Fitzky (OCE)
: No some third party is involved in this, I've never seen this many upvotes for something like this.
You can just do it yourself with enough accounts.
00shots00 (OCE)
: I hate that guy man. he just tries to get people to react badly to him.
Don't worry, he was the argument for the mods to basically get rid of one side of an argument.
00shots00 (OCE)
: do you even play the game? I feel youre just here to troll
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=BJrnWJ4b,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-17T09:03:01.486+0000) > > Unfortunately it does happen from time to time, but it's better than not having remake at all. If you'd like, you can pass on a match history link to player support through a ticket, and they can likely pass that on to the team that handles that stuff. Having links to cases where remake failed would be useful, or if nothing else support can probably tell you why remake wasn't available if it wasn't a bug. > > I would like if someone disconnected for 5m everyone could leave without penalty besides the person that left and his duo partner. That solves everything.
: Unfortunately it does happen from time to time, but it's better than not having remake at all. If you'd like, you can pass on a match history link to player support through a ticket, and they can likely pass that on to the team that handles that stuff. Having links to cases where remake failed would be useful, or if nothing else support can probably tell you why remake wasn't available if it wasn't a bug.
I mean it wasn't a bug, they were considered "there" when they DC'd. Meaning they weren't afk for 1.5 minutes. The solution is making the remake come up the instant they are afk for the 1.5 minutes (within the first 3).
Ethvn (OCE)
: Motherfuckers just need to give us tribunal jfc it's been like 5 years and this is the best update they could come up with.
Agreed, this is the best solution to all of the issues, because then the community as a whole decides, not Riot.
: On Making Bronze Five, On Abject Horror
A) this is the OCE boards FYI B) you were bronze 5 last season, just because it reset doesn't mean your going to stop being bronze.
awf (OCE)
: Banning own teammates
No it's not reportable, fact is you don't get to pick something just because you hover it. I keep Zoe perma banned (and yasuo before her) and i don't care if you hover it, i'm banning it. Fact is a lot of people have set bans, you can't expect them to change it for you.
awf (OCE)
: ***
Lol, i opened it, saw 2girls1cup at the top, and instantly closed it because it's about as worthless as it can be.
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I’m guessing you probably hit the nail on the head. They may be worried about people abusing others but avoiding any of the words. That’s the only reason I can think of. And it’s similar to there stance on third party programs. Not sure if I agree or disagree with it though
The thing is the argument of "giving out the words means people can avoid it" is that, it means that Riot has to catch up with what words are said (omg they actually have to work to stop toxicity, like they do now omg) that are genuinely toxic. Or might actually have to rely on context instead of hard relying on what words are said (Also OMG having to do work omg don't make them do that)
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I’m pretty sure seras’ point is that it’s not easy to detect bots. The line between bots/intent feeders and bad players is grayer than most people seem to think. I’ll give you an example a while ago the friend that got me into league had a shoulder recon. Which meant he was in a sling for roughly a month which meant he couldn’t use the keyboard so he changed all his keybindings to his mouse and started exclusively playing tanky supports with cc as they were the easiest with the control scheme. Now if you just looked at his match history you would see a change in key bindings, a change in champions played and a change of performance. You couldn’t know why they changed. Point is a match history doesn’t show everything. Sure there are obvious examples of people trolling (games where they only buy tear). But most examples are a lot more of a gray area.
While Seras may say that, what Gehirn said kinda says otherwise, when bots require manual reviews, it means that your not going to get nearly enough of them, which also means that your bot isn't doing the banning, which means your bot isn't efficient at all at finding bots. He also made clear there main aim was to find and ban Scriptors, not botters, which while similar, work extremely differently (scripting is all about finding the code on the player side, as scripts are controled by real people, finding botters is having to look for people following a code exactly.)
Rioter Comments
: Jason, from that same thread involving autism comments, I had a comment deleted that included the same content as another post I had made, that was allowed. > Don't Be a Jerk > I left your other comment up because frankly it was funny and it was rather apt as well, and making light of an illness can be a good way not to let it stress you out. But, then comes the whole keep it to your friends argument. As a vague statement or referring to someone you know no problem, but aiming it at a stranger (and a volatile one at that) is no bueno. Let's not start any more fights than there already are ey? > > Comment Deleted: > *Assburgers Confirmed: OCE board mods are on crack.
