: yet riot bans my main account for saying ch1ng ch0ng once as a joke, intresting
I have a friend who's said much worse against the chinese and he hasn't been banned yet. Probably because he doesn't play ranked so norms don't get the same treatment reporting wise as ranked. My only suspension i've had on my account was a mute and that was years ago when I played ranked
: To use your teacher's pet analogy, there are degrees of behaviour. Like the difference between telling on someone for copying their homework (which pretty much everyone has done at least once) or telling on someone who just beat up a black kid cause they didn't like the way they looked. But the point of the survey was precisely to get a good spread of opinions, so if you filled it out then thanks.
The only behavior that should be punishable is behavior that negatively affects the game. Any sort of verbal punishment should not exist. There is a mute button and if someone doesn't wanna use it and doesn't like what someone says then that's their problem, not the other guys. I wouldn't compare someone beating someone else up as bad in severity to anything in this game, not even intentionally feeding. Racism is the only thing I can remotely think of being punishable but even then, there's a mute button, use it. I've got a thick skin so I couldn't care less about what anyone says, racist or not, but the carebears are different and almost every game caters towards them cause 'muh feelings' I filled out the survey but you can probably guess what I picked.
: In your opinion, what is or isn't ok?
You can assume what is and isn't ok just by figuring out which people are casual and which people are triggered by words. Nothing can be said for me to report someone for swearing. The only thing I ever report someone for is hindering my game experience making me lose the game. But this is where the problem lies, whether or not the chat is monitored by a bot or the community, the result will be the same. Fedora wearers of the game who take their power too seriously and decide to punish anyone who says a bad word or even remotely sounds negative will go to this system. Comparable to that one kid in school who's a teachers pet and tells on you if you do something wrong. It's not going to be run by people like us that do not care about the chat. If I had to judge a person just because they had an argument with someone, no punishment will come about no matter what was said. As long as there was no trolling at all from either of them then there's no punishment. Games, especially in an official setting, are full of these 'teachers pet' type people who want to win the praise of the game. To anyone not wanting a punishment - mute everyone or hide the chat. You will never receive a punishment if you do them. That's what I have done because this game is full of people who get triggered over small things and report you.
: Its ok to afk/int feed/troll but its not okay to wanna win?
This is league of legends, well known to the entire internet community of being the most toxic game on the internet. Nothing will be done cause it's automated, nothing will be done cause they won't spend money on an actual working system. :)
: Your report's system is disgusting, Riot
How to never get punished - NEVER TALK. Literally the only way. Having a human reaction to a negative situation? Nah, you deserve to be punished because you got frustrated with people wasting 20mins of your life and making you lose the game. This system heavily favors the trolls and heavily punishes the victims of trolling if they do the unthinkable respond to it oh no! Yes, it is automated hence why it's trash. Biggest online game in the world and yet they can't afford to hire people to look into reports personally to see the full picture or god forbid even people volunteering to look at reports.
: Take KYS "Kill YourSelf" seriously
They're words on a computer screen. If you take anything said on the internet seriously from people WHO DO NOT KNOW YOU then the problem is not with them, it's with you being too sensitive. Getting offended by what anyone says on League to you is probably the dumbest thing you can do and even worse is when it frustrates you to a point where you gotta make a thread about it. You my friend should maybe stop using the internet if you're getting this frustrated with it. If someone says that to me, my response would be to laugh or ignore it. It's been overused that many times that you should honestly become numb to it. That being said, anyone else who actually gets offended by it or god forbid actually does it then they should stop using the internet all together. They will see it EVERYWHERE not just on League. The internet is a place where people say whatever they want because they're anonymous and anyone who cannot handle being called names or getting told to kys then stop using it. Stop trying to censor and make it a less fun place because your feelings get hurt.
: Why did I get banned and not the abusers?
