: Picking a champion pool vs one-tricking
I don't recommended playing support to learn the game because you wont learn to cs which is a big part try to pick someone like ashe or jhin but what I learnt was that support holds back alot of potential in learning
: World's Finals Viewing Party in Brisbane?
: I mean, with that logic: When will they make a system where we aren't rewarded when the 16/2 Vayne carries our feeding asses to victory? Careful what you wish for, there are two sides to every coin remember.
Rather say gg and accept a team dif than someone going afk at 25 minutes every 2 games you're not wrong though
Ornn (OCE)
: rather have an afk then a 0/10
and im talking about people who are doing fine and playing the game not 0/10
Ornn (OCE)
: rather have an afk then a 0/10
trying out something new
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