: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
Hey, at least I get Aatrox for free... The skin does look weird though.
Naebae123 (OCE)
: Friend's list gone.
Noticing the same thing right this moment.
lycheelol (OCE)
: Will LOL die in the next 10-15 years?
Riot wants to etch League of Legends more and more into mainstream culture, I don't see League dying for real past 10-15 years. Realistically, though, the playerbase will be smaller, or you have more people watching LoL but not playing it. The new player experience, however, would cut off much potential for growth, unless Riot change that drastically, which they seem to be trying to figure out how to do. The eventual problem of having too many champions is going to be very apparent down the road. Past 150 champions I'd think we have too many champions, and we are at 143 now. In 10-15 years that is going to be 180+. Imagine starting a new game with that many champions to try to learn. But for Riot, a new champion is one of their main ways of "adding something new" to the game.
: Little effort to play, lots of effort to VS.
It's possible that you may have to expend more effort dodging Lux's Q, because that's all she's got for lockdown: her getting an E off by itself isn't that impactful. You punish her when her Q goes on CD, so that by the time she's ready for the next rotation, well, she's already taken some damage. As an ADC main, I have gotten cucked by some Lux supports, but once I just put the focus on dodging her Q in the back of my mind, well it's not that much extra particular effort for anything. Paying attention to where minions are also helps
00shots00 (OCE)
: Does anyone remember the date of when rank starts?
23 January, so a week left of preseason. Patch 9.2 will be coming with it.
animos1ty (OCE)
: new ranked changes in 8.24 have screwed with my lp win/loss points!?
Yeah i was getting 15LP a win and as much as 24LP a loss. It has started to even out though, with enough games)(+18/-21)
: Helping bronze improve.
So end of season, I decide to check the boards, and I see this thread, bumped from 3 years ago. What a coincidence! I am the MF in the video, and I am still playing MF now. Not quite getting Gold yet.
LunĂ¥ (OCE)
: what is wrong with the system?!!
Wow, I mean, I have to agree, something is wrong with the system. I understand that Riot maybe has to take a hard line in banning people who might be chatting out of line, but on these grounds, this chat doesn't warrant a ban. Sure, you could talk a little less in chat, but when the game becomes "talk less so you won't get banned", that's NEVER a good precedent. Also what the fuck happened to chat bans? A full ban doesn't encourage good communication between Riot and the player at all. If I have one piece of advice, is to suggest to people what to do rather than telling people what to do. Instead of : "stop taking cs without relic pls esps since iwas trying to q em" You could say: "Annie, could you stop trying to take cs without relic up?" If they don't follow then there's nothing more you can do, but it also helps with the team communication. People aren't going to change and do what you want them to do in 1 game. But nevertheless, I think you don't deserve a full ban.
: Things Riot should do to stop Toxicity.
Some decent points, I'd like to add some perspectives here. A) No idea if the instant word bans are actually like this (instant 2 weeks), but yeah that would be pretty dumb. Perhaps a clear message to the player on what behavior they shouldn't be doing in the game client could go a long way. B) I think Riot's reasoning for showing chat logs and not highlighting words is "we don't want to reveal which specific words flagged our ban system, because then people would learn how the system works and exploit ways to get around it". Which well, might inevitably happen, but how many people would actually do that compared to the number of people who are just spouting toxic words anyway? C) I think reports are in addition to the automated triggering system. At least they should be. If they're not then that's a case of miscommunication issues by Rioters in the past that players only get flagged to review their chat log only when they get a report/s. D) misspelled words in the database could help, though it could produce some false positives, and maybe it'd require a manual check. But yes, it would help distill that notion that the "word flagging algorithms" are actually more sophisticated than they seem to be. E) can't remember exactly but the reasoning around why Tribunal was closed was something like the users were using the system how they liked, not necessarily using it in the correct way to actually punish those who did wrong. In other words, eg: people might choose to ban someone because they found the chat log funny, not because it was a toxic example that deserved punishment. Perhaps a compromise is a selective tribunal, where assorted cases are selected for community feedback whether that player should be punished or not, and these cases would be manually reviewed, while the others would still go through much of the automated process. That way, the community can feel like they are involved, but then again this may not be very clear so it may still cause miscommunication issues? F) Not sure what the argument is here (name and shame not allowed on forums, but it should be allowed in game...?) I guess the idea is to make it clearer on whether that report on "Player A" the other day actually did anything? We get the messages like "A player you reported had been punished" but we don't know who what when which game, and across multiple games and players; the notification seems to only go to the most recent report while the ones leading up to catching the punished player don't really get credited. But overall, yes increased transparency and communication as to how the ban and reporting system actually works would help ease the frustration for players. It does come with the risk of making the system too open and exploitable though.