They do not care. They let their flawed bot system auto detect certain words and punish accordingly. Same with reporting, get reported and if the system even remotely thinks you're negative you'll receive a punishment. Meanwhile the troll can act innocent in chat while still feeding or whatever and not receive anything. I guarentee you that 90% of all punishments wouldn't happen if there was a human element and someone could see the whole situation of where it happened whether it be getting frustrated with trolls (human reaction, riot expects us to just ignore them when we're stuck in a 20min+ game minimum and you get punished for it afterwards) or simply that you're with your friends and that 1 random decides to report you even when you weren't speaking to them. Nothing will ever be done, they make a lot of money but hiring or getting volunteers to look over the reports and see the whole situation? Nah, that's not happening, just let the bot do everything! Even when people spend hundreds on skins.
: Id like to talk about how shit riots banning system and how non dedicated they are to their players
The system is broken and heavily favors the trolls. You cannot say anything, even a small hint of negativity and this PC Riot will ban or restrict your account. The best thing to do is my honest opinion is to not say anything and mute everyone as soon as the game begins. It's literally the only way to prevent innocent people like us getting punished because we have a human reaction to a negative situation lol. I remember when there was a report option for 'failing to communicate' Like they forced you to talk to people even though they're toxic and if you mute them, that would be considered failing to communicate? So you have to sit there and look at them trying to persuade the enemy team to report you as well while you can't do anything and hope nothing happens to your account. I don't bother with ranked because of this reason. I've invested too much money into skins to be banned so I just play normals where reporting 'seems' like it's less effective.
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: Thats racist dude, I can name like 3 OCE players for every 1 Chinese player who ruin games for other people, this ain't a race issue.
I was hoping i'd find a guy who'd say this post is racist. Like having an opinion based on his experiences with a certain race that by chance makes it negative makes him a racist. Also, you're using the other guys logic again 'buh the english speakers do it more!' Smaller chinese population, large amount do it, larger english population, small amount do it. This thread is highlighting the language barrier that DOES EXIST on OCE. Highlighting how it affects games in a negative way. It is a LANGUAGE issue not a race issue. Nobody would care if they spoke the language that OCE is suppose to be.
: In ARAM, I see these Asian players also always greed up the heals, even when they don't need them (and a teammate is desperately low). There is no teamwork, they are playing a single player game with others on their side. They don't communicate, they don't play as a team. I'm not racist, hell I live with Chinese people here in NZ, but they at least communicate with me in English. And yeah, if you run what these Asian players say through a translator, it's often what would would get you banned if said in English.
Too bad Riot won't do anything. When their bad reporting system is only enforced by trigger words it's easy to swear in different languages and get away with it.
HeartVine (OCE)
: The context of this thread seems to be that it's an issue exclusive to Chinese/Mandarin speaking players, yet I'd argue that you'd find significantly more English speaking players who do the same kind of things in-game. The difference is that it becomes more apparent when the players in question are using a different language, especially something as different as symbol based languages, in a typically English environment. If you want to whinge about something, at least cover the whole issue, instead of trying to pass it off as something only a small portion of a particular group-set does.
You're trying to refute his claims by simply saying 'but english speakers do it more'? Seriously? By ratio chinese speakers do it more. They are a smaller population on the server however a large majority do it. While the english speakers seems high because the population is higher..
: Chinese Players are Ruining the game FOr OCE!!!
I wholeheartedly agree. Especially at night here in Perth almost every team mate and enemy is someone who doesn't speak english. Why is this bad? This should be obvious and affects everyone - How can you pick your lane in champ select if they don't speak english? Obviously a normals issue however I only play normals. So the only option here is to let them literally instalock their champ (which they almost always do) with nothing said in chat as to where they're going or what they're doing. You're forced to go whatever lane is left, usually support, and deal with them in game for the next 20 minutes minimum where the next issue arises. They don't speak english in the game itself. Little to no pings but speak in chinese in chat and expect us to know what the hell they're saying. The only english that i've seen them say is when they're telling me i'm bad or that all Australians are bad. I believe there was a report option not too long ago that literally was failing to communicate. So Riot is not going to enforce the fact that you literally cannot communicate with them? It's the lack of communication which is why this needs to stop. I haven't read the comments on this thread yet but after this post I will and you can bet that if I see anyone trying to refute OPs claims with anything along the lines of 'it's a small issue' or 'deal with it' then you will find me there refuting every word of that persons reply. Good job OP, honestly I was going to make this thread a while ago however considering how PC and white knighty this forum is I expected very generic responses from pseudo intellectuals.
