: When will riot fix toxic playerbase?
People pretty much do whatever they please in LoL. Unless you're using a trigger word in their automated system, Riot doesn't give a shit. I've reported players for telling myself or others to kill themselves, being racist and homophobic (with screenshots as evidence) and they're never banned. Players run it down lanes, and quit within 10mins Nothing happens. Riot doesn't want to disrupt their money making machine.
Vellaura (OCE)
: Riot Support Team - Absolutely Atrocious
For a game where you can spend literally hundreds of dollars (I'm up to $530 myself) on cosmetic items, for Riot to still NOT HAVE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION is an absolute joke.
: Legends of Runeterra available for "PC" on 24th. Does this include Mac?
It would say "Available for PC and MAC" if it was.
: The problem with Silver/Gold and why some people are stuck there with hundreds of games per season
4. People doing the same stupid things over and over. Hey look, they have a low health enemy. So let's chase into an unwarded JG... It's not like they're leading us into an ambush. 5. Playing champs that you don't have the mechanical skills to perform on. You're in Silver for a reason, you aren't nearly as good as you think you are. Stop playing Lee Sin, Rengar, Riven, Azir... Just stop.
: MATCHMAKING IS RIGGED if you didn't already know, if you are on winning streak it will team you with people on losing streaks
> [{quoted}](name=trolledallmylife,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=pAhmqfbZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-16T06:14:54.500+0000) > > MATCHMAKING IS RIGGED if you didn't already know, if you are on winning streak it will team you with people on losing streaks It really does seem that way at times. I stroll up to Silver I > Gold IV promos. Large win streak. Get into promos, and the games all go to shit.
orgastae (OCE)
: 14 day suspension, bypassing the 25 game restriction
: Nearly 20 horrible matches in a row, I'm totally not hated by booster trolls on fake accounts, I'm
Ninox (OCE)
: Racial slurs are classed under no-tolerance language and are generally an instant 14-day ban (skipping chat restricts), permaban if you have already received a 14-day.
If that's the case, speaking in anything but English should be an instant 14-day ban. Simply because they could be using any kind of racial slurs and we wouldn't know.
Rioter Comments
: [NAME REMOVED] is this guy for real?
As long as he doesn't say anything naughty (and even then people who do say shit like KYS don't get banned (Have Proof)), nothing will happen.
Hot Pope (OCE)
: How are players like this not IP banned?
If someone says shit like "kys" etc. Screenshot and use their support web page. I've done it in the middle of games. The accounts are usually taken care of quick smart.
Ninox (OCE)
: Every player I've seen and/or reported for that kind of crap I've seen receive punishment very quickly. I'm not sure why our experience would differ there, but if you feel something has been missed you can submit reports via support ticket. I'll stress though that post game reporting should always be the first choice (since that's how the system gets better and more accurate), and that Riot won't give you any information about action taken against another player's account. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=7WEIAUEn,comment-id=00020002000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-07T06:02:23.705+0000) > > Every player I've seen and/or reported for that kind of crap I've seen receive punishment very quickly. The two people I reported (with undeniable evidence) are still happily playing two weeks later. As a note, this was a post game report via the support channel.
Ninox (OCE)
: I'll try to keep it relatively simple because it can get pretty complicated at times. This'll probs still end up fair long though so bear with me. **tl;dr** Gameplay offences do get punished, but it's a slow process (much slower than anyone would like) largely due to confidence in identification. "Go eat a bag of dicks" is pretty obvious, but 0/10 could mean any number of things ___ **Reports:** It only takes one report to trigger a review of any given game, and only one valid report to issue punishment (or in the case of no punishment, a negative 'mark' against the account). Report weight used to be a thing (where false reporting a lot would reduce the effectiveness of all your reports) but this is no longer the case. ___ **Punishment triggers:** Not every valid report will trigger a punishment, nor will a particular number of 'marks'. 'Marks' (in quotes because it's not an official term of any kind, just the easiest way to reference) are essentially an indicator of negative history on the account. For example while one game might have been borderline, and therefore didn't result in a punishment, it will contribute to the decision to punish or not the next time that account is (validly) reported. What effect a 'strike' has appears to be variable by offence and consistency, as you will see some players with many valid but minor (annoyance type) reported offences that slowly add up, compared to some players that will have something that *just* doesn't get them punished which then pushes the next report over. An accounts standing can also have an apparent effect on this process. An account that has never been negative in 5 years of activity is gonna get a lot more leeway than an account that has had three punishments in 1 year of activity. ___ **Punishments for gameplay offences:** Gameplay offences will net you an instant 14 day punishment (or perma if you have had a recent 14 day ban). Typically punishments follow 4 tiers (10 game chat restriction > 25 game chat > 14 day ban > perma ban), but since a chat restriction obviously makes no sense for a gameplay offence, these punishments will skip those tiers. The reason gameplay punishments seem so rare or ineffective sometimes lies in identification. ___ **Identification of offence:** There aren't many reasons to say 'x racial slur' that shouldn't result in some form of consequence, while the same isn't quite true for going 0/10. It's entirely possible for a player having a bad game to have the exact same stats as a player who started of playing normally and decided to intent feed halfway through. Of course someone who runs it down mid from champ select is a different can of worms, and those players get banned pretty dang quick (there's a few posts here from players punished for a first offence). The issue is that most intent feeders *aren't* running it down mid from champ select. Most intent feeders do it because someone