: I mean, that chat log resulted in a 10 game chat ban too, since its mine from like January or something For context 5 mins in, kai and i die 4v2 bot, kai blames me for failing to flay hence the NO MANA comment kai continues to abuse me up until about 15 mins for the time between 5-10 mins kai is abusing me, and i'm calling out my jg for being 0/6, my top for being 1/7 and my mid for never MIAing or following when the enemy roams at this point i've pretty much given up, hence the calling for the game to end 15 mins onwards kai starts raging at not only me, but also our jg, for letting the enemy dive on her, after she ran up to bot inner tower with no wards, and our jg was baron side prepping for herald They then bring into light my kd, rather than my KP and Assists, i think i'm 1/6/18 at this point I believe the trigger word in both posts is Retard/disabled
"This is a recent game that negatively affected your honour rating while not also triggering an account penalty" According to gehirn it didn't so you know.
: > [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=ecEGmuxA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-26T06:15:38.527+0000) > > So what your saying is kys isn't ok, but calling someone retarded or a "disabled %%%%" is totally above the bar? > > Just trying to get how this is logical in your mind. Nope I’m not saying that calling someone retarded or disabled is ok. They just aren’t Instaban worthy like “kys” your self is. Look there is only 2 ways to have a report system 1. What we have no where there is a bit on leniency in what you say and for as long as your not consistently saying shit like this you will be fine. Which is the system we have now. 2. Or option 2 is to be really harsh and ban everyone the second the step the smallest bit out of line which means that no one will play in a game with that harsh a penalty system
Or here is a third option. Foul language that is consider unacceptable get an automated ban (that actually follows the ban curve, no need for escalation) And they still run their algorithm bs anyway. But hey logic is a thing that isn't generally used, given that your argument is that it's one of 2 extremes as if no other game has done anything inbetween.
: Alright so do you understand that the rioter isn’t saying that what the thresh said is ok. He said that in negatively affected his honor while not flagging an account penalty. The reason why is simple, unless you say some really awful things in a game like “kill your self” or racist stuff for example. your are able to get away with a couple of games of being toxic. The reason for this is riot understands that players get frustrated and some times just snap. Now the more punishments your account gets the lower the tolerance for what you can get away with before getting another punishment. Now if imaqtpie is getting a 10 game ban that means he’s already been warned and he is still being toxic. This thresh on the other hand, this could be the first time he’s got toxic like this so he can get away with it
So what your saying is kys isn't ok, but calling someone retarded or a "disabled %%%%" is totally above the bar? Just trying to get how this is logical in your mind.
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Gehirn (OCE)
: It's not about being the most honourable a few times in a row. You need to consistently, for a long period of time, show that you can just show up and play the game. Getting chat restricted every couple of months will bring your honour progression to a complete stop, and garnering reports by acting against your team or flaming them is also going to slow you down. This is a recent game that negatively affected your honour rating while not also triggering an account penalty: [3:51] (Thresh): shit call [4:40] (Thresh): i had [4:41] (Thresh): NO [4:42] (Thresh): FUCKING [4:43] (Thresh): MANA [4:47] (Thresh): you retard... [7:33] (Thresh): ff [7:44] (Thresh): be good at the game [7:54] (Thresh): instead of getting caught by every fucking skillshot [8:02] (Thresh): no [8:04] (Thresh): i quit [8:07] (Thresh): so i can get a better team [8:15] (Thresh): this is ranked [8:24] (Thresh): and oyu're playing a newly released arguably trash adc [8:43] (Thresh): oh good [8:49] (Thresh): glad i've accepted a loss then [10:26] [All] (Thresh): what? [10:30] [All] (Thresh): are you retarded? [10:44] (Thresh): jhin flashed into the box wall [10:48] (Thresh): even though it was clearly there [10:58] (Thresh): almost as retarded as kai'sa players [13:23] (Thresh): they went on me [13:24] (Thresh): under tower [13:27] (Thresh): you fucking disabled %%%% [13:34] (Thresh): why even come bot [13:36] (Thresh): you had no ult [13:56] (Thresh): even though i have higher kda than you, i'm the trash player [13:56] (Thresh): nice [14:53] (Thresh): yes thats why i'm the one giving up in a lost cause [14:58] (Thresh): because i have a small brain [15:06] (Thresh): it was predictable from champ select we lost this [15:20] (Thresh): all of your base kda, avg kda on each of your respective champs is under 30% [15:28] (Thresh): and your win rate is lower [15:48] (Thresh): can you be good at the game? [15:54] (Thresh): when you're actually good at the game [15:57] (Thresh): then i'll shut up aye [16:08] (Thresh): yeah look at me [16:13] (Thresh): the highest KDA on the TEAM\
"This is a recent game that negatively affected your honour rating while not also triggering an account penalty" And yet that would get someone else banned. Literally constantly calls players a retard and doesn't get banned XD EDIT: Not to mention "you fucking disabled %%%%"
Stephanie (OCE)
: League Toxicity - Is it worth it to keep playing?