: Do you think the reason why newer players are struggling to integrate themselves into structured play is at its core a problem with the tutorial? I have been tutoring a few brand new players into playing and the tutorial is not expansive enough and not using complex enough mannerisms to effectively show people how a normal game of 5v5 is structured. I believe it should be an informational cinematic with the added ability to spawn the summoner in as an ideal practice champion at each stage of the explanation in each stage of the roll being explained, by choice of course; being forced to do tutorial elements is always the worst imo. Maybe this would be too forceful and daunting for the younger players and should be separate from the regular tutorial as a more advanced option. This is obviously no easy task and no-doubt has been brought up in-house multiple times, but, I'd like to know if the riot dep. is looking at this as, as big of an issue as I see it is.
A tutorial is not going to help someone play any better than if they were to play the game for a few games. You learn as you go, and there are a lot of things that a tutorial can't teach such as common sense, game knowledge, when to go in, when not to, champion limitations ect. The reason why players struggle is because the game has a lot of depth and knowledge required to play it properly, not the tutorial. It's not an issue at all in fact. You can teach someone the basics of the game but the basics are only like 5% of what the game is and the rest is theory and practice especially when it comes to champions. It's not 'unreasonable' at all to expect people to get help from elsewhere. There are MANY MANY places people can go to learn about the game and even certain champions, Youtube being one place. Spending time and effort on a tutorial that will pale in comparison to actual practice or a detailed Youtube video which is what the tutorial would be, would in the end be a waste of resources.
: Unigames Grand Final approaches
Finally Perth is getting some sort of love.
Jakescape (OCE)
: ***
Who the classic 'you're bronze' rebuttal. Who needs intelligent conversation when you get just scream 'BRONZE!!!' and get other bronze people to like your comment. The irony is you're in silver, how can you say such a comment when in silver? 'you don't know how 99% of this game works' Oh alright, somehow I think you're toxic in game.
: Whining little bitch.
Merkel (OCE)
: Believe it or not, not everyone enjoyed it the way you are making it out to be. You are an idiot if you think that out of the 'OP' champion pool which consisted of about 15 champs, that the enemy team will have all 5 of their players with op champs and all 5 players on your team will have non op champs out of a total of _**132**_ _**CHAMPS!!!!!!**_. Do you understand probability? Basically every champ can be good in urf anyway... Yasuo is fine idk what you are talking about. In addition even OP champs are shit in the hands of someone who doesn't know how to use them which you know, might be a common occurence, considering its ALL RANDOM. A comment getting thousands of upvotes goes little in the way of reliable information aswell lol smh. So dumb.
'a comment getting thousands of upvotes goes little in the way of reliable information' Oh ok, somehow the majority of people liking it, which is why they have thousands of upvotes, doesn't equal reliable. hm. Tell me why I think you're just whiteknighting this? We should all just listen to the minority here, guys. Cause the minority equals 'reliable information' in your book.
