Keep in mind that response times may be a little slow due to it being the holidays, but do not create multiple tickets as it does slow it down even further. Punishments that are not given in error don't get lifted, and like others have stated you encouraged suicide and used homophobic language. These are two things that the community absolutely hates and have been pressuring Riot to act more harshly on. As a result, getting reported for this kind of language often skips you past the chat restricts straight to the 14 day ban. While it is incredibly frustrating to have someone flame and start the chat war, it is important to remember that you are judged on your behavior and your behavior alone. It is a game that can definitely push you a over the edge if you are having a bad time/have been outmatched/have ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ s in your game, but there is never a reason to tell someone to end their lives or resort to hate speech.
Truth (OCE)
: 14 day suspension for 1 game where i snapped.
As always, feel free to send a ticket into [Riot support]( and ask to appeal your ban. Keep in mind that response times may be a little slow due to it being the holidays, but do not create multiple tickets as it does slow it down even further. ___________ Mental health and suicide are no laughing matter, and Riot are doing their best to crack down on it. Much like hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia), it often gets escalated and you skip that chat restriction tiers. No matter what happens in a game, or however shitty your IRL day was, there is literally 0 reason to tell another player to kill themselves. >Truth: go fucking neck yourself blitz >Truth: never wanted to tell someone to kill themselves until now __________ The rest of your log screams negativity, and I get it, We've all been there, we have all flamed in some some capacity. Bad days and games happen, and as long as it isn't a common thing (and you dont resort to the lowest of the lows) then you won't deal with bans and punishments. __________ >Truth: and what is riot going to see Truth: and they're going to see blitz Truth: provoking Truth: good fucking luck Truth: getting anything through Truth: GOOOOOOOOOOOOD FUCKING LUCK Truth: YOU SHIT %%%% The system judges you based on YOUR actions and YOUR words. Doesn't matter if someone else is provoking you, you will only ever be judged on what you have said and done in the game. We are given a few tools to deal with this (such as muting chat, pings and emotes) and there is also the action of dodging a lobby where pre-game toxicity is obvious (like in your case), or simply AFKing to preserve your mental and account standing. Not that I encourage leaving your games (it really is a last last resort before you do something stupid like tell someone to kill themselves), but the leaverbuster punishment is far less severe than getting an account ban.
: Long queue times
We are smack bang in the middle of the holiday season, so I guess it would be logical to assume that a decent portion of players are choosing to spend time with their families/friends in place of playing league. Alternatively, they could be playing their new games they got as holiday gifts. There's also a fair few number of queues active at the moment (the 4 SR modes, the 3 bot SR modes, ARAM and Nexus blitz (and probably TT if you are referring to EUNE)) so its likely that the people that are playing are spread throughout these as well, which can mean longer queue times as there is less of a population for the system to match you with - especially in ranked.
: Should I Quit?
First of all, Riot does punish that kind of behavior as it counts as a form of "persistent negativity". It does take a while longer to detect since you get a few free passes for being a bit of a bad mouth since everyone has a bad game here and there and that is understood. Its also harder to pick up on since it can be said many different ways, but if a player is consistently BMing and creating a negative environment for their team, it will eventually result in a punishment. Best thing you can do in this situation is to mute the enemy team and their emotes, and don't taunt them the the "?". Be the bigger player. Find a community and get involved definitely helps with avoiding the tilting. There are quite a few to check out, I recommend [Sumsoc](
: I cannot see the Blue Essence prices on Chromas, were they available at a limited time event?
Sometimes we have the [essence emporium]( where people with excess can by limited emotes, gemstones and chromas for BE. Chromas older than a year are usually included. In my opinion its better to wait to pay for chromas in BE rather than RP.
: Attitude in League
Had a "friend" unfriend and slander me because I wouldn't kick someone from my 5man to invite her in their place.
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Left handed gamer/ Southpaw
I'm left handed :) I've never used a left handed mouse so i'm not entirely sure. You'd essentially have to retrain yourself to use the new set-up, which IMO would be pretty hard as i'm assuming you've been using a right handed mice the whole time.
: When is Twisted Treeline available to play on OCE?