Stop playing, it really never gets better. As much as riot want's to say they do shit, it always seems to be the guy who is frustrated that is the one banned, not the one being a %%%% all the time. If that is true or not, as someone who has played plenty for years, that shouldn't be my perception and yet it is.
: I think that's one that would depend on the club name as well, since ISIS has a lot of other uses/meanings. You can always report the name though.
: 1. If they lose the 4v4 that it should be, then it's their own fault for inting the enemy Jungler for no reason, making it a 4v5. If they had decided not to int, then it would be a 4v4 due to how irrelevant the enemy Jungler would have been. 2. Not my fault my team even chose to engage a 4v5, especially for a pointless fight. Had they waited, the enemy would have had to send at least 2 people to stop me, in which case my team would have won the 4v3 (or not, because they're inters). 3. Then again, the rest of my team were trolls and inters, so none of the points would be useful, and the outcome wouldn't have changed regardless of me being there.
>Not my fault my team even chose to engage a 4v5, especially for a pointless fight. Had they waited, the enemy would have had to send at least 2 people to stop me, in which case my team would have won the 4v3 (or not, because they're inters). You really have no understanding of evelynn or how games are played in general? the 5 can choose to engage, that is an option, and that isn't the 4's fault. And you should be there behind the enemy trying to get in a position to pick one of the carries, not off dicking around, because as i said before, it's not like you did basically anything to towers.
: This dude knows what he's talking about. Being objective-focused in non-pro LoL is like cooking someone a medium rare steak in Korea. They will be, like, "Ew, it's so red! It's so bloody! It looks gross!" Being objective-focused in non-pro LoL is a recipe for disaster. Your team will not understand. Instead, you will get people tilting because they've traded a kill for mid turret - or something stupid. In Bronze especially, just go for ganks and get your lanes ahead.
It's not so much that it's non-pro LoL and being objective focused and more that it's evelynn, a ganking champion being wasted. If she was playing something like Nunu, then the argument might hold some weight, but evelynn is meant to be ganking, she uses her stealth and she gets off really good really effective ganks, wasting that on "objectives" isn't all that helpful. It'd be like a Shaco that farms all game, your not playing Shaco for late game, you play for early game pressure. If you choose to waste your champion, you can't really blame other's.
: TFW even Challenger CS can't carry boosted teammates in Bronze V
You can argue objectives all you want, but it's just not the case. 14k to objectives / 2.3k to turrets is you. 28.9k/9.4k is trist 19.1k/6.9k is renekton And not just that, your Evelynn, you aren't an objective focused champion, yes pro's advise you to value objectives over kills, however they also tell you that playing right that kills lead to objectives, that's more what they are meaning, if you get a kill push an advantage. And your argument of farm mattering, your a jungler, sure you killed 300 jungle creeps, Sejuani was busy being useful while you were doing that. Both teams had the same amount of kills, you participated in 7, your opposing jungler participated in 21, she had 3 times the map impact you had.
: I actually tested the theory of IFS, with a bunch of friends who were not on my friend list, on purpose, and told them to kill themselves i was hit with a 14 dayer like 2 mins after the game ended, None of the 4 received the IFS notification on an account that had NEVER been banned prior IFS doesn't tell people all the time, but sure enough KYS users get punished
Just as a note, if you've used a brand new account, you can't actually count the test you did. IFS punishes new accounts harder because they don't have a history of "good" behaviour.
: What is the punishment for inting??????
Ha the funny thing is that you think Riot cares about people inting.