Oh if we are going into that we have to go into what i'm being told with the report of my comment being deleted. The mod called me an arsehat and hurt my feelings. Like how is it that in the same thing where all those comments got banned, i have a personal attack being shown to me? The only one of mine that got removed that could be considered personal attack is the one where i call out Sera's for continuing an argument instead of being productive. (Or the one where i said Sera's would be no fun at comedy shows, but hey you know criticising People not doing their job isn't allowed.)
: Rito Plz (chat bot and no-no words)
Agreed, if somewhere there is a list of words not to say, at least it's closer to this RL bullshit people keep trying to compare it to. I can look up laws, i can't look up what words Rito have decided aren't allowed to be said.
: Mute trolls, learn which words not to say. /rocket surgery
"learn which words not to say" =/= Don't be toxic.
AlexDotP (OCE)
: Ayy lol, im in the exact same position and im getting unbanned in 4 days, if my assumption is right your next ban should be permanent ban which i got as well. (IF MY FRIEND DIDN'T REPORT ME AAAAAAAAAA) I know how bs this is but from this i now will get even more positive than before (well maybe a little otherwise people will think im trolling) You don't want your main to get permanently banned probably, so lets keep it more cautious :) But seriously 14 ban on my first time and i wasnt even that toxic compared to others :( and now im super anxious to play League cuz im scared to get banned... But if i dont get toxic and keep up positive attitude hope theres no reason for another ban. Lets actually ban the real toxic players tho riot :)
Why be positive when there is only specific word triggers?
00shots00 (OCE)
: oh don't worry I'm toxic as fuck now. I hate everyone I play with and if I don't get my way I just afk split push because fuck it, every time I begged for a player to relax and just play with the team and ill support them and get them kills it didn't mean shit and they never got banned, and when I got banned it was because I had a twitch jg calling my mid laner a trash boosted account and when I defended my mid laner the twitch jg'd duo - the adc- started spam pinging me for no reason and then the twitch did as well, I lost it and said shut up %%%got ( just sort of popped out I didn't even think I would ever try using that word as an insult because in the end if they were gay then I'm just stating the obvious like a spastic) and they continued to be toxic and what not but I wanted to win so I continued to support them as bard support instead of trolling and building AS bard, then I get a 14 day suspension with no remorse or care in the world by riot, and I even stated that I'm never toxic and the rioter said ït doesn't matter the word %%%got is a instant suspension". so I'm doing what I told 5 rioters I would do - if I don't get my way fro now on ill be doing what people did to me.{{champion:48}}
Yeah unfortunately don't see how they think they would get reform off that shitty system (1 word = 14 days) But you will find that a lot of people here are too up riot's ass to actually think about how dumb that system actually is.
: To be fair the greater majority of complaint threads are nothing more than shit flinging and whinging and can in no way be taken as constructive criticism. I'll see maybe 1 in every 20 actually be a properly typed out and thought out complaint/criticism on a change to the game, while the other 19 are effectively "HURRRRR TAKING SIGHTSTONE OUT OF GAME RETARDED CHANGE STOP BEING SHIT RITO".
>HURRRRR TAKING SIGHTSTONE OUT OF GAME RETARDED CHANGE STOP BEING SHIT RITO To be fair, that is still kinda a legit complaint, whether you like it or not. That said even if the main post isn't well typed out, there are usually at least a few well typed out replies.
: Why was this deleted?
The mods haven't had any clue what they are doing for a while. EDIT: Some of the ones i had deleted. "This logic though. It's not just "this system or nothing" but hey let's keep pretending." "How about you just don't tell people your autistic then? That fixes the issue. EDIT: This is the same as the whole "i'm a girl people are mean to me" argument, you are just invited people to be dicks, not actually doing anything productive. This is the internet, we are all anonymous, no one gives a fuck if your 12 or if your a 40 year old virgin in your mothers basement, because they are both the same to us, and we will treat you how we treat you regardless, you are just handing us a target." (I'm really not sure why this one was deleted, it's stating facts.) And my personal fav. "I like how instead of helping this guy (OP) and telling him to submit a ticket, you instead focus on continuing an argument with someone else. 10/10 volunteer work" By this standard, our mods need to be removing a hell of a lot more then they are.