said something they didn't like, or the team didn't play the way the want or some other entirely questionable reason that doesn't come up until the game is well under way. A lot of intent feeders (I would even tentatively say the majority) are intent feeding between playing the game to piss of someone in particular, or as a shit way to vent frustration, or after the game is already going downhill for the whole team and there are other plausible explanations for dying 10 times. Even if a player has bad scores on a consistent basis, it doesn't mean there is intent feeding involved, though typically you'd see this with new accounts. For those players of a significantly lower skill than their MMR, there's no means to ultra rapidly drop that MMR. They'll drop fast, but they'll still be playing a lot of bad games before they drop to their appropriate MMR. The result of all this is a lack of confidence in what constitutes a valid report for this behaviour. Are they actually intent feeding, or was it just a bad game? I'll also just quickly address these specifically: >Large percentage of damage taken per death is done by enemy towers **- especially in lower skill brackets many players don't know how to play from behind/succumb to greed a lot, this can easily be attributed to tower dives gone wrong** Multiple deaths very early into the game **- getting cheesed by the jungler early, versing someone just better than you, especially if you are playing into a bad matchup** Time between deaths is abnormally short **- jungle focus, enemy powerspike, snowballed** Items may be very abnormal (mobi boots rush, we've all seen this before) **- if the account is new they could just be bad, for older accounts it's a bit more of an obvious indicator** Very low damage dealt to enemy champions per death **- just being behind will do this, especially if your whole team is behind, and especially if you're in alow damage role like tank or support** Abnormally low gold income **- again can simply be a result of being behind, support role, or being counter jungled** Abnormally low damage dealt to minions **- support role, stomped in lane, jungle focus** Strange selection of summoner spells (ghost/cleanse combo) **- can just be off meta picks though ranked is diff, same principle as weird items** Abnormally high deaths per minute **- being behind, getting snowballed, getting focused by the jungler etc** High number of wards placed inside tower true vision range **- obvious, but not a very common one** Summoner spells repetitively being used on cooldown **- again obvious but not very common, and on it's own not a significant indicator that something is up** Movement direction almost constantly in one direction without deviation **- same deal, obvious but also obviously avoided by anyone with more than no care** ___ **Actioning punishments:** In depth manual reviews (i.e watching a replay) would obviously reveal the truth, but they're also incredibly time consuming. The automated system isn't confident enough to punish many first time or few time offences. Tribunal had it's own host of problems that rendered it essentially useless. So what then is the solution? That's the kicker isn't it. The automated system can punish for gameplay offences, but takes quite a while (read: far more offending games than anyone would like) to do so. Manual reviews just aren't sustainable over the population and number of reports (especially given the many people who report for intent feeding anytime someone has more than 5 deaths). Tribunal almost universally punished too harshly and thus required almost complete manual (Riot) review anyway. We've ended up with a sort of hybrid, where those reported for intent feeding a lot, but aren't being actioned by the automated system will be manually reviewed, in addition to the normal function of the automated system and random manual reviews. There are other reasons cases/reports can be referred for manual review as well but I won't pretend to know all the details there. The minutiae are somewhat vague (to an extent intentionally so to prevent people from dodging punishments). This doesn't result in too many false positives (though I have no doubt they come up from time to time) but also slow and not terribly efficient punishments.
> Gameplay offences do get punished, but it's a slow process (much slower than anyone would like) largely due to confidence in identification. The problem I have, is you can provide all the proof in the world (timestamps, SCREENSHOTS) but people who insist on telling others to "kill yourself" aren't punished.
Gehirn (OCE)
: In-client email verification kicking off in OCE
Has Riot considered 2 Step Authentication?
: Is it Perma-Bannable to AFK
Don't play League. Sounds hard, but your unstable connection is causing 4 other people to potentially lose because of it.
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Calipiano (OCE)
: Possible to redeem myself from 14-day ban?
Enter game... /mute all Play the game without worrying about others.
: Tell us about that one Toxic player.
About 30mins ago. Jng told me at the end of the match to Kill Myself....
: Let the Toxicity begin.
Ignore them and move on. You gave them fair warning about your lack of experience outside of Support. All I can suggest, is to get into some matches against bots and practice other lanes.
Chocolat (OCE)
: League chat is down?
Same here. Doing a client repair, but I don't think that'll change anything.
Zaps (OCE)
: 2016/04/28 - Client Disconnects and Login issues
Rioter Comments
Wuks (OCE)
: Mystery Champions being distributed, What'd you get?
Nothing as the rollout is staggered over the next few days, it'll come. Edit: Just got "it" Kog'Maw
Maraudaur (OCE)
: PSA: All skins that are scheduled to be on sale soon are being replaced in your Lunar Revel Shop
70% off Chrome Rammus.... But i'll never let go of my King Rammus skin!
: LoL recording software?
I've recently started to use LoL Summoner Information http://www.leaguelsi.com/ Records all of your games so you can replay them later on at your leisure.
: What League Replay system do you use?
I've recently started using http://www.leaguelsi.com/
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
If it were a skin that actually represented the OCE community i'd buy it. This Kassadin skin, it says nothing about OCE.
: Can u get unchained alistar on oce ??
YouTube is the Dreadknight Garen Skin! I shall forever treasure my "King Rammus" and "UFO Corki" skins!
: Thank you Riot!
I got the Mystery Skin pop up when logging in. No idea what I got though. There was no text to indicate what skin it was :(


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