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: yeah, i don't think riot should punish shit talking calling someone bad or garbage but hate speech etc. there is a massive difference between calling someone bad and calling someone fucking bad 1 word makes the big difference and riot don't understand that, there is more to it than this and I can't be bothered we all know riots punishments system needs major work (like they care anyway) I just hope somone at riot stands up and puts their foot down and makes the change for the better way too many people losing their accounts for small repeated things that no one should be banned over (sorry for the 0 puctuation)
TBH, i don't think being called fucking bad is all that bad either, it's when someone says your bad %%% that an issue is had. And riot has no control in things at all anyway and the game is just being milked for money.
Essembie (OCE)
Yeah they know what champions you play often, and do the deals on that. Targeted sales for a reason lol.
: If you have to mute someone then generally speaking the damage is already done. It sours the experience. If you steal a bike and get away with it because noone saw you that doesn't mean it's not illegal, and doesn't mean you won't face consequences after the fact if the offence is discovered. There are people around that believe you should never be punished for chat, for varying reasons, and while I see the logic Riot and the community (myself included) tend to disagree with that. Remember that this game is only rated M (13+ in the US), and given that's only an advisory rating there's going to be players a lot younger than that. Should we be encouraging them to use racist slurs at every opportunity because they're 'just words'? Should we be teaching them that it's perfectly ok to abuse other people, because the burden is for some reason on the other person to be the mature one? Don't get me wrong, if you're the kinda person that sits there typing back abuse instead of just muting the ass and moving on, you're just as bad, and muting is an important tool/feature but it shouldn't be a get out of jail free card for people who want to be dickheads. If they really can't contain themselves they can take it somewhere that allows it like a friend's discord or something.
>If you have to mute someone then generally speaking the damage is already done. It sours the experience. If you steal a bike and get away with it because noone saw you that doesn't mean it's not illegal, and doesn't mean you won't face consequences after the fact if the offence is discovered. The difference being, your not likely to forget your bike was stolen, and not inform the authorities of the theft. However, you are likely to forget someone is being a %%%%, and not report them. To be honest, Riot hasn't done the player behaviour system right in years, and ironically, i saw a video just the other day of rainbow six siege getting this shit right. https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/81izuv/chat_toxicity_update/dv3dz9w/ Unlike riot, this is focused on JUST hate speech and stuff like that, and not to mention, not reliant on the report system. Not to mention, their system doesn't just give 1 warning for this shit either, and you can't fall into the trap of being baited into remarks like these because NO ONE CAN SAY THEM. EDIT: not to mention https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/81izuv/chat_toxicity_update/dv3eyu9/ They aren't punishing shit talking.
LeecMbF (OCE)
: i mean the last time i got abused in chat you know what i did? /mute @championame I dont report someone for calling me garbage, because i can just mute them. I do report people for being blatantly racist however, not using racist words, actually being racist. Thats where the line is. If you are actively going out to attack someone, in a way that is universally regarded as offensive, then yes, you should be banned, but in all other scenarios the offense is not severe enough to warrant a ban.
You'll find the volunteer's here are stuck in their on riot's side ways just fyi, it's basically the same as arguing at a brick wall.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Lets be real. EA lost everyones respect.
to be fair though, we kinda have to thank EA for ruining it for everyone.
Shenkt (OCE)
: TCP is not a 100% PL Free protocol, and 1 packet is not a big deal. BEST / AVERAGE / WORST TPLINK POWERLINE ADAPTER (ethernet over power) 43/**43**/51 5Ghz band wifi AC 40/**58**/188 The average of 43 is 15ms faster, on average, than a 5g Wifi.
>Considering you had a bunch of worst pings that were higher, it's likely your average is off base. Reading is hard.
: Too true... **Riot permaban the victims for speaking out and let the trolls and inters go free.** I literally had death threats in a game, so I screenshotted them, reported the player, and sent a ticket to Riot. The Rioter responding basically said "*Death threats are taken very seriously and are not allowed! We won't do anything*". When I brought this up on the boards, a moderator told me they would talk to Riot about the response I got, but have heard nothing since. And you know what? That player is still active...
Copy paste is important because they need as few people working as possible to milk the most money out of the game.
Shenkt (OCE)
: It show that even a good clean wifi 5G, no competition for frequency, a top line Nighthawk, the wired is still favorable. There were two components to this post. The knowledge on how to trace your own route, and a comparison for those that were interested between the ping reliability of a powerline adapter vs 5g. The average ping is still better on a powerline. Not everyone takes the time to check and provide data on their experiences with things like Powerline adapters. You have focused on the Worst result, rather than the averages which is what a normal person would take to be 'normal'. All the 188 result did was highlight the crappy Telstra load balancers which I experience daily. Thanks for your input.