**Twisted Treeline Normal Blind:** Friday: 3:00pm - 1:00am AEDT **Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex:** Saturday: 3:00pm - 1:00am AEDT Sunday: 3:00pm - 1:00am AEDT We have quite limited TT queue availability due to being a small server and Riot wanting to keep queues as healthy as they can be. We have a schedule that lists when everything is on [HERE]( and it regularly gets updated ♥
Nangzz (OCE)
: My rank (GOLD)
It may be your honor level, you need to be honor 2+ in order to get your rewards. If you aren't, it's ok because you have until [feb 11th]( to get to honor 2 and get those juicy rewards. Otherwise it could just be a delay in the rewards going out. There are millions of active accounts for the rewards to be distributed to and it can take a while for everything to go out. Riot has said that everyone currently eligible should have theirs by [december 12]( :)
: Just make sure children have a proper education in mathematics and it's not an issue. As long as everyone realises that "the house always wins".
It's a bit more complicated than that. I used to work in a casino, and dealt with problem gamblers every day. In accordance with the law, the odds of winning were freely available on signs, and in the machine information but it doesn't stop people. Even when they know that it is unlikely they will win big, the way it is designed gives you little bits and pieces like the animations, sounds and small prizes that give you a rush that hook you. I saw people lose their families, their houses and their dignity, as they tried to chase the prize that in their rational minds they knew was a 1 in 526 000 chance. There are so many barriers you can put in place, but for those with addiction issues the urge to get that rush from a win (even a small one) is too much. Even with age restrictions, bans, trespass notices, arrests for breaching the trespass and heavy counselling it is a hard thing to shake. It's all fun and games when you are placing a few bets here and there until its not. With loot boxes and game betting its a bit less intense than in a casino, but I think to a degree it could be a "gateway" into a more serious gambling addiction.
: In what way is it more lenient? I left for about 3 minutes, and I get leaver.
Leaver buster triggers if you frequently leave games. If you don't play that much and leave a few games that counts as well. Ranked is treated harshly and you can get a punishment for even one game leave in some instances. You must have been marked as a leaver in a few of your games.
: What timezone are bans on?
Your ban should tell you what timezone it is based in (usually UTC I think). If not, check in with [player support ]( It's end of season so things are a little hectic right now and it may take them a while to reply. Try to refrain for sending multiple tickets or "bumping" your ticket as it will have the opposite effect. Good luck with your account, and remember the next ban is a perma so be careful.
: Honor level reset?
[Honor does reset at the start of season]( just like your rank :) It goes back down to level 2/3, with an exception being if you were below level 2.
: Token
I gave up and spent the money tbh. I don't have enough time to grind league for 2500 tokens
Reinald (EUW)
: want to have a word with me, you know what lets use have a 1 v 1 and i am going to play a mid laner or off laner as you put it and lets see how long you SURVIVE. saying mid lane is a off lane pisses me off its not a off lane its probally the most important lane in the intire game as well as the hardest. top you can only be ganked from one side the bottom making it easier to see ganks and avoid them. jngl you are playing against bots and 1 person but you rarely see them unless you decide to counter gank or run into them, bot lane you have a buddy that can save you. mid lane nope no such thing 2 sides to get ganked from a wider lane harder to comeback usealy playing against champions that can snowball after 1 kill yea its really off lane(hint its not) also i would like to add that everything i said is my opinion i dont mean to be offensive but you cant assume mid is a off lane like come on man.
Mid is an off lane to illoai... Not an off lane in general. I thought it was implied in the context?
: I just can't seem to climb anymore
It's super common to hit this kind of slump as you edge closer to D5. It's where the games become a little more unbalanced due to the smaller population, and where you are going to get a lot more punished for a small missplay than you would in mid-low plat. Is diamond your goal? You could be getting a little more sloppy as you get closer towards it, as your excitement takes over. The other thing I can see is your champion pool. While it isn't necessarily bad, you could have a slightly easier time playing something that is currently meta. It will also help synergy in your lane as it is likely your adc would be more practiced playing with a brand or zyra support at the moment over something like karma.
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