Rioter Comments
: I have never incited racism! You are completely misunderstanding what I'm saying here. Racism is a terrible thing, I would in no way ever condone it. Im not saying that at all. 90% of the post was actually talking about how we ignore too much racism. I was talking more about real world problems and our reactions to them. My point was just because people spit in your face, doesn't mean you have to spit back. That just escalates a bad situation. But I've deleted the comment now if that makes you feel better.
I'm sure it was not your intention, but when I read it it felt like you were downplaying certain types of racism I.e.: comparing racism against minorities as being more profound than with this case against stereotypical "Australians" So I guess it didn't really read well. The point to keep in mind is that this particular instance has been brought up, we got a response and hopefully Riot can do something about improving the reporting systems in the future, as well as noting when these cases of racism do pop up in the future to be more prompt and report them.
: When you play league of legends
As much as it might seem like speaking in a different language may be to mask insults or incite miscommunication within the team, it's not exactly reportable. People shouldn't be FORCED to speak English.
: This Feedback is interesting.
Whoops, wrong answer template for this question. Should just be a Yes/No choice?
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: the best thing about the old client was being able to see your normal wins, now if you want to see them you have to wait until you finished a game.
They have plans to add it back in and rework the profile page, don't worry http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/legacy-client-officially-retires
Rioter Comments
Hey, keep working on it. You seem to have the right attitude, keep watching those videos/guides, and also keep thinking about why and what people are saying in these videos/guides. As for being more specific, I can't really tell but you are aware of your downfalls in mid-late game. Perhaps there is a part where you aren't playing with your team, either in teamfights or taking objectives (turrets, dragons, baron, inhibitors), and you are dying due to underestimating the enemy's damage somewhat. How is your ability to dodge and recognise enemy skillshots/abilities? I think what might really help is getting a higher elo player to spectate your games and pointing out the mistakes you are making. Playing Ori and Eve is perfectly fine, in fact, playing only very few champions will help you in learning the game quicker, than if you were to try and learn 10+ champions. Personally I'm not sure Eve is in a good place right now, but Ori has been a staple midlaner for many seasons and is viable. Watch high elo videos of people playing those champions.
: OCE Youtubers
Swany (OCE)
: Your account and it's worth.
There definitely is, check this page out: privacy.riotgames.com It also gives you some other really handy stats too.
VroxBox (OCE)
Sorry i can't entirely free you from blame here. In the first example, player 1 asked nicely and i dont see anyone saying yes. Since you adamantly say you are a Riven main and would have carried, any reason for not saying anything? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this one. In the second example though, you start calling player 2 stupid. Well then I wouldnt be surprised if that makes them trolling more likely. Also,player 3 is the voice of reason and then you "wtf" question their Xin pick? Sure, in the case of player 1 and player 2, maybe they would have trolled anyway regardless of how you reacted. But you didn't help the situation either.
4y5tvb8 (OCE)
: Is there a confirmed reset date?
http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-2017 I'd say just wait until 6.24 is released, I'm sure they'll announce it with the patch notes. Patching starting within 24 hours now. http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#oce
: Sounds great! Keep that stuff up buddy :)
Thanks very much! Ideally I would like to cover most songs Riot put out since they all sound so good.
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iFlay (OCE)
: {{champion:6}} to be kidding me
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-2017 They changed it to Dec 7 now, it's dependent on when 6.24 is released.
: december 6th http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-2017
Incorrect, that's when Season 7 starts.
Aquilin (OCE)
: when does preseason start? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Preseason starts when Patch 6.22 is released, Nov 9. The **2017 season** starts December 6.
: I'm going to host a Tournament for my club members.
**Teams** **Team A** Fitzky (captain) Miicka Qube MECHANICS Chobi **Team B** Yasho (captain) Eleftheria Jonius7 CHEESYLEEKS ~~Negasonic~~ **Subs** Hornetnest R0rscharch XxdatpoisenxX **Casters** Yasei Doubutsu RonyStark Ace
: Any Ping Check tool or similar
I check my ping by opening Command Prompt (cmd) and type in something such as ping oce.leagueoflegends.com -t If that's not enough, I go into a custom game, and check the ping there. Also good for cs practice or whatever.
: Is this good enough to stream?
Problem is the upload, 0.80-0.90 is nowhere enough. The ISPs advertise download speed so much they don't care about upload speed at all.