: > [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=TZr94Ihb,comment-id=000300020000,timestamp=2018-01-14T11:44:24.045+0000) > > interesting, i can't actually look at your board's profile, do you have a link to the topic? Me?
: GEHIRN Simple solution! Make ID requirements for ranked play (you need to upload some form of ID) SIMPLE AS THAT! The people who are buying accounts are people who play ranked!!!!!! ID check = NO TROLLS, NO BOTS, A LOT LESS ABUSIVE PLAYERS BUT GUESS WHAT BRO??? RIOT won't ever implement it because they DON'T CARE, Riot/TENCENT only cares about its shareholders $$$$$$$$$$$ feelsbadman! This game could be so much more and a great community if Riot didn't only just care about $$$$$$$$$$ {{sticker:sg-janna}}
>ID check = NO TROLLS, NO BOTS, A LOT LESS ABUSIVE PLAYERS >RIOT won't ever implement it because they DON'T CARE, Riot/TENCENT only cares about its shareholders $$$$$$$$$$$ A) they are implementing this for Clash B) it shouldn't be in ranked, because that means smurfing is impossible, which isn't an inherently bad thing. C) Just because they will check people's ID, doesn't make toxicity/bots go away, that's just bad logic.
: I'm at 12 full keys and 1 fragment. Haven't had a chest in a little while.
I mean, you can get a chest weekly, so if your not getting chest's that's on you.
Duhirian (OCE)
: I sometimes act salty when I get abused, I had a 2 week ban that I posted up, didnt swear or abuse anyone at all, and I got banned for defending myself. I was told to kill myself, hang myself, drink bleach all in chat. They didn't get banned. I got banned for saying they were rude.
interesting, i can't actually look at your board's profile, do you have a link to the topic?
: I vote for no Aurelion Sol skin plz. after Riot released this: The less skins he has the better! I don't want any chance of him getting Victorious...
"Have a very small number of skins. Since the Victorious Skin can’t be attained by everyone, we don’t want that to feel like the only skin your favorite champ gets." Pretty sure this counts against Aurelion.
: Have you ever fought Zed or Fizz good sir?
Drivoyki (OCE)
: What do you think of Zoe?
Stupid low skill champion that needs to be gutted.
: Riot games Where pro players get a week ban from competitive for being toxic But you get perma banned for 1 naughty word
And pant's said %%%%%% once, and didn't get to go to their boot camp. Where if we say %%%%%%, we be banned
Essembie (OCE)
: you want them to get banned because they called you fat in text chat because you played gragas?
I mean, compared to some of the other bans, this is ban worthy shit.
Duhirian (OCE)
: The abuse from people who wont get banned
No name and shame blah blah blah But yeah not likely they will get banned.
Doublehit (OCE)
: "Competitive BSing VS Hate Speech"
Don't worry, another of the tips is "If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, report them." You couldn't more loosely define that if you tried. EDIT: Fact is, riot can't make up it's mind, and are letting the bot decide everything for them.
Kaìhua (OCE)
: replays not downloading
just use the client to download replays
Driggz (OCE)
: Pretty much. I also wish that 90% of games I play didn't end in a surrender vote. What is with the playerbase these days and not finishing a game - even casual.
Because of the high burst gameplay, games are decided fairly early on.
: Yeah, Zoe needs the mighty nerf hammer so badly. Apparently Rito are going to kill my top champ {{champion:50}} soon as well. I already lost my {{champion:3}} . Oh and {{champion:57}} too, Rito doesn't like me having fun.
They released Zoe, who do you think is meant to have fun?
: What annoys me about the new rune system, is that like 80% of the runes work awesomely on the strong/popular champs. Nasus for example can have pretty much any rune he wants, and adapt it to whatever play style he wants to use, and it'll work pretty well regardless. Then you get some champs that have very few runes they can even use, and the ones they can use, don't even work that well with their kits. But we were getting one-hit long before the new runes came out. The problem is: it just feels bad when you're playing, to notice that your champ does noticeably less damage. Thats just the way it is, it feels bad. and Riot are so afraid of people feeling that, that instead of nerfing the strong champs, they just buff everyone else. which means everyones damage just keeps going up and up. The new runes didn't create the problem, but they sure as hell feed the fire.
