: B1 need a Duo buddy
Will you take a silver 1 adc main?
Toodee (OCE)
: LF Solo Q Duo Partner!
What elo and role are you looking for?
Rioter Comments
: LF for duo partner/LF adc main bronze if u want
> [{quoted}](name=united gaming,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=cLx1409i,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-18T12:44:40.180+0000) > > i want to adc for duo ranked i play: > (in skill order)(i have discord i dont mind talking to you) > > {{champion:432}} >{{champion:412}} >{{champion:117}} > {{champion:201}} >{{champion:16}} >{{champion:26}} > > if there are any champ you want me to learn i am willing to for you i main adc. add me, look at my match history and see if you would like to duo with me. im looking for a good support main

Jïnx Böt

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