: Ask Riot URF Champion Update
So instead of picking champs you wanna try you're making it RNG to get the perceived 'OP' champs? How is that going to fix it, if anything it'll make it purely luck whether or not you get a good champion on or not. What if you get yasuo and you're pretty much useless compared to other champs? Am I meant to suffer through a 20min+ game most likely doing nothing and getting no kills? What if your team is unlucky enough to get all the bad champs and your enemy get all the good champs. Winning would be completely based on luck and that really shouldn't be the case. I can't fathom how anyone would like this change, do you want games to be won based of RNG? Cause that's how it's going to be with this change. The dragons have this issue too, if your team is lucky enough to get a 2 infernal drakes in a row, your team has a pretty much won all the teamfights. If your team gets multiple mountain drakes in a row, objectives will melt in seconds. It influences the game A LOT and completely RNG based. Once a team is ahead and gets these drakes, there's pretty much no coming back and winning a game from behind is one of the best feelings, now gone due to them just being lucky for that game. Who exactly said that URF was stagnant? As I remember, everyone wanted URF and you were praised for giving it to us. Then you were fired upon when you removed it. The majority liked it the way it was, I have no idea where you got this idea of people not liking it. All I saw on the post where you said you were removing it the comments were flooded with people asking why. People liked it the way it was as per these posts with the top comments literally having thousands of upvotes. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/ultra-rapid-fire-bows-out-0 http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/ultra-rapid-fire-future
: Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier, available now
Inb4 kids complain about the 'holy shit' in the article. Thank you Riot, you're dying down on your censorship.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Do they even listen to the community? It feels like the entire community is talking to a brick wall and giving us stuff we don't want. Nobody likes this gamemode, most of my friends don't even know what this is in the first place. You replace the most popular gamemode for something hardly anyone likes? What sort of business move is that? I can't even fathom the reasoning behind this. It's blatant disregard for what your community wants in favor for something nobody asked for. You could of replaced it with any of the other gamemodes, but seriously, URF? Do you WANT to have a bad response from this? Surely someone at Riot must of brought up that this would be a bad move, surely they aren't all sheep trained to be yes men. It feels like what COD has done. They refused to listen to what the community wanted and now they can proudly boast of the most disliked game trailer ever. This game is already considered the most toxic gaming communities out there, do you really want it to be more than that?
: Personally i dont thinks its necessary for riot to fix it. Shes annoying to play against but not necessarily op.
tfw someone tries to refute valid criticism just to get on Riots good side. 'not necessary to fix broken indicators' HMMM if it means taking damage or not, IT IS necessary.
PrintsHD (OCE)
: Guess all i have to do now is become a reformed player so i will want to spend more money. It's only been like a month or so since the drunk incident... totally not trying to sweet talk by waving money around :3
People who the drunk excuse are so cringe.
: why is it "Riot Pls" instead of "Rito Pls"
Because their company is called Riot, not Rito. They're not going to cave into your meme because an employee made a spelling error.
Sonan (OCE)
: voice chat teams against teams without it, will be unfair.
Almost every game has some sort of voice chat, why shouldn't league adopt something that's already been adopted as well as work extremely well?
: I think the new Nidalee Splash arts are over-sexualized. I get that sex sells, but these are borderline debauchery. Go take a cold shower Riot. Love, Hairy Lobster
We have another 'tracer butt pose' situation here guys. Incoming SJWs.
: Hey guys. Thanks for being transparent. One thing though, if this is going to be a video to demonstrate how professional you are (which it is...), keep the language to the minimum. You expect the same of public content of your casters and players, there is no reason the same can't be done for a video Riot produces for the playerbase.
SJW detected. Who complains about the language when there are bigger issues here? As that guy said, it was the REAL world environment, not a robots trying to watch what they say because a few kids will hear it. Here's a news flash, it's the internet. You'll learn swear words regardless of where you are or what game you play.
: Dynamic queue and the future of League
'play premade or too bad' I guess that's how it is. Who needs Individual skill right? Certainly not a game based on skill!
: Well before he is released. PLS NERF illaoi. She is still ruining games for me. She just makes me wanna quit league.
She's not OP, you're just bad. She has the lowest ban rates in the game and she's got a 4% pick rate. Don't complain due to you being incapable of avoiding skillshots.
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
Inb4 crying of 'it's op!' literally only knowing the abilities.
