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Skyfall (OCE)
: What does this have inside?? It cost's 1500 IP.
Yea, they're being really ambiguous with these PROJECT Cache's...
: Patch 6.16 notes
Still waiting for Riot to start PROJECT: Webseries... (seriously though, they've got a pretty decent setup for one already)
: Behavior, bugs, and more in Ask Riot
I'm sorry, but I couldn't hear you over the lack of anything actually changing... Sorry guys, but you've been saying this for 5 years and literally nothing has changed, if anything it's gotten worse.
: New Hextech Crafting components
Apparently, normal Hextech crafting wasn't making enough money already...
: Champion Update: Ryze, the Rune Mage
In the description of his new R, "Cannot be self cast, because teleporting **to your own location** would be silly." That little addition makes it sound more like you're teleporting people TO you, rather than yourself and nearby friends somewhere else. Might be clearer just to say that it has a "minimum cast range" (even if that minimum is the diameter of the area). Also, you guys might want to change "Root" to "snare" for ability descriptions on OCE... considering what "root" is slang for down here (it's not exactly "kid friendly")...
: Patch 6.13 notes
What's this? {{champion:86}} can build 6 {{item:3083}} and still 100-0 the enemy carry? Better nerf Irelia.
: Hextech Crafting is now live in Oceania!
Earn up to 4 chests per month with an even lower combined limit per season. Or pay about 2$ per chest in the store and get as many as you want!
: oh, makes sense, but what year are u in? 5?
I'm well out of school, mate.
Cabbages (OCE)
: _"when a fed Master Yi dominates an entire team it’s a rare occurrence that comes from careful risk management on a really fragile champion"_ **WHAT!?!? How could riot even write this... the RARE occurrence? This is completely a joke right... Yi is OP as hell and 9 times out of 10, he dominates and rips the whole game apart. I am in shock at this comment from riot... wow. Can't believe in 3 years now, Yi continues to NOT be nerfed!! **
He only dominates when the team is stupid and doesn't focus him down with hard CC and burst. I'm B5 and I know that. It's a shame Riot can't buff the average IQ of Bronze players...
: Patch 6.6 notes
One change that I think is long overdue is getting more bans in ranked. 6 bans when there were 40 champions was significant and strategic, 6 bans with 130 champions is almost pointless.
Lavarack (OCE)
: #[How some League players gain a huge advantage over others](
You want an advantage over others? It's called warding, try it sometime.
: Grade 5? I know Grade 5 swimming (level 5) Grade 5 music (AMEB grade 5) but no "reading grade 5?!?!??!"
Fine; year 5 reading level. As in the level of school you're in when you're 10 or 11 years old. And admittedly, League lore is getting better, but it's still got a long way to go before there's enough quality to make even a short novel out of.
: Just an idea, World of Warcraft have a few books about their "heroes" Could we have a few books full of stories on our champs, like hard cover ones from the merch store that would be pretty cool.
The problem here is that the difference between Blizzard and Riot lore; one actually has a minimum standard. (Admit it, League lore sucks unless you're at a grade 5 reading level)
: Why not release jhin? :(
Because he only just got put out on the PBE?
Mr SeF (OCE)
: when does the elo reset happens?
It doesn't... Or rather, they never really reset your elo. Now, in some cases this is alright (Plat, Diamond, etc.) since you don't want to have to climb up from silver or gold all over again. But for the 70% of the playerbase who are Bronze or Silver, you'll probably end up right where you finished off, or lower. Ended S5 in Bronze 4? Win 10/10 provisionals to get into Bronze 3, 7 to get into Bronze 4, and 5 or less to get into Bronze 5.
: The RIP List of 2015
How about "RIP balance" with every new champion they've introduced this year?
EP94 (OCE)
: cant wait until a {{champion:157}} ruins her ult
Or a well coordinated long-range delivery into a {{champion:157}} ult.
: Am I the only one losing it over how the enemy champs go flying when she uses her ult?! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHHA {{item:3133}} {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}}
It's going to be perfect for stealing/securing Dragons and Barons. Goodbye enemy jungler!
Camulos (OCE)
: I think this rework could also make {{champion:78}} an effective tanky support for some match ups, particularly her new W. Yeah she has a new slow and Heroic Charge, but Steadfast Presence **STOPS DASHES**; aka {{champion:51}} ,{{champion:81}} ,{{champion:104}} ,{{champion:133}} , {{champion:67}} ,{{champion:236}} and maybe even {{champion:429}} hop might be countered. That, and the new ult is a big "F You" to ganks from jungle or mid lane.
