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: Shhh with logic ;^)
I mean, you say that but it just goes to prove even more how our server simply cannot support a balanced flex rank queue. May as well call it "draft mode"
Iriya (OCE)
: Please get rid of Flex Queue on OCE otherwise you see stuff like this:
Flex is literally worse than dynamic queue in terms of health when applied in our region. The region is simply too dead to properly support the queue for anything other than a 2-3+ tier difference of clown fiesta draft.
Ninox (OCE)
: Teamwork is a skill too, and dragging teamwork out of 5 solos is a lot harder than out of a cohesive 5 man team. Solo/duo and flex involve different skills and mindsets, so it's not all that farfetched for there to be a significant skill/rank disparity there. It's worth remembering though that your opinion is only one of many. If I were to remove either queue it would be solo/duo, because at it's core League is a team game, and if people aren't willing to capitalise on that teamwork skill then that's their choice to take that disadvantage.
: The point of flex Q is for people to play as teams. Not another SoloQ.
Yes but our region is too dead to actually support it. look at the rank disparities when playing
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