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: Rotating game mode queue now live!
could u do doom bots but instead of crazy ability's u set the A.I like bronze lvl of play (intermediate bots) up to challenger lvl of play?
kobeblue (OCE)
: Counterplay isn't about how to stop someone when they're fed, but how to stop them from getting there. The loss of resistances in passive and ult make her squishier with fewer items. Juggernauts are unstoppable meatshields in the late game but have weaknesses in the early game. Shyvana isn't going to be great at