{{champion:81}} Doesn't have a dash, he has a blink ability (like {{summoner:4}}). Other champs that her new W won't work on are; {{champion:245}} (his ult), {{champion:60}}, {{champion:9}} (ult), {{champion:38}}, {{champion:55}}, {{champion:127}}, {{champion:35}}, {{champion:91}} and {{champion:238}}. More importantly, this is going to stop and trap the heavy initiators like; {{champion:266}}, {{champion:84}}, {{champion:268}}, {{champion:42}}, {{champion:131}}, {{champion:150}}, {{champion:120}}, {{champion:59}}, {{champion:24}}, {{champion:121}}, {{champion:7}}, {{champion:64}}, {{champion:54}}, {{champion:111}}, {{champion:56}}, {{champion:80}}, {{champion:107}}, {{champion:92}}, {{champion:113}}, {{champion:102}}, {{champion:23}}, {{champion:254}}, {{champion:62}}, {{champion:5}}, {{champion:154}}, and even other {{champion:78}}. Though I'm not sure about how it will work with {{champion:421}} or {{champion:157}} ults. Might want to get Redmercy on that...
Marcoe (OCE)
: So stop Quinn snowballing outta control. But leave yasuo free to snowball outta control even when he loses lane. When is that nerf coming. It's fine in ranked cause you ban him and tryndamere. But in normals it is outta control toxic for everyone. I even hate yasuo and tryndamere when there on my team. I would go so far as to say they out rank teemo in most hated champs right now
It's never coming. As it is, he makes them too much money with appearances on the professional level making big, flashy plays that wow audiences and inspire tryhards everywhere.
: Updated Patch 5.23 notes
{{champion:201}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:13}} and {{champion:110}} look like they're playing a D&D game... While Dragon Trainer {{champion:18}}, Elderwood {{champion:120}} and Gravelord {{champion:268}} look like characters in said game... "Ok Ryze, the Elderwood guardian Devastatingly Charges at you. What do you do?" "I cast a Rune that imPrisons him while I retreat."
: Hey Ward Jump, I'm sorry that you had some bad experiences with players, but rest assured if you report the players in question and they keep up their behavior, they will eventually have consequences for their actions.
Frankly, "eventually" isn't fast enough. You think Silver's bad? Try 99% of Bronze being worse that anyone you've had to suffer through. I'm Bronze 5. With the MMR of a Bronze 1 or 2. And yet I can't get out of B5 because every game it's the same thing; I'm the only one warding, I'm the only one thinking, I'm the only one building for the enemy's comp/build, and by the end I'm the only one with a positive K:D ratio. I've even been the only one NOT afk on my team. And I'm not just saying this, it literally is EVERY GAME. What's worse is I just found out the hard way that when you Block a player, it only mutes them. It doesn't actually _block_ them at all. So we're doomed to suffer worthless piles of human excrement for teammates for the rest of our League days! Hooray.
Cuxyboy (OCE)
: I on my smurf, try my best to lose the first 10 placement matches, and get from bronze 5 to gold 5 in 30-40 games with only 16 champions, anyone who is stuck in bronze has brain damage, saying that your team mates are the reason you lose is absurd, playing vs bronzes is like playing vs bots, u can't lose unless u don't have a mouse. instead of complaining work on yourself, learn the game and accept that if you die that is your fault
I like these toxic LCS wannabees that don't have the necessary higher functions to understand that it is not your fault when your Anivia stops you recalling with her wall and gets you killed in the same motion. Also, feeders like you who are tying to lose don't help those of us who are trying to win. You're becoming part of the problem just to show off, and that makes you more of a jack asss than any troll.
beachboy (OCE)
: went from bronze 4 to plat this season
You were also lucky. And good.
Quinith (OCE)
: i carried myself out of Bronze 5 to Silver 5 last season, and this season Bronze 4 to Silver 4, it's not that hard, you just have to prove bronze that you're good {{champion:119}}
: Patch 5.22 notes
Removing Sword of the Occult, but not {{item:3041}}? What, AD Champs aren't allowed to play high risk, high reward?
: So what about a system which notifies players who create reports, that their reports have been successful in handing out a punishment? There's nothing worse than knowing an abusive player is getting away with what they are doing. Having some sort of acknowledgment for reporting, would help create better, clearer and more honest reports, as it embeds trust in the user, that the "system" is doing it's job.
That's already in game.... has been for a while. You don't get to know the exact punishment, but you do get a notification thanking you for helping to bring a player to their attention. I don't remember the exact wording, but it was along those lines. I've received notifications like that 4 times this year.
Joerick (OCE)
: The grammar nazis frighten easily, but they will return, and in greater numbers.
I don't know why I replied to myself with so many Star Wars quote-parodies instead of just editing the first comment and putting them all in one...
