: [B2G] WeR1 are looking for low elo players!!
My main is g3. Name = Socon Discord = Life #6451
xStorm (OCE)
: Thresh Montage
1. Music is garbage IMO, everyone has different taste. 2. Editing is pretty basic and tacky in some areas but nothing wrong with it I guess. 3. Plays are standard or flashy for reason. Picks aren't really good plays, just mistakes by the enemy. Comments: As a thresh main I can say its easy to take kills as him and you must take care not to KS, getting a quadra on thresh isn't a good play, the gold is better for your team. Best plays were 5:00-5:40 and also due to map pressure the dive with wukong at 4
: Why is remake at 3 minutes?
3 minutes is typically when lane dominance is established so its not too horrible if someone is back within 3 minutes, after that amount of time though there isn't really much of a chance even with defensive playstyle to come back or be useful to your team. For jungler though its tougher but hey thats just one role.
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: Preseason weighting.
No your mmr will not 'reset'. If you climb to plat during the preseason and get placed in gold at the start you will find it easier to climb back because your MMR is higher than where you're supposed to be, so if you're actually meant to be in plat you will easily climb back if you're winning at least 50% of your games. For challenger/master/diamond players its harder because they can get shoved down to plat/low diamond and they're essentially getting matched with a mixed bag of players, during this time if you can face higher ranked players the start of the season is the best time for someone who reached plat to rank up since the mmr gains from vsing people with master/diamond mmr is great. TL;DR: Play enough games when the new season starts and it will reflect your preseason grind.
: Hate this new aatrox
I mean, once I got used to him he's not too bad. But I do miss the old aatrox.
Bookbash (OCE)
: This list is missing the three most inting champions that low elo players use: Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Twisted Fate. It may have something to do with needing macro sense to play them.
Yea i agree with yasuo and twisted fate for this list. Though i think lee would fall into the trash champ catagory.


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