: Sup Main Bronze looking for an ADC to play with. Main Nautilus, Blitzcrank, Alistair, Thresh etc
Add me if you want ... still in placements and learning the game but keen to climb
: Support lf jg or adc duo
Add me if you want ...still learning the game just starting to play ranked but need to get synergy working with someone. I am adc and play ok to well when i have a good support !! Cheers
Krull1973 (OCE)
: [ W A N T E D } - ADC to duo with SUPP
Hi Krull, am keen to find someone to play with in season 7. New to LOL and still lots to learn. Old fart as well. Add me if you what to have a few games !! Cheers JohnoKiwi
Pet Me (OCE)
: Silver 4 Looking for Duo/Flex Team.
HI I have just finished placements in Solo/q and have been place in Silver 4. Still have lots to lean as relatively new to the game. Am mainly trying to lean the ADC role but keep getting support in ranked. Keen to find a support main to team up with !! Cheers John
: OCE Club for beginners and noobs - toxic players and abusers not welcome
: looking for adc to duo with
Still doing my promos as well. Keen to team up. I cued for adc/support in ranked solo and seem to always get support. Keen to adc. Still learning but keen to have fun and learn at the same time.
Gehirn (OCE)
: OCE Preseason Ranked Queue Testing - UPDATED Feb 8th
I have just started playing my 10 placements games in ranked ....will i have to play them again when the 2017 season starts ?
Johnokiwi (OCE)
: Looking for a few older games to learn with !!!
Sorry yes gamers ... need to read my posts !!!
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