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: There are a lot of factors that are outside of one's control. But they are merely a bump in the road when facing a person with reasonable abilities. > but you can see what an easy fix this would be and how not everyone gets punished * so simple This is not an easy fix. It's only easy if you don't think in depth of all the problems it will bring. So please give me your solution of an easy fix, and ill open your eyes to how complex it can be.
I am a developer (and although I haven't looked at Riots code I would image that are applying SOLID principles and would regard the following changes as simple) They must have a method that calculate awarding LP points. the following rules would need to be inserted . Make a change such as: - If game loss and afk == true then LP points lost is zero -If game loss, and person reported as afk (the rule is already in place, as they calculate the X through their icon) then deduct full Points. (personally I would like additional points getting deducted because of an afk but that another discussion) -if game won; then add points *as -is
: You might want to play other games that are less competitive. In environment such as this you'll get all sorts of negative; Arranging from anger to grieving, or even joy in seeing the suffering of others. Just as it is unreasonable to ask for a smooth road in life, it is also under the same effect to ask for a free toxicity zone on the internet. If that were to happen, then most of us can only lies about how we feel. > Why not have the afk person lose lp but the team doesnt. i dont mind that the winning team gets thefull winning LP, but you can see what an easy fix this would be and how not everyone gets punished * so simple Because of potential abuse or group bullying for the worst performing player to quit. > I dodge, because i actually want to climb or just have a good game. What does Riot do? they punish the normal player just wanting to have a good game. Again fueling the toxic culture. Again, such a simple fixe would solve this Rank is scale on a MMR system. It mean your silver rank is low enough to be with those iron players. Or vice versa. And by toxic culture, what do you mean by it? Are you a saint and haven't insulted anyone in your life time?
wow, I think you totally missed the point I was trying to make , simply put; if you lose because of factors outside your control -> you should not lose points.
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: First of all starcraft is the most ideal comparison because it uses a ranking system identical to the league of legends ranking system. Starcraft uses a system that was designed for the format that they use, league of legends has a different format, yet they are the exact same system. It is also a game focused around skill/strategy with a birds eye view of a battle ground upon which units are controlled and have certain abilities. With your scenario, you chose to risk playing a game where the outcome will result in an increase of mmr or a decrease of mmr for your whole team. However you are claiming that the current system, which penalizes you sometimes because of reasons you did not check for or anticipate should be shared with others instead of accepting the full responsibility of the outcome that affected your team as well as yourself. For example, you said you dc'd in about 20 of the games you lost. Now I understand the first disconnect because you did not bother to ensure that your connection was going to be 100% stable for a game of league. No one, not even myself would bother checking to make sure their internet will definitely not disconnect, that is a risk that you take and you must still accept the responsibility for it, but then upon knowing that you had been having internet troubles recently, with a much higher increased chance of internet problems, you then chose to risk not only yourself, but the rank of those who you were put with. Why must the 4 players vsing the 5 players have to suffer because of one. The only way for matchmaking to be good enough is for there to be a consistent and fair playing field for both sides. You cannot make up for an unfair game with another unfair game, because how many times will both teams have the same players on it 2 games in a row. On top of that the better team that might've won 2 out of the 2 games that were played, never even had the opportunity to play in a fair match against the opposing team who might've lost 2 out of the 2 games that were played. This results in there being a negative outcome because the players mmr would end up closer together instead of the them being further apart due to the potential fair outcome as opposed to the unfair outcomes that are meant to balance themselves out. "There will always be games that are decided by 1 player. Iv lost games because my adc decided to face check the enemy side of the map at 50 minutes died and we lost both baron and elder drake." There will never be any games that are decided by 1 player. Just because it was the last situation in which he made a mistake, does not make for for the hundreds of mistakes made by both teams in the entire game that led to the final conclusion. Imagine if you got massively fed and denied the enemy of most of the objectives and resources. You would have then been enough to counteract that one players mistake to change the conclusion. In a game of 5v5 where the game is designed for both teams to have an even chance of winning, no game can ever be decided by one player. What I am describing is "reality". If we simply close our minds and accept the current state of things, we will never adapt and progress. Everyone has the power to change what they do, making the same mistakes and throwing your hands in the air means you don't care about the outcome and therefore will keep making the same mistakes. Why do we need to just accept that we will make the same mistakes repeatedly when we ourselves could change it. If your company is paying you to compensate for the jobs of others then you are already getting paid to do that job. If you are not getting paid to do a job then that is called volunteering. If a company requires work to be done, then they should be getting someone in to do it. If I am correct in understanding the purpose behind that quote, it is pretty much just expanding in detail what the quote I posted is saying.
Thanks, Transcender you got the point I was trying to make .. 5 v 5 matchup is fair and obviously 5 v 4 is not due to an afk. you should not be penalised (i.e. loss of LP) when an unfair matchup occurs. seems like such a simple rule to introduce.. but thats just me
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