I mean a lot of the problems stem from very few Runes in this system though. Manaflow Band: if your a mana user, you basically have to take this, or you just lose because your opposing mana user took it, and you run out of mana well before them. Ultimate Hat: Because manaless Assassin's really needed a 55% CDR ult. Aftershock: oh you thought you were meant to kill the tank without a pen item? (just wait till this change is 100 base armor/MR, i actually think it's worse, good luck getting an early game kill when they have 150 Armor at level 1.) Zombie Ward: Don't bother ganking someone with either tree in domination, you are never finding a way into their lane. Triumph: Ha i killed you so i don't die. Presence of mind: OH GOD THEY HAVE A KASSADIN WHY???????????????????????????? Kleptomancy: If you farm, they farm you for gold (being able to get bags of gold worth 100+ early game is stupid af).
UniiiiQue (OCE)
: What Character do you think needs a good nerf? (Random Discussions)
Rioter Comments
Yaiamone (OCE)
: Server transfers are down right now. At the end of Novermber they estimated another 5/6 weeks before they would be back up. You can keep updated [HERE](
9 weeks later.... Soon™
Weeum (OCE)
: Karthus, Brand and DFT
Didn't he get a buff in 7.24 for that exact reason?
Yaiamone (OCE)
: Last time I checked doing and saying negative things had consequences. Whether you bad mouth your job/colleagues and end up with a warning or an instant dismissal or you punch some stranger in the head and end up in jail, your actions do have consequences. It is how life works and the game just mimics that. People do not want ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ in their games, its pretty heckin simple. The large majority of people do not want ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ in their game using slurs or encouraging suicide, and this reflects in the punishments.
>The large majority of people do not want ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ in their game using slurs or encouraging suicide, and this reflects in the punishments. Then why doesn't Riot put in tribunal and prove it's a majority and not a minority? Because a lot of the volunteers say how it's a majority that doesn't want these actions... but i see no proof in that. Seems like a minority getting their way to me.
Yaiamone (OCE)
: Honestly I do think it's a pretty strange thing to do. Personally I like dominating lane and then siphoning my gold into an early sightstone so I can provide vision of the enemy jungling path to keep my laners safe and provide a way for my jungler to safely starve out the enemy. I understand why they are wanting to do this, so that players aren't forced to rush that sightstone (as a support main there have been so many times where I have opted to buy a component of something before I buy SS and my teammates flame me) and they can instead opt to rush a "higher impact item". In situations where the enemy jungler is an early pressure champ/playstyle or the enemy mid just wants to camp bot, your sightstone rush would have just as much impact as your redemption rush since you'd have the foresight to get the heck out. I still think it's stupid though. Gimme my ruby sightstone
>as a support main there have been so many times where I have opted to buy a component of something before I buy SS and my teammates flame me I mean, it's not wrong to rush a component that helps you win lane instead of sightstone sometimes, you shouldn't be flamed for it. Trinkets can 100% cover you early if your not in a constantly shoving lane, and if you are, then that's on your own ADC not on you. And sure you can argue that it's so that supports don't have to buy sightstone first thing.... but isn't that what the trinkets were for? I doubt this would actually change the fact that your expected to get sightstone first basically, in that, if your not taking the item that gives the most gold so you have sightstone sooner, then your going to get flamed.
Evelynnie (OCE)
: As an Eve OTP, I can say that Frostfang will still be very viable and Riot's attempt to make it more Support friendly and less friendly towards AP Junglers has gone wrong. This essentially gives me Green Smite active while taking Blue Smite. Pair this with Zombie Ward, and this is going to be very strong. Not to mention it still gives me 10% CDR, 45 on-hit magic damage, and gold generation (which won't be delayed due to me farming monsters, not minions). Only difference is swapping out the *Stormraider's Surge* passive for the Ward passive. You also forget that they decreased the Tribute amount by 250g, so it's down to 500g. So you get Sightstone *for free* (saving 800g) AND earning at least 500g on top of that. That's 1,300g towards another critical item.
>So you get Sightstone for free (saving 800g) AND earning at least 500g on top of that. That's 1,300g towards another critical item. I mean no, you were generating that gold regardless, so it's not 500G free, just the 800. That said, it is completely stupid. Mid orianna smite takes frost queens claim, Top Klepto's take coin, jungle eve takes Frost Fang. These are things already happening, and considering this has to replace sightstone, everyone on the map should have a fucking sightstone, which will be as dumb as it sounds.
