: it applies if u have -machete -talisman -machete and talisman -stalkers or other combined blade doesnt apply if u have -completed jungler item if its really that much of an issue to ur snowball u sell the compartmentalisation because u snowball harder off other items anyway, i doubt it affects you as much as you think, you dont seem to be in that calibre, try futures market + resale value=harder snowballs
While selling it does eliminate the issue, you stop receiving the exp bonus from jg camps, again putting you at a disadvantage for being ahead which is something Riot has always avoided doing. Just to give you a perspective as to how harsh Monster Hunter is, The first wave gives a total of 99g, a jungler with active Monster Hunter will get 39g The first Canon Minion wave gives a total of 139g, a jungler with active Monster Hunter will get 69g This has a massive impact on the his ability to gather gold and also, picture this, you're ahead as a jungler and you have a tiamat or some good wave clear, it can often be your job to split push/stop a minion horde. You go and clear the a wave with about 13-14 minions in it and you lose your team 130/140 gold in just that instant, go onto push another 2 waves or so to get your minions to a tower and now your team has lost 260 gold total... those are massive numbers considering that we're talking about less than a minute in game.
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