I mean i'm on Telstra, and only use Wi-Fi. The only times i have been having issues, is when telstra itself is having issues (though i mean... that seems like all the time at some points because telstra sucks but you know) And no i wasn't just refering to the "worst" category, though that is most likely heavily effecting your thoughts. Considering you had a bunch of worst pings that were higher, it's likely your average is off base. Add to that, the Best case scenario for the Wifi was actually BETTER then your wired connection, and i'm forced to point out your test wasn't a solid case. EDIT: this is without even going into the fact that your wired test has packet loss (only 29/30 packets made it), while your wireless doesn't, which is a higher impact on the game then ping increases (playing league with packet loss is terrible)
Shenkt (OCE)
: Check your ping to Riot OCE (Telstra) & 5Ghz Wifi 400mbs vs Powerline adapter 100mbs
What the fuck is this topic? Yeah no shit wired connections are more stable HOWEVER. >| pr01.syd01.riotdirect.net - 0 | 34 | 34 | 40 | 58 | 188 | 51 | This is a showing of you having a bad wifi connection, not a showing of how bad wifi connections in general are.
Nightjar (OCE)
: agreed, most of my friends quit near the start of season 8, somewhere around the time Blue Essence was released, and riot ticked off the playerbase with a 'we don't care' we know what's best thing (riot you might be mathematically right, but how a player feels, is the most important factor for game longevity). My friends list is a ghosttown of people who have either just straight up quit after being fed up, or only play a few games a month. I'll probably be here for a while yet, since I haven't really got the time to be finding and learning a new competitive game to replace league of legends (though Overwatch is beginning to win my favour). Riot with the constant supply of bot levelled smurfs, your playerbase numbers might be looking fine, but in reality, you're at a precipice. Even the oceanic league discord is eerily quiet sometimes.
>Riot with the constant supply of bot levelled smurfs, your playerbase numbers might be looking fine, but in reality, you're at a precipice. I think they'd have the ability to detect that these aren't all individual players even though they struggle to detect the bots themselves. But yes the numbers have dropped, even just general queue times when i play during peak time have increased to stupid amounts, and give me another reason to not bother playing (5 minute queues shouldn't be occurring near 9-10pm.)
: Because people have commitment in the morning; would it make sense to you that 12am is beb time for most? Or are you too angry about your ban to think of it.
Or your just blinded by stupidity. People have been slowly quitting for years, and on top of that, you haven't taken into account that 12am isn't as late when you consider that not everyone is in the Victoria/NSW/Queensland(/potentially any other areas that may be in the same timezone, i'm not entirely sure) timezone I would definitely wager that a lot of people probably left because of BE, and just general changes have been displeasing a lot of the player base. Pro's (ex Pro's that is) have been quitting as well, and even the ones not quitting have been lowering the amount of time they play (Dyrus for example streams a crap load of VR chat.) If you don't want to admit that people are quitting due to whatever reason, that is on you, but don't try to blame it on a ban that, you know, happened years ago and doesn't effect me at all. Maybe instead i'm also one of those that has put a shit ton less time into league over the past year and a bit, due to just plain not having fun.
: rank 12 am onwards
Because OCE is becoming more tiny due to Riot mismanaging just about everything in the eyes of the average player.
: I can post up everything but at the end of the day it does nothing to anyone for anything. Riots system doesnt work, doesnt fix anything. I got banned for arguing with a guy for feeding, thats not igniting thats not doing anything other than telling a moron to stop killing the game but yeah no riots logic is spot on, they throw the match and literally make it unplayable but god forbid you say something to them. No thats not right, its stupid and always has been. Im not a toxic person because i dont talk unless I need to for the game but riot just loves to swing that ban hammer blindly. Its stupid and doesnt work, Mute report doesnt work when you get stuck with the player 3 times in a row, oh and you cant leave the game so now youre just going to have to deal with a thrown game. They dont get bannned, they dont get shit but you argue back adn thats it. That makes literally no fucking sense in fixing toxicity in their games. I dont think ive seen anyone banned for throwing a game ever. But fuck man dont say anything bad because thats enough to get you kicked off. What do you get from seeing my chat log ? you see my replies only not theirs, what are my replies, telling the guy is acting like a child for throwing the game because i didnt help him clear a camp. like seriously, riot really doesnt give a shit and the community is absolute trash now. doesnt matter who started it.. yes it fucking does, jesus christ so over this pathetic victim blaming shitty mentality, you have team flaming and throwing and what youre supposed to sit there nicely and take it??? mute report ? which we know doesnt work? then what ? wait in the base so avoid gettnig ripped by a fed team? oh wait youll get reported for afking, ok i fight and get ripped, get reported for feeding? I mean what is it exactly do you want people to do ? like seriously. you literally and i can not stress that word enough but you can not LITERALLY PLAY THE FUCKING GAME, when youre team is throwing the whole thing. and thats not even getting into the amount of bots I have encounted and I mean for sure theyd be banned but pffft nope, they are still playing games. I watch their accounts and see what they do. Its not that hard. Im not the only discussion talking about this problem either. Thats an account now being permabanned for talking to a toxic team. But somehow in youre twisted brain that makes sense. Right I understand how little they care now
>I can post up everything but at the end of the day it does nothing to anyone for anything. It does something for riot, which is allow people to THINK bans work.
