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Fennix (OCE)
: Hey, would a threeman work where you two duo bot, and I an jg? :)
I can JG too if you wanna sup. I need more IP to buy Nautilus lol
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: Upcoming best Kata AU looking for a duo jungle, top or adc.
loncat (OCE)
: it's cos we're surrounded by ocean. it makes everything... salty :)
: OCE Looking for Casual Players
Sax (OCE)
: LF Someone to get out of Bronze
loncat (OCE)
: LF fellow bronze tier players :)
: Looking for determined duo partner to climb out of bronze
podgyo (OCE)
: Looking to get out of bronze.
JWhizz, add me brother
flumpyOCE (OCE)
: Bronze 5 looking to rank
Goats (OCE)
Add if you want? I'm happy to sup or jg for you JWhizz :)
: Looking for Bronze/Silver players to help me on the expedition to not suck!
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