Joerick (OCE)
: The grammar nazis frighten easily, but they will return, and in greater numbers.
I sense a disturbance in the language...
Joerick (OCE)
: Your spelling is weak, old man.
The grammar nazis frighten easily, but they will return, and in greater numbers.
Joerick (OCE)
: The ESL is strong with this one.
Your spelling is weak, old man.
riodio (OCE)
: _**> Remove The Leaverbuster **_ if u can plz remove da leaverbuster or reduce da time like maximum is 10 min.everyone hate this.or u can take IP or RP and remove this it. **example ** 500IP per 1 leaverbuster or 20 RP ** Why we Leaving ** sometimes we are having some connection errors and drop connection. **Wht u guyz can do ** some summoners are spend their whole time for this game.and every day their playing lol.u guyz can make membership system.its like hold silver or whatever.and u guyz can reduce leaverbuster for that members. and do something for who troll da game. ** Thank You**
The ESL is strong with this one.
: ***
"thanks" "good guide" Waste of time; free RP bulldust. Riot, can't we just chat-ban these guys from posting comments? I know they're all just worthless quick, free accounts, but we've got to do something to get rid of this spam...
: Preseason 2016 crests the horizon!
"we want to keep pushing the vision game as a team effort" ... "_team effort_" That's for all of you people who still say "But you're the support" when told to use your trinkets! (It's FREE wards, why are you so opposed to pressing "4"?) "...for those about to ward up (also: we salute you)." This salute is to those of us who upgraded trinkets and warded regularly **before** seeing it done in LCS. We know who we are. {{item:2045}} {{item:2049}}
: Dev Blog: Building a Better Bio
I'm surprised they're going into Shurima again, it wasn't so long ago that we had the big {{champion:268}} event and lore rewrites for those champs. Not that I'm complaining; #Ilovelore But personally, I'd be more interested to see something from the Void or maybe touch base with Ionia, Piltover or Zaun before going back to Shurima...
: Vi, Demon of ganks, we call to thee!
{{champion:254}} charmed {{champion:3}}.
: Just learn the game, u probably say all of this yet still havent bought a ward in your life. I went from B4-G5 this season just because i learnt how the actual game works
More like, I'm the only one buying wards, the only one using my trinket, and by the end of the game, the only one with a positive K:D ratio... Not because I'm a coward or troll or only caring about my score, but because I seem to be the only person who thinks going in 2 v 5 when they have 3 levels on us is a bad idea. I'm not saying I'm Challenger, I'm just saying you can only carry trash for so long before the bag rips (it's a metaphor, not being toxic). I've gotten so close to getting out of Bronze on a number of occasions, but it's frustrating when I have to start all over again when the season ends. That's the point I'm trying to make; I shouldn't have to start from the bottom when I was close to getting out. Give us an even chance.
: The 2015 ranked season draws to a close
So next season, are you guys going to completely reset the scores for the lower tiers? I'm getting kind of tired of winning 5 or 6 out of 10 placement matches and only getting Bronze 5 (even when I ended in Bronze 3 or 2).... the first time I played ranked I won 4/10 and got Bronze 1. I know your reasons for why it is the way it is, but in truth, bad players will always filter down. And doing a complete reset for tiers like Bronze or Silver will give good (or relatively good) players a better chance to advance.
Dajinker (OCE)
: ***
It's a shame you can't report these scam-advertising comments and get them removed... Voting them down enough to get them below the viewable {{champion:412}}hold is one thing, but I'd just rather have them removed completely, tbh.
: Patch 5.19 notes
Jungle monsters can now run out of "patience"? So basically when then reset, they're saying things like; * "Gettin' real tired of your crap..." * "I'm gettin' to old for this sh*t." and * "F%ck this sh*t, I'm out!" The jungle just got a 'tude update!
: Jungle icons invade the store
So when are Red and Blue buff getting icons? Double-buff bundle?
: the only guys saying the scam and fake stuff are these who have not even tried it. i gave it a try since i know there is not much which can go wrong and I can tell that the code I got was perfectly fine and gave me the RP of 50$ value! Screenshot of my RP:
Just because it's not fake doesn't mean it's not a scam.
: It’s time for September bundles and Mystery skins!