: Only 20 AP, so against an MR heavy team I'd say it's definitely worth it, but I also haven't had the opportunity to actually play it yet and I'm a fan of mpen in general so I'm probably a little biased. Ultimately the idea was to solidify the place of items that were a little all over the place. Whether they're going to hold their own in those places, I think it's probably a little to early to say, at least from an individuals perspective. I'm liking Spellbinder so far though the active feels a little short.
Thing is Mpen is meh at best in a lot of games, and you have to end up getting a void staff because items like {{item:3102}} {{item:3139}} exist, and these are MR and just generally a good defensive item to have for squishies, which means your Mpen goes down in value. There's a reason good players would tend to sit on {{item:3136}} until they had their Rylai's, because the stats you got going up wasn't worth the upgrade, and the 15 Mpen isn't worth having for an item that basically ONLY gives that Mpen and nothing else good (again unless your against vlad) They basically changed Morello to an item to counter vlad, with a meh Mpen stat on it.
: It holds a different place now. Mpen is essentially high impact but low use so far as my experience goes, so it makes sense to have it more expensive, it just won't be used as often. Instead of buying Morello because it's always good and has everything, you buy it when you want Mpen or Grievous wounds specifically for a better result. Meanwhile the CDR and Mana stats have been shifted to Luden's to push it more as "I want burst damage and I want it more often", and the Movespeed on Luden's has been moved to Spellbinder {{item:3907}} which has a better active to synergise with it.
While i get what your saying, it's not as high an impact as you think, because your giving up AP to get the Mpen, and getting very little for it. At least old Liandry's (which is where the mpen is moved from) had a decent amount of AP, plus a decent passive (grievous wounds is again, basically only good vs vlad) while still being a surviablity item as well.
AzisHop (OCE)
: Morellonomicon
Changes; 1 - 20 AP 2 - 400 Mana 3 + 300 Health 4 - 20% CDR 5 - Mana Regen on kill's/assist's 6 + A slightly better Grievous Wounds ability 7 + 15 Magic Penetration Cost +100g So this item is strictly a downgrade, While Magic pen is great, a lot of Mages loved the CDR that this item gave, and it has increased in cost, with a bunch of lost stats, with no real major gain on the item. That said, it's a better item in terms of health, 300 health isn't a small one item bonus, though you lost all the mana this would give you to sustain in lane. When i first looked at the morello change on surrender at 20, i knew this would end up being a really shitty item really quickly, because it basically only works vs Vlad.
: What other groups have they bought and milked? Like I said, could not find a thing on them other than that they took over LoL.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tencent#2011-2014:_Early_investments EDIT: Riot is just the main one they fully own, Tencent has massive investments in a fair amount of gaming companies.
: Allow redundant bans!
Yeah i've ran into this issue a few times before, because it takes about 5-10 seconds to select and ban a champion due to client lag, and it's just terrible when your forced to try and pick or ban something when the timer is on the low end.
mkxnzo (OCE)
: Modify Crystal Arrow
Ashe doesn't need this change, she isn't meant to be a standard pick ADC, she is meant to be a utility ADC in meta's where the ADC isn't the main factor. Right now we are just in an ADC meta and Ashe doesn't do well in that.
: I want it back i dont like this
I agree, new client works like ass.