Jonius7 (OCE)
: Your example with the enemy Zed can be looked at differently. Instead of blaming your lost lane on no Shyvana gank, you can look at yourself more. How did you get in the situation where Zed was zoning you hard? Surely you could have played things differently as to avoid at least some of the 5 deaths to Zed under tower, as you say. What could you have done better? What did the enemy Zed do right? Perhaps you can learn from what your enemy did that was effective and apply it to your future games. Sure, it may be partially the jungler's fault that they didn't help your lane and you lost. But ultimately your laning phase is your responsibility. Accept that you lost and sucked and need to improve.
I can give more specific tips, but a few months ago you posted a rant post about how your games were being ruined by smurfs and I already posted some lengthy replies there. I will reiterate something though. This tip, with enough practice will get you out of B5 and into at least B3 and not fall back! Focus on objectives. Get those turrets down! Having this in your mind also helps fix a few other problems: you will go for less pointless teamfights, because you realise there is no objective to be taken. It will also help reduce pointless deaths. it will also give you something to focus on that consistently helps you win games. Kills don't necessarily do that. That's all I can really say for now.
: I just fucking cant anymore
Your example with the enemy Zed can be looked at differently. Instead of blaming your lost lane on no Shyvana gank, you can look at yourself more. How did you get in the situation where Zed was zoning you hard? Surely you could have played things differently as to avoid at least some of the 5 deaths to Zed under tower, as you say. What could you have done better? What did the enemy Zed do right? Perhaps you can learn from what your enemy did that was effective and apply it to your future games. Sure, it may be partially the jungler's fault that they didn't help your lane and you lost. But ultimately your laning phase is your responsibility. Accept that you lost and sucked and need to improve.
Rioter Comments
: Tbh imho an individual skill based elo system would solve smurfing rather neatly. The only way to maintain a low elo would be to play the majority of your games to a horrid level of skill. Like im talking you never ward, dont take objectives, do no damage and intent feed, and if smurfs did that to maintain their low elo they would just get banned anyway for reasons other than smurfing (namely griefing) Itd also put more emphasis on the individual rather than the team. Its no lie that riot wants league to be a team game, but its also no lie that the community attributes rank to individual skill. Take myself yes im b5, but personally i believe that gives me more ground to stand on when it comes to talking about this stuff, because where as people who have escaped bronze are clearly more than capable of solo carrying their way out of it, i myself am not. Does that mean i deserve bronze? well unless league is a 1v9 game, no actually. If riot wants league to be a team game then they have to understand that a teams performance is made up of the sum of its parts and it is only as strong as the average between the weakest and strongest link. As such if you are to be expected to carry yourself out of an elo, and i mean carry not just consistently play good, you need to not only be the mmr of your goal elo, you have to be HIGHER than that, because your skill level needs to be high enough that the average between your team and yourself equals your target elo. If im supposed to be in silver 5. And my team is bronze 5. Then the average skill level between us would be somewhere around bronze 3. Which is funny because i carry myself to bronze 3 on the regular then take a slump as it starts to get harder and harder to 1v9. This shows up even more if i join a 5 man premade with friends, since we actually know each other and have a team dynamic its usually just a pub stomp, because individually we are all good, but together we are far better. This shows in a friend of mine from awhile back elmo, he was challenger in his ranked 5's team because he wasnt being paired with "retards" his solo queue was plat because despite being challenger he lacked the individual skill to carry a plat game, id say he probably belonged somewhere in mid diamond.
I still had a lengthy response to your other comment that I hadn't finished yet, but I'll post a short one here. I didn't get out of Bronze by 1v9ing. While going through Bronze I learnt there are two sort of competing methods of thought. One is "the 1v9, I must super carry 30/0/0 every game" or similar method of thinking. This kind of thinking is VERY tempting, and unless you are super good mechanically and perform significantly better than everyone _consistently_, will not work for most people in winning games. In fact, I personally found it detrimental to my own play as I would make more mistakes, play too aggressive, and die waaaaaaay too much. You may have this problem a bit, at an average of 10.5 deaths your last 20 ranked games. The other method of thought, can be harder to get to. It's kind of like "I will do my best to do my job for the team, so that the enemy's base is destroyed". This means you "carry" but not in the traditional sense, you still carry by doing your role's "job" as best you can to give your team the best chance of taking down the enemy's base. It's hard to explain, but you can do this a lot more consistently than aiming to go 10+/0 every game because most games that won't happen. I was in the same situation too. When in B4 B5 I thought, I should at least be around S5 skill level? Sure I might have been in some areas, but overall I still had so much to learn. I "learnt" the rank system, in that winning games =/= super carrying every game.