: December sales schedule
Ikr guy? RP/IP refund tokens should be given out quarterly or every 6months. What was it, 2 or 3 refund tokens in the entire lifetime of an account? That's dumb. We're not taking our money back Riot, we just want to option to put the money we spent into another champion/skin. You literally loose nothing doing this..
: Hello Eefji :) or as we say here in Australia, Good Day Mate. It's an absolute pleasure to welcome you to our beautiful land of wonderful cultures and hope you enjoy your time here at down under. You have acheived so much already such as being one of the best League Commentators, a professional gamer and being a pageant contestant (My god your beautiful :P). I know I have a dream of becoming a person who can influence the world as much as possible or if I can't, just have impact at the very least. Becoming a humanitarian is my dream and a personal goal. I know you love to live in the moment and right now, you are living an absolute dream. You could "**pinch**" yourself or wake up everyday and still think it's surreal. But, my **question** here is, I know being a LoL presenter won't last forever, so do you have anymore goals you want to achieve or pathways you want to embark an adventure on? (As you have achieved so much in a little space of time) The world is your oyster. Thanks for reading and I hope all your dreams come true, no matter where life takes you. Love Aaron. {{summoner:31}} {{champion:1}}
This guy is so desperate for the skin, it's unbelievable. What's the bet you aren't actually Australian? Because hardly anyone here says that you stereotypical lil shit. You're not fooling anyone bub, give it up.
riodio (OCE)
: _**> Remove The Leaverbuster **_ if u can plz remove da leaverbuster or reduce da time like maximum is 10 min.everyone hate this.or u can take IP or RP and remove this it. **example ** 500IP per 1 leaverbuster or 20 RP ** Why we Leaving ** sometimes we are having some connection errors and drop connection. **Wht u guyz can do ** some summoners are spend their whole time for this game.and every day their playing lol.u guyz can make membership system.its like hold silver or whatever.and u guyz can reduce leaverbuster for that members. and do something for who troll da game. ** Thank You**
This comment gave me aids.
: Oh come on riot.... I have every champion, tier 3 runes in the game and 24k ip right now can you please make it that you can buy skins (even just certain ones with ip) because i literally can not buy anything else that helps me or makes me enjoy the game more... ps. i have spent like 3-4k money irl on league of legends.
3k on league? Bull. If you've put that much money into the game and still want more, that's greedy as. Going by what you said and taking the average skin price ($10) ends up with 300 skins total, currently there are 123 champions in league, so divide that and you've had enough to buy 2 skins for every champ in the game or every champ and 1 skin. Stop wasting your money and be productive.
: Champion and skin sale: 05.06. - 08.06.
You gonna nerf Ekko yet or not?
Affektz (OCE)
: ive had the same prob new router n mac 10.9 osx random lag spikes. do u also have problems with chat?
> [{quoted}](name=Affektz,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=uoj1Vyyd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-27T11:22:36.789+0000) > > ive had the same prob > new router n mac > 10.9 osx > random lag spikes. > > do u also have problems with chat? No problems with chat that i've noticed. Just general gameplay.
: Have you experienced any sort of lag while doing other internet related activities? eg. webpages occasionally taking ages to load, or packet loss in other games. I'd like to see if this is solely related to League.
> [{quoted}](name=HORSE OF FORCE,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=uoj1Vyyd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-05-27T12:00:16.140+0000) > > Have you experienced any sort of lag while doing other internet related activities? eg. webpages occasionally taking ages to load, or packet loss in other games. I'd like to see if this is solely related to League. Soley League. I've tested other games at the same times and it's only league that does it. Webpages do take a bit longer than usual to load during peak times (even though we're on an unlimited plan) but at other times of the day daily browsing is fine but League still does it. Other game I play is Robocraft and I try to play that game after this happens and I can play perfectly.
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: Change it up with Chroma Packs
Paying the equivilant of $5 for a reskin? Are you serious Riot? I'm actually disgusted.


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