: LFM S1-G1 for Tournament (stay-at-home online), OCE
Yo, are you still looking for players my man?
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: LF Top Laner For Bandit E-sports
Hey man, thank you for your interest in our team. We are in fact desperate for a top laner for a upcoming tourney with large prize pool. Could you add the account Zonaq? Thanks heaps
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Julez (OCE)
: Im not quite diamond but I have a lot of hours on the game and am looking to improve inside a team environment, I would very much like to join the scene of competitive and would basically play all day and night to get there... IGN: Julez
Hey my man, great to hear! I added you via the client, just send me a mesage when you're on next and I'll get back with more details! Thanks
: Hey, I fit the criteria and I'm interesting in joining the competitive scene. IGN: Ikiea
Heyy, added you through the client my dude, just shoot me a message when you're on next and I'll get back to you with more details and all that jazz!
: Well, i fit all the criteria so i'll leave a message to find out more details and i'll also put my league ign here just in case ^.^ IGN: KystaTheKing
Hey my man, I added you recently on the client so if you want, shoot me a message on there when you're on and we can chat more about it on there. These comments threads are just a little bit shaky
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