Kürama (NA)
: [Details.](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-oce/XhxrgAPI-disconnecting-in-loading-screen?comment=0001)
Sure enough it fixed itself with the 8.16 patch. But basically, the client worked fine 100%. But, whenever you actually tried loading into a game, the screen would be black for a very long time. Finally player banners, names, summoners etc. all showed up but the backround and character images were still black. When this happened, in the bottom right hand corner in the ping would read 0 and the loading circle would be frozen. Occasionally I could join the game about 13+ minutes after it had started, but that was only twice (I guess the other times they all remade?) and I ended up getting leaver ban while trying to fix the issue. I figure it was a connection to the server issue, but like I said, I tried literally everything. From firewall access to running hextech repair tool, reinstalling the patch, deleting files then performing a repair. My PC is fairly new and I had no 3rd party software installed at the time to my knowledge. But nothing worked at all. And yeah 2 weeks later with patch 8.16 it was just all fixed somehow and I haven't had the issue since.
MrMushie (OCE)
: Issues with server?
Hi, I am recently having what seems to be the same problem now after the 8.15 Akali patch. Do you want me to do the traceroute also and email it to you?
: Game just says( Game still in progress) But will not join game
Got the same issue. Have tried literally everything. Seems to be happening to a lot of other players but there is no word from Riot at all.
ZeMao (OCE)
: Black Screen everytime I try to go full screen
I have the exact same issue. Have tried literally everything from hextech, to reinstalling, changing firewall permissions etc. It seems like 15% of the community are suffering this as it is happening all over the boards but there is no fix for it yet and I haven't seen any rioters reply to any of the countless board posts. Just gotta stick it out I guess. One post I saw the guy had this bug for 2 months then out of nowhere it just fixed itself sooooo…. Idk
7empest (OCE)
: Disconnecting in Loading Screen
I have the exact same issue but it only happened with this recent 8.15 Akali patch. I have tried literally everything from firewall access to reinstalling the game. Nothing works.

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