: The hard ones for me to deal with are the ones that start the game trying to win, then they make a few mistakes that cause them to fall behind and tilt, then they refuse to surrender a lost cause, but they continue to play badly and expect to get carried. They play like they don't want to win, but they won't let us all move on either. But what grinds my gears is Riot honestly see the holding-to-account of these people by their team as being WORSE than the preceding original offenses. Why? I'm glad you asked... A while ago Riot put out this video --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY6GYWhuS0I. @1: 35, "A significant number of players cite bad player behavior as a reason they leave League of Legends". You will find a common thread throughout that apprises us of their motivations for trying to reform player behavior and their vision for what that reform might look like. Essentially, Riot is informing us that: 1) Their business model is one of retaining and attracting as many possible players to the game. 2) Players report leaving because of bad player behavior. 3) Their (Riots) stated characterization of toxic player behavior is one that places verbal abuse as the central and primary concern. 4) Therefore, Verbally abusive players need to be reformed or ostracised to maintain financial viability. It's worth remembering that intentional feeding can be masked as misplays, and apathy in making poor plays at crucial times (1v5ing just before Baron respawns, throwing your teams chances at contesting) is hard to prove etc, whereas Chat logs are low hanging fruit. Essentially, Riots Ph.D. Brigade is admitting that they are appeasing self-entitled snowflakes that create the original negative experiences for their teammates; without acknowledging that the amount of abuse someone receives is usually pretty strongly correlated with how negatively they have impacted the experiences of others first - The original offender is cloistered in cotton wool and indignantly expects to be treated like strawberry Pop-Tarts while the actual victims are disciplined for reacting viscerally in a moment of passion. All this, and the other two or three or even four players on his team are given little effective official recourse in holding the offending party accountable. And Riot wonder why there's swearing?
Yeah i remember that video, it's when Riot used to give a shit, when it came to player behaviour. Now they just don't give a shit.
: I have legit curiousity on what tencent actually contribute to the game. Sounds stupid but i have no idea and wouldnt even know where to start looking.
Contribute is the wrong word. They only take, they basically are a company that buys other companies and milks them dry. Hence the direction Riot has been going since Tencent has been involved.
Star Tear (OCE)
: Current State of League of Legends for Support Mains
The worst bit is, one mistake by your ADC, putting you behind, means you get your support item as late as 10 minutes into the game depending on your support item.
: "But there isn't a problem"
Welcome to Riot Games, run and milked by Tencent, Please enjoy your stay.
HeartVine (OCE)
: > after spending hundreds of dollars and getting all the champions and playing the game for years with no bans beforehand. I would assume I wouldnt go from 14 days to perma ban. So you assumed that you wouldn't get treated the same as literally every other player? You assumed wrong. Only chance of getting the ban revoked would be to appeal via a [Support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), but considering your attitude I'm going to assume that you very well deserved it and that whatever support agent you get will tell you just that.
>~~but considering your attitude I'm going to assume that you very well deserved it and that~~ whatever support agent you get will tell you just that. Whether it's deserved is irrelevant, because they won't do anything, because they can't.
KaynMid (OCE)
: Feels bad man, i remember when i used to think this too, but damn two years ago...
Yeah looking back on this now i'm not sure.
Essembie (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=dAKffPQy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-18T13:21:21.100+0000) > > I mean, Vi hasn't really been a popular pick for.... since i think slightly after the last jungle change. > > There are just champs that do things better (Skarner does the supression better, a lot of champions gank better with more reliable CC, and she is pretty meh as a full-tank) when sated got pulled she deffo lost a bit of her spunk but last season she was still a solid bruisy menace - used to do pretty well with her. but her early just seems so weak now and build guides have taken her away from tank bruiser to assassin and I just dont think that fits with her kit at all because she has to go so balls deep. actually my in game observation is supported by champion gg stats. Just a consistent fall off since 7.23 to sub 50 win rates in 8.3. Her play rate has seen a corresponding drop off too. http://champion.gg/champion/Vi/Jungle guess it is time to say goodbye to Vi.
I think she always tends to have slightly inflated stats because a lot of people play her around the Plat-Diamond mark, when she isn't really good anywhere else, because she suffers in both Extremely high ELO (Challenger/Pro scene) and extremely low ELO. Like i love Vi as a champion, but i couldn't really justify picking her over Skarner EVER (and this is why high elo don't use her). And in Extremely lower elo's, she has the issues of her clear being ok, but not great, which is a sticking issue for a lot of Bronze-Gold players. Whereas your Plat's to low Diamond's, don't necessarily have to worry about picking the best champion, or worry about having issues clearing (because they are at the point that they know how to clear not stupidly) The other factor is shown by her stats on champion.gg, which is, if your playing her, it's likely because you just got filled, and she is kinda a bridging champion for those sorts of players, where she is simple enough for people who don't overly jungle, but impactful enough with ease.
