: Firstly, their behaviour does not excuse yours, not even when they're worse. Secondly, that "message" you're referring to is notoriously unreliable, and often will *only* notify a *single person*. Just because you didn't receive it, does *NOT* mean they weren't punished. Lastly, you come here b!tching about this when you *clearly* did the wrong thing, saying it's "unfair" when the reality of it is that you've agreed to play Riot's game *under the condition* that you follow Riot's rules, which you have broken. For some f*cked up reason, you have the audacity to come here and complain because, oh, there's actual consequences to your actions, kind of like real life, right? And you shouldn't have to put up with that why? Because it's the internet? Or perhaps it's because you're a special snowflake who deserves preferential treatment? Or perhaps even both? Get over yourself, you got what was coming to you. No regards necessary, A very annoyed, pissed off player who is sick of your sh!t.
: So you called someone a retard and got punished for it, but stopped using that word, but then you called someone else a retard even though you stopped using that word, and you wonder why you got banned? ~~#RitoLogic~~ Consider this for a moment: > more than likely you are giving them what they want by reacting. It's often the case that trolling is done to incite some kind of reaction, especially one that will be a detriment to the person who is reacting. Clearly all you have done is give the trolls the exact reaction they were hoping for and got yourself in a bad position because of it. *Normally* I might say something like "don't be such an idiot", but I honestly don't care if you get a perma. In fact, I hope you do. Had enough with players bringing up this kind of complete bullsh!t hoping to get away with sh!t. *YOU* did the wrong thing and *YOU* got punished for it, accept it or "go away" (I think you can figure out what I *really* want to say here).
He swore at me more than I did by like 10x. I never got a msg that he got Banned. Thats why Im complaining.
: Yeah if i was you, i would just don't talk or play like a pro you wont get reported take me for example from lvl 0 honor to lvl 1 and second checkpoint in 1 week just gotta not tilt let the haters hate and just be you
Ok dude thanks, will try just not talking/typing. If someone trolls ill just make their life hard for that game and troll em back
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