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Kairutox (OCE)
: TeGC looking for new roster!
Summoner Name: Doctor Jekyll Season 6 rank: Plat 5 finish, P3 Peak. Current flex rank: S4 (Got cucked by MMR bug on the first day pre-fix then got trolled on the extra match - rip) Best Champions for Role: Soraka, Nami, Tahm / Graves, Zac, Kindred, Reksai, elise Role: Support / JG
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lnsanic (OCE)
: Looking for ranked 5s Gold+
Add me: Doctor Jekyll Currently gold 5, Top / Jg / Mid pref
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lnsanic (OCE)
I'm not diamond but i can hold my own and go even / not feed as most tank / meta picks. Currently g5. IGN: Doctor Jekyll
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: Making a Competitive team/ dynamic que group Plat+
IGN: Doctor Jekyll age: 21 Mic: Yes Lane: Top/JG Champion pool: Gangplank (Lv 7), urgot, maokai, trundle, darius, graves, gnar, malphite, lulu, hecarim (The list goes on forever, i have 377 mastery points so i play a huge pool) Main champions (3): Gangplank, Trundle, Maokai (toplane). Kindred, Zac, Hecarim (JG) Times you can play: All day, most of the night (until about 2am AEST) Strengths: Very competitive and focused on growth (History in top teir Diablo 3 + WoW), very focused on the macro "getting the team ahead" as opposed to padding my KDA. Very willing to adapt and change my style/champions in order to suit the team. weakness: Frequency of checking the map - I am using an alert timer to que me to check the map every couple of seconds to improve that. I have hardly played ekko and considering the meta that is something that needs to change, tank ekko can be very usefull in many team compositions so i might need to get some time on him. Why do you want to join?: Because I want a solid, consistent competitive base to climb with. I am not a weekend warrior that plays games as a secondary thing. I play to compete (as i did in previous games) and i intend to do the same with league. I have a style that is very team oriented which makes solo Q difficult, and makes 5 man dynamic absolutely amazing to play in.
: LF a 5 man Ranked Queue team
Hey i'm currently gold 4, however have climbed up from b3 over the last month (only just resumed playing in october last year, shit i even have a graph of my climb over the beginning of this season I'm a top main however i play jungle as and when needed (Depending on team comp and champion pools i rotate between the two). Have a no flame or blame attitude, and very dedicated to climbing up with a team. HMU if you'd like to give me a shot. IGN: Doctor Jekyll
Prevoqe (OCE)
: New Organisation looking for members.
Top/JG main here. Silver1 Closely approaching gold. Can also fill in adc if need be.
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FMNoSleep (OCE)
: Looking for like minded players in OCE wanting to climb
Doctor Jekyll Top/adc main. Was s3 but had personal drama a couple weeks ago that affected my gameplay, now in b2 but climbing rapidly. I also dabble in jungle if need be.
Offense (OCE)
SoloAN (OCE)
: Looking for players that want to play for WIN in Ranked Silver
Stratter (OCE)
: Looking for members silver+ for ranked
Hey mate I main top / adc but also do well in support/jg if need be. Very inexperienced in mid however can play there in cases of lane swaps.
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AdjW (OCE)
: Looking for a serious ranked team
Heya im interested, currently in a game but i will add you afterwards. I'm currently a top/mid main however i'm very fluid with my role as i have pretty much every champion in the game and i'm good at adapting to where im needed. I can last hit pretty well and hold a very good history in keeping high CS / gold leads in premade 5s.
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: Rank team.
Top/JG here, added you :))
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