: This has happened to me and I have heard of it happening to a lot of other people, for my first time playing ranked I was placed in a high silver low gold game and played horrible but got carried. I played a few more games and and the same thing was happening I was getting placed with Gold and Platinum players who were all way better than me. OP.GG was saying I was likely to be placed in Gold III and I think I am barley ready for Bronze. After about 4 games I stopped playing ranked because it was just too humiliating. I would like to start playing ranked again at the start of season 9 so I am hoping that the matchmaking system is fixed by then. TL;DR I am new to ranked and I want to play against other people who are new to ranked
I'm not new to ranked however, I've been playing since 2013. Never ever been out of bronze yet it matches me with people who have never even been in bronze..
OCEshots (OCE)
: This match making just got to me badly.
Check this out for a joke (What most of my matchups are. (PS im bronze 1) I consistently get placed in games where other players are much better than me and I get shit on every game. Or because i always do bad the team flames the hell out of me and either trolls or goes afk. Bronze 1 (23 LP) Silver 3 (0 LP) Silver 2 (0 LP) Silver 2 (0 LP) Silver 4 (75 LP) versus Silver 2 (42 LP) Silver 5 (65 LP) Silver 5 (68 LP) Platinum 1 (0 LP) Platinum 4 (12 LP)
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JuicyJay (OCE)
: Team to play with?
Still looking :)
Quinncest (OCE)
: Hey buddy, mid laner here, most proficient champs are {{champion:142}}, {{champion:103}}, {{champion:133}}, {{champion:497}}, {{champion:61}} in that order, if you wanna play at all, free free to add this account and/or Meatwardsprite. I'm in the midst of doing both of my accounts so I'm constantly changing between them.
I added you on both. Thanks for the reply dude!
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ethandawg (OCE)
: How can riot give you an ETA, when it appears that it is the service providers fault? I am in the same boat as you and is sucks, but riot can't really help you.
They've had this problem enough times on enough of their servers that they should be able to give us an ETA to the hour... They're professionals for crying out loud.
Mindstar (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Connection Issues - 8th Apr 2016
Just noticed. Sucks this is on a Friday, any ETA?


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