: LF Duo Que partner silver 3 going for gold
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: Opinions on one trick ponies.
I am kayle one trick pony Wurf, but I find its sometimes harder to play solo que then duo with her because alot of low elo people dont know what her alt does or dont think you will use it on them so they run away with it on them andwaste it. Haveing a duo partner helps to fix this problem abit.
: My advice to people in ranked (champion select)
I would run down your mid lane and feed them 40 kills if you made me play bot lane. Worst advice ever.
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Milcy (OCE)
: 5 steps for League game preparation.
Cover walls with pillows so you have something softer to punch into after you rage at the 0-15 idiot jungler
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: I feel highly depressed from the game
%%%% your doctor get some coaching fact is you do probably suck if you cant handle it then sure quit the game.
: RIot Stalin
no it doesnt it tells me to look at my email.... Also %%%% league of %%%% %%%%s. If I cant tell some %%%%ing spastic %%%% who goes 0-10 in lane to go run at a wall without getting banned for 2 weeks %%%% this %%%%. Why the %%%% arent you banning the %%%%ing idiot ruining the game in the first place,
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