BSV Josh (OCE)
: As a firefighter myself, this is a great idea and definitely one that Riot should get on board and support. Communities out there have been struggling, of which the recovery effort is going to be astronomical once this disaster settles and passes. RIP to my brothers on the fire ground that have also made the ultimate sacrifice protecting their community.
Personally, I'd rather see the funds go to those affected communities because as a volunteer firefighter, Yeah I get to go home to my bed, my shower, and my internet etc etc. But I love that the community is really rallying around everyone! I'm due for my second deployment into East Victoria later this week, early next week.
Quinnova (OCE)
: The Ban System Is Ridiculous
Since when do two wrongs make a right? You should have ignored and moved on, instead of flaming effectively. Your best bet, is a support ticket.
: Riot is coming to PAX AUS
So annoyed I missed out seeing the gang! I remember the 2013 PAX vs RIOT game.
: How to stop people feeding?
Are you sure they are feeding? Some people just have off games... it happens to the best of us... I went from 12/3 with a Quadra Kill to 0/5 in the next game because of a completely different team dynamic.
: Do reports actually do anything?
Would be great to see these reports actually being actioned, I had a game with a duo that were abusing everyone else, telling us to "uninstall our lives with rope" (basically encouraging suicide) and all kinds of toxicity. But I doubt anything will happen... because they probably give Riot money for RP so they don't want to dry up money sources.
: Blatant racism in pre game lobbies
+1 what @seras dragon said too... If you feel it necessary, send a report. If you really feel hard done by it, then please, log a support ticket. Replying with "but I am xxxx" only feeds the troll and they'll keep going because they got a rise out of someone.
BooHoo2 (OCE)
: Ability to dodge
My question is, why join the queue if your only going to dodge it? I'm already some nights spending up to 8min waiting in queue to get a game only to have leaver, afk, trolls or other stupid rubbish which makes me want to stop playing.
: Player [removed]
You need to log a support case to bring it to Riot's attention beyond what you already did with the report in game.
: Permanent Banned for flaming my friends (jokes)
You would be better off logging a support case to plead out your permanent ban. For you to be escalated to a permanent ban, it either was significantly poor behaviour, or you've exhibited a pattern of poor behaviour resulting in you reaching the final stage "life ban". You chose to be silly... regardless of your friends being "silly" with the ban, it was obviously significantly serious.
: Too much dodging
I just joined a game - Ranked Bronze 4 which is in essence ELO hell... Support - Twitch Jungle - Vayne The problem is, the justice system does not punish the perpetrators of trolling. The previous game I ended up with a vayne who sooked in chat the ENTIRE GAME about how the morg was stealing their CS (mostly because he didn't know to last hit the minions) and then went AFK costing us the game. I'm tired of my LP and ELO being dragged down by children.
: Why is there no role selection for Blind Pick
I think the queue would help but I'm not sure if it would resolve the overall problems given I'm seeing threads about the "queuing system" and people still instalocking against their assigned option. But it would be great not to see constant flooding in chat at the beginning. {{champion:42}}

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