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: If you're tilted or otherwise not playing at your best, take a break, at least from ranked. You are only doing yourself a disservice by putting your rank on the line for a game you know you aren't going to perform well in. As for improving. don't dismiss learning every role. Each role gives you new insight into aspects of the game that are much harder to learn otherwise. Say you are a bot main and always get rekt by the sneaky top lane TP. Well if you learn to play top then you'll start to learn how to predict those TPs. Ofc this doesn't mean you have to be confident in all of them, realistically though you need to be confident in 2. Tailor your champ choice to your playstyle. One thing I see a lot in lower mmr that is the downfall of many players is picking champions that are perceived as strong, rather than what they know how to play. It doesn't matter how inherently strong a champion is if you have no idea how to play them properly. This is a game that rewards mastery with champions more than roles (though some champs more than others). Pick your champions for your roles that you enjoy playing and that fit your playstyle, then simply work on getting better with them. If you are good enough with a champion you can win against even a hard counter. DON'T LEARN CHAMPIONS IN RANKED. There are a lot of players that pull the "I only play ranked" card, but you're hurting yourself and everyone who has to play with you by trying to learn a champion in ranked. Remember that a lot of your rank is reflected by your winrate (positive winrate will climb, negative will fall, 50% your rank matches your skill), so if you try to play a new champion in ranked you're pretty much guaranteeing that your winrate will drop. The environment in normals may be different, but that doesn't stop you learning the mechanics and the techniques for a new champion there. Don't get negative. I'm not even talking about the obvious stuff like hurling insults at your team. Even just the little comments with negativity behind them can tilt you and your teammates. It's just not worth it. If you say "?" after a failed Baron call, sure it may be a legitimate question, but the negativity behind it will only distract you and your team. If you can't say something positive, then just stick to pings. A lost lane does not mean a lost game. This is another pitfall I see a lot of players fall into. They assume that because x lane lost early that the whole game is lost, when it really isn't the case, it just changes the objectives and the focus. It is these players that pretty much guarantee that the game is lost by assuming this because they give up, whether it is conscious or subconscious, they play worse, and it drags the whole team down with them. Attitude is important. I cannot stress enough how important attitude is in ranked. I mentioned a few more specific examples of course, but the key to improving in ranked is recognising first that you have to improve to climb (improving your rank means improving your play) and then recognising where you can improve. So long as you don't take the stance that you are better than everyone in your rank despite the fact you have a 50% winrate over 200 games and therefore deserve a higher rank with no effort, you'll improve just by reflecting on your own play. I realise that I didn't directly answer your question yet and rather gave you more general ranked tips so I'll have a go at that. Personally, I don't really watch much professional play. The vast majority of my improvement comes from experience and recognising my mistakes, but I also don't have much ambition to drive me to improve more actively. The biggest thing I would say is, you can watch as many pro games or read as many guides as you want, but at the end of the say if you don't actually play it, experience it for yourself then you won't learn anything. Guides and videos should only be a springboard. Play what you enjoy and what fits your playstyle and use guides and videos to learn how to fix those mistakes you can't fix on your own or to learn new tips and tricks.
Thanks a lot for your comprehensive and informative post!
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