Riot should do "Dessert vs Desert" bundles where you have 5 Dessert or food themed skins... 1. Lolly Poppy 2. Bittersweet Lulu 3. Dark Candy Fiddlesticks 4. Candy Cane Miss Fortune 5. Sinful Succulence Morgana 6. Masterchef Tahm Kench 7. Butcher Urgot (then again, maybe not) 8. Cottontail Teemo and Fizz 9. Surprise Party Amumu ...and 5 Desert themed skins... 1. Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix, Skarner, Xerath and Rammus 2. Pharaoh Amumu, Nasus and Nidalee 3. Desert Trooper Garen 4. Sandstorm Ekko and Katarina 5. Risen Fiddlesticks 6. Shurima Desert Zilean
: Please don't be too hard on the Little Guy. I Main Teemo
I don't know if you're brave or foolish saying something like that in a place like this... That's like walking into a pub full of bikies and asking who's bike you just ran over...
: And usually that riven main is a few tiers higher player on his smurf account getting his bronze 5 friend to gold 5 only for that player to then ruin everyone else's games because they have no idea what to do at gold 5 level. sm1 else's comment "A vote dodge in the champ select lobby and/or a vote-kick in-game" ^ the community has been SCREAMING for a "report this player for trolling the draft lobby IN THE DRAFT LOBBY PHASE button for YEARS for ranked solo queue in particular. There is no way it could be exploited to queue dodge/maliciously get someone banned if implemented in the following way : - Only for Ranked solo / Duo queue, requires 3 of 4 people to click to register as valid that one of the final 2 people is trolling the lobby. Takes multiple reports from multiple players and draft lobbies before the offender is temporarily suspended from the entire game for days/weeks/months as repetitive offending occurs. I cant see how it can be so hard to program this in when you already do the exact same thing in post game for other offence types, Why does it have to be in the pre game lobby ? So that other people dont alt f4 out, rewarding the troll with a new lobby where they may get a more favourable situation for what they want and hurting the player who "took one for the team" by alt f4ing out of the lobby the troll had ruined and therefor losing lp and getting a time wait restriction. If all 4 other people vote the 4th person as trolling/degrading the quality/chances of winning the game for the other 4 people in a game mode that is about winning (ranked) vs game mode which is about having fun/trying new things (normals) will the lobby be Cancelled and remade without the offending player ? NO it will not. Why ? Because that would allow exploitation of the system "hey guys OUR TEAM COMP DRAFT SUCKS COMPARED TO THEIRS, ive never been reported for trolling the lobby, ill take one for the team and get 1 trolling infringement "point" so we can get a new draft and hopefully a better chance of winning team comp" <--- that is why the game cannot be cancelled, but the report button still needs to be there so that those who try to make others leave lobbies will still be punished eventually based on repeatedly offending. As the system currently stands their is nothing that prevents people from trolling lobbies then going 2nd person mid lane for 20 mins till team surrenders because adc got annihilated (0 cs or heaps of deaths due to being zoned) and their legitimate mid is underfarmed and underleveled having been taxed by the troll. while their opponent mid in the shorter lane has far more easily than your adc been able to wave clear with aoe and keep up in lvl cs and few deaths.
Preventative measures... what a novel idea!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Currently no region has the Tribunal. The Tribunal is undergoing a maintenance period to add some new features and will be launched globally in the future. But we have a lot of systems as does the rest of the world to deal with toxic and negative players **Live** LeaverBuster Chat restrictions Intentional feeder bans Manual audits **Currently testing** Automatic verbal abuse bans This is of course just the negative stuff, we are also working on ways to promote and recognize positive play within our community as well! Our player behavior philosophies include punishment, reform, and positive reinforcement. There's no silver bullet to improving player behavior in online games, and you always need a mix of punishments and rewards. You can read more about our design philosophies here: If you're really interested in player behaviour give this video a watch it is Jeffrey "Lyte" Lin talking about "The Science Behind Shaping Player Behavior in Online Games".
Maybe you can answer me a quick question about LeaverBuster; Why can the client tell the difference between "you've been disconnected" and "the game has crashed" but LeaverBuster can't? I mean, a mate of mine had an issue with the game crashing in the last patch and he got a 5 game 20 minute pentalty from LeaverBuster. In what way was that his fault and that he should be punished? Just wondering if there's a reason for that... Cheers!
: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
I like how Riot's idea of balancing seems to be a mix of introducing newer, more broken champions and reworking old champions into a broken state. They're like Syndrome from The Incredibles; When everyone's broken, no one is.
Chrystoff (OCE)
: Domination Day
I'll join in when I can... I mean if I can... as in, if I remember... maybe. I assume your game will be called "Dominion Day" right?
: Nah, was not based on RP purchase. The event was to celebrate Oceania and have something special for our Oceanic players. The statue was a reward for participating, not spending.
I didn't say it was a reward for spending. I said it was a reward for participating, but it was funded by RP purchases. As in, RP purchases were what funded the building of the Nautilus statue. But I was wrong on the last bit though, thanks for the correction!
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