: But in 8.4 a whole bunch of new AP items are being released remember that
Your point being what exactly? The magic pen was moved off Haunting and onto Morello's, and voidstaff gives less AP. Magic pen wise, the new AP items give less overall.
AlexDotP (OCE)
: back at it again with riot, i swear they need more and better support team
What they need is a support team that has any actual power.
: so does that mean everything on the boards pretty much goes unnoticed ?
By riot, oh yeah, they don't check any of this shit. EDIT: If any of the volunteers tells them about stuff, then it will be checked, but that is a rare occurrence.
Essembie (OCE)
: Vi - underwhealming in S8
I mean, Vi hasn't really been a popular pick for.... since i think slightly after the last jungle change. There are just champs that do things better (Skarner does the supression better, a lot of champions gank better with more reliable CC, and she is pretty meh as a full-tank)
Essembie (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkShade918,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=rEvz7EdZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-18T04:16:48.889+0000) > > I mean, i was on a 14 dayer last november, and just last week got a 10 game chat ban, so i guess they reset, i'm not sure though good to see the message is getting through at least lol.
Oh yeah, don't you know that these 14 day bans totally promote players to not be toxic?
: Problem is new players won't be able to get their hands on champions fast enough if they didn't increase the be drop rate. But obviously it was designed that way on purpose.
Let's just try and take this argument at face value for a moment. >Problem is new players won't be able to get their hands on champions fast enough if they didn't increase the be drop rate. Or they could, you know, turn up the BE we get from champion shards, or do anything that is actually to the players benefit.
: Riot Increased Champion Shard Chance in Chests?
You would be correct, while we were told that riot were changing it so boxes would give us a skin shard at least one in three chests, what they didn't mention is this is because they were decreasing the chance of skins drastically.
: > [{quoted}](name=sneakymonkey,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=7jc1Md7P,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-18T09:24:26.624+0000) > > This one is a no brainer and important for everyone to read carefully. We know that this community tends to be more mature, but there are kids here, too. All of us want this to be a reasonably safe environment for children, and at the same time, we won’t tolerate childish behaviour. Is what I got. Because Riot can delete things with a robot but cannot take the blooody time to bloody post!
Posting is hard man, and they do it in there spare time, you know.... unlike what the volunteers do on a regular basis now. But hey the argument will always be that rioters don't have the time.
: Why not add some Lethality boots?
Because unlike Magic Penetration, there is already a shit ton of items with Lethality. Not to mention, if you really want to, run Celerity, then Swifties give extra AD.
HeartVine (OCE)
: [Suggestion] Ranked Restriction
>The basic idea is simple. Whenever a player is punished for unacceptable behaviours, not only do they receive a standard punishment (chat restrictions, low priority queues, temporary/permanent bans etc), they receive a ranked restriction. While i get what your saying, the system ends up flawed, as the issue your complaining about is people who don't play to win/troll. These people DON'T GET PUNISHED and thus would never be affected by this system (I get that people don't want to admit that trolls don't get banned, but they really just don't). We don't need a system added to ranked like this, what we need is a system that is actually able to detect people who are trolling/inting/doing the rest of that not wanting to win BS. _____________ Added onto that as a separate aside. >5 minute LPQ = 5 games + 1 week Ranked Restriction 10 minute LPQ = 5 games + 2 weeks Ranked Restriction 20 minute LPQ = 5 games + 4 weeks Ranked Restriction I get the intent with this, i really do, but considering you can end up being stuck in a perpetual LPQ even while dropping it consistently, there are some people forced out of ranked by this, and because of how LPQ works, once your at that 20 minute threshold, you are stuck there for a long time.
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: That text you underlined is a bit weird, I'll ask around and see what that's about. Although it does make sense that they didn't act on this case since report had already gone through the Instant Feedback System. Remember it's not like you get a harsher punishment or faster escalation because you sent it to Riot. They still have to abide by the same rules the Instant Feedback System has. So if the IFS had already dealt with it, there's no benefit to it being dealt with again.
>That text you underlined is a bit weird Weirdly honest is all.
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