: Clash: August 2018 update
: Star Guardian Invasion Contest
does only one person have to send in the screenshot or everyone in the game?
: No there wont be URF because of the new client :)
: Oceanic Open Ladder
Hello, will there be a second spilt for this?? if so when wil it start? and by any chance is this being stream or can it be streamed for people to watch
: It’s My Party Now
On the middle draven there is actually a kappa sign instead of the pupils LOL hopefully this means something.
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
Can we please have the option to keep it as it is right now? I and many other people love the normal names u have given them. Please give us the option to have them as nornaml names
: Enlist in Ocean Week!
Why dont you make it that if you make over 50 points you get a free skin?
: League Community Podcast Ep. 3
that urf ! URF 2016 confirmed
: August sales schedule
Errrm where are the Championship Skins you promised us to come out in August??? Kappa

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