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: Using OBS to record your gameplay is OK. There is no max time limit. In saying that, if your replay is 5 mins long, and it takes that long to appreciate it, then I'm not sure if it's the best entry to submit. But I guess it depends on the play! So you decide. Please note though that we are only accepting ONE ENTRY per category. So make it count :) As long as your entry is from a matchmade game (not a custom game), with friend or not, that is fine. + Follows all the other contest rules.
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Just a few questions, but if we recorded a play with something like OBS (no watermark) because replay sounds weren't working at the time, is this okay? Is there a max time limit? Can we do it in something like Poro King or just norms? Also, if it's of something stupid that a friend and I did, would that be okay? Or do we have to submit a _solo_ play?
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