: It doesnt work* ftfy Riot has no rule against smurfing because they deem it a healthy aspect of the game. Im now on my twelth loss in this losing streak. I didnt know tilt could last so long that literally almost 12 hours after you last played you are still tilted. Smurfs arent healthy, they are literally a cancer on the health of the game. Until riot pulls their head out of their asses and realizes that smurfing is the video game equivalent of pairing a 300 pound mma fighter against a 5 year old, nothing will be done about them. This isnt csgo where a high elo smurf can still lose easily in low elo if the enemy team has good aim. This is league where there is so many minute little details and variables to account for aside from "aim, hearing, and knowing where to smoke" that makes it almost impossible to win against smurfs. I say almost impossible because the smurf could DC.
Tilt can last that long, heck I've had tilt last for weeks. It all depends on your mind and how you are reacting. In the end, it comes down to _acceptance_. I've actively controlled my mind to calm down and accept what the current state/changes were and just move on. The ranked system is far from perfect, but you can still work with it. > Riot has no rule against smurfing because they deem it a healthy aspect of the game. As for Riot, they do not endorse smurfing, and it is a difficult problem to control: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/q/lets-talk-smurfs-snow-and-bans-ask-riot If they try to put in powerful restrictions, it would affect people who don't smurf at all. We're talking about trying to segregate millions of accounts here, I'd say it's rather damn hard to find something that would work in general but wouldn't disadvantage some others.
dslxk (OCE)
Something about the way the game is designed causes some people to tilt and be toxic. If you are looking for a quick fix for this there isn't one. To be honest Riot have made many improvements that have reduced toxicity such as the role selection. So if you are asking about whether they have done something, they have been for the past however many years. And will continue to do so.
Jayhawk (OCE)
: You're acting like this problem goes away once you get out of bronze 5, people in silver don't ward either half the time (I'm guilty of this too) and when they do, they still miss the enemy team walking over it (Again, guilty of this). This game is based on skill, if you were as good as you seem to think you are, you'd be able to carry yourself out. And don't tell me it's not possible, people do it all the time. Don't blame Riot for the fact you suck at the game. The only common factor in all of your games is you.
: Aight fed up with the smurfs time for the name and shame.
So you're angry, because you're not climbing and stuck in B5. Because of that you look for something to blame, and smurfs seems to be an obvious choice. Well, the thing is smurfs aren't stopping you from getting out. You are. You have the tools to get out, 62% win rate on Akali and 60% win rate on Kayle. Literally if you can play those 2 champions and maintain those win rates, in 30 games you've moved up to B3. Make objectives (getting those turrets down) your focus, not kills, and your 'retarded' teammates can't even throw the game for you because the enemy is pushed into their base, and minions will win the game for you. Don't expect it to work 100% of the time but you don't need it to. If you're just angry about smurfs and don't care about climbing, just report them and move on. Send Riot a support ticket if you feel like it. You can't stop them from playing. What else can you do?
: I do not know, I have some friends from my Helping Others Improve series, that will be joining. I do want to have a whole bunch of games, if not today/tomorow.
At least Fitzky and I (Jonius7), intend to be joining Yasei from the Helping Others Improve club.
Nightjar (OCE)
: Can I spectate or watch this match somehow?
Yasei intends to record this and post it up on his YouTube channel later on. Streaming it may be out of scope however.
: Just loaded up a game got to champ select.
There is also no highlighting to determine whether a player has locked in a champion or not. You have to rely on text, which I don't like.
Rioter Comments
: Ideas to improve friends list
I like both ideas. For the game improvement info, I would want different coloured text or some separation between the different fields of Champion, KDA, Team Score, TIme. About the game highlight one, that'd be really cool, though that could require updates to how they currently handle spectator mode and/or connections between the client, and the game. Some third party programs already offer instant replays of deaths in-game or similar.