Sephyre (OCE)
: To clarify, you can only receive the levelup capsules once. So if you're thinking about being naughty and reclimbing levels you're not going to end up with more stuff. Actually you're going for a trip down to below level 2 where you will end up getting significantly less rewards. So I would recommend being nice and getting those post-5 checkpoint orbs that keep on repeating :)
Yeah but you also lose out on rewards for having been level 5 honor this season (as you start up a few checkpoints) and don't even get that much for it (i think i have gotten 2 honor capsules during the whole season)
Montiness (OCE)
: Removing Sightstone? Are you high?
I've never had an issue with getting the gold by like 10 minutes even on relic shield. That said, it's still a shit idea, because now all those people running klepto+support item top, now get a sightstone on top of all that later in the game. The active effect wasn't the reason you took it, but now, i would argue that everyone except jungle should take the support items as they offer too much.
: Quick Update on Rotating Game Modes
And what about regular URF?
Zombiejax (OCE)
*Insert BS riot reasons here that make no real sense*
a grub (OCE)
: Source is the MMR graph on
Oh btw, you also have to take into account Real players who are botting now because leveling is uncapped. EDIT: And that also doesn't track OCE
Nikkip (OCE)
: I don't think auto report would be appropriately triggered by the use of mute. When feeling tilted I'm sure many people do mute at the first sign of a jerk — I tend to do that anyway just because I have low expectations of people in online games — but "first sign of a jerk" isn't typically that bad, and there would be huge numbers of reports with no substance. Like if you are playing support or jungle, an early play occurs and your side loses. Let's say the adc made a poor choice that you couldn't back up, but oh no you have one of those adcs that expects perfection he's going to have a grump about your timing and pass the blame. I'd rather not listen to people who have emotional and irrational hindsight in their own favor like that, so I'd tend to drop a mute, but then again it's not the sort of thing that's worth reporting. There would be a lot of that.
I'll channel Seras for a moment here "I'd rather too many reports then not enough" Fact is a report doesn't ban someone, they have to be a dick (well i mean, normally, there are cases on the boards showing otherwise) Someone getting muted constantly under this system wouldn't be a ban sentence, but it means that dicks wouldn't constantly get away with shit behaviour BECAUSE mute is a thing.
Zombiejax (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Ay4jWPBh,comment-id=000000020000,timestamp=2018-01-08T23:57:41.587+0000) > > 1. You're not wrong, it is in essence a job, wrong wording there I suppose, but I am still also a player and can respond in the manner of just a player if I want to. I did agree that I probably shouldn't have posted in the thread before having a proper reply for the OP. I let my frustration get the best of me, which obviously isn't ideal. > > 2. When it's things that actually involve my position I hardly slack off. In fact I spend far more time on some posts than I really should just to make sure I have given all the info, and I do it because I enjoy it. What I don't enjoy is having someone comment on everything I do, with the express purpose of undermining me because they think I lie for fun or something. Why would I engage with that? It's not productive. > > 3. Pretty much, yes. I shouldn't have replied, but I do carefully consider all my posts. Frustrations colour some of those posts, but I don't just word vomit and post. I also never said anything false, so while the timing wasn't ideal, I wasn't being completely careless. The life outside was largely sarcasm. It should be obvious just from how much time I spend on boards that I do in fact give a shit, but I also have other priorities. > > 4. They are, but the mods have always been pretty lenient on what constitutes breaking the "Don't be a jerk" rule. It was at a standard where the rule was rarely blatantly broken and so rarely moderated. Recently though things have been very heated, hence the deletions. Posts were getting reported *on both 'sides'* and those were visibly used as the standard, because posts rarely get reported. THANKS MAN for helping on the boards i hope we can get more people on the boards i have to say even tho i don't like alot of what jasonwazza says in post it is kinda cool to have someone always agrue as the devil advocate either way i would really like to see a tribunal any reason we dont have one?
It's not even devils advocate, it's i expect better from Riot and know they can do better.
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: nope thing they kind of flogged me of and told me that's it had been "investigated" and that's their final answer i doubt they even read my chat log either is there anything you can do to get there attention for the boards side of thing instead of support tickets ?
I mean, that is all they are going to do.
: According to Riot bots are only an issue at certain MMR levels in ARAM. Win more and you wont see them.
according to riot, we were going to get tribunal back.
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