Shana Rei (OCE)
: Play carry roles (Read: Not ADC unless you are bloody good at individual play. Lucian, Graves or Vayne). For example, I played a shaco jungle game the other day (bronze 1). Game was fair even for the most part except the fact that the classic bronze/silver/gold mentality of chasing every kill possible and fighting whenever they can. Twice in a row we fight near dragon / in their jungle. Twice in a row, I come in to the fight, kill their most fed champion (ezreal) and then just leave my team. By the time the first fight was actually over I pushed mid turret, inhib and 1 of the nexus turrets. By the time the second fight started I ended the game. You need to recognise how both teams are playing. Are they fighting constantly? Help for the shortest amount of time you can, if not just go and farm or take an objective if possible. If your team loses a fight, stand your ground when defending a tower. I couldn't tell you how many times I sit, alone under our inhib turret. Harassing and standing my ground against 3+ enemies. Most of the time in the low brackets people lose confidence and won't dive you. If they dive you, live for as long as possible and take one with you if you can. Some might view it as a waste but in the lower brackets having towers is much more important especially if you are out farming everyone else in the game. One death doesn't concern me compared to losing an inhib. Skills and knowing the limits is what will carry you out of bronze silver and to an extent gold. Also, coming from someone that takes the most obnoxious champs into roles they just shouldn't work in (Elise top or Sejuani support) in the low brackets you are far better off playing what you can play well even at a statistical disadvantage. If you are the better player it doesn't matter. (Went 6/0 in lane as elise into a mundo. I couldnt touch him until around level 9 and he was outfarming me heaps. I just waited, didn't fight unnecessarily and after I had some pen I traded once with him. The trade was just a test to see my own damage. I had far more health than him after the trade. As soon as I realised this I was relentless and just smoked him. Patience wins games.)
I like this mentality a lot. Thinking like this will help you win a lot more games. Heck I play Warwick jg, and even though he is crappy in areas where most champions are better at, game knowledge and where to pressure on the map more than makes up for it.
: You won't believe how many simple things you're not doing after reading this.
These are all (mostly) fair points, but I sure hope you're not trying to call out/getting frustrated at teammates all the times you notice them not doing these things in-game (eg: not dropping pinks for Rengar,Vayne, Akali Shaco etc). You end up not focusing on yourself, and you play far worse and make your own mistakes. (Happened to me). Just mention it if need be, and if they don't listen, that's it. Accept that you're not going to drastically improve someone within a game, they are going to make silly mistakes for whatever reason. You can direct your team to an extent but if you do have that teammate that keeps 1v4 in enemy jungle for no reason even after you ping and whatever, you're just going to have to accept it, and work around that. They're just going to play at that skill level. You may still be able to win, sometimes you won't, but a bunch of times if you stay focused on your role in winning the game you can still pull it off. Because most people are decent, but they may lack direction. Focus on playing YOUR best for the team while still focusing on yourself. Go for the win for yourself rather than trying to improve others in game too much and losing as a result. Because you could be missing mistakes the enemy team are making that you could have exploited ;)
: That's something I can't do. but FYI .. that song was SO last year ;)
Well, I am very bad at being able to learn songs quickly. Eg: by the time I might be able to play Taliyah, the login screen would have already been changed.
: deserving to win
You're playing Swain, who is regarded as OP and being banned at the moment :D. Nah, but besides that, you probably know how to take objectives and are in a good mindset for ranked. You could do with less deaths though.
Rocka (OCE)
: Cant log in?
I can't log in as well, or having really hard time trying to log in. I was in ranked champ select when the countdown went down to 0 and stayed there, and been trying to log in for the past 15 minutes. Finally got in I think. Try the fix in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clGi6TIedyM
: Have played 162 ranked games this week trying to go from bronze 4 to bronze 3 with no success.
Hey, the important thing is to always be looking to improve yourself. Do not blame bad teams as the reason you cannot climb as this is not true. Sure, they may slow your progress, but you get good and decent teams just as often as well. Also you do not improve and climb by blaming your teams. I was literally falling between Bronze III and IV the first 40 or so games this season. My win rate was horrendous. Then in the next 60 games, I climbed from Bronze IV 80LP to Silver V at about 60-65% win rate. It was the fastest and most consistent I have ever climbed (and I spent 550 games in Bronze last season). What did I do? I went into nearly every game with a strong mindset, set on the art of winning, set on taking down objectives, taking down every part of the enemy's base and not caring about KDA. There are also a few other things, such as not getting caught and dying. Improving your map awareness and decision making will help with this. Another thing is not tilting from your losses, but accepting them and moving on. I used to tilt so bad after certain games it would cause a significant loss streak. Some losses are beyond your control, but what is in your control is how much you tilt after those losses. I have a rule that if I lose 2 games in a row I usually stop for the day (or at least for a few hours). Also do what Ryuku said, I watch at least 5 hours of LoL YouTube videos a week, read guides etc.
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Not Zeus (OCE)
: === LF decent bronze players for ranked play ===
Hey! I was in Bronze about a month ago when I relooked at the game with a fresh mindset and climbed to Silver in 3 weeks, improving my win rate to 54%. I learned to not tilt in the face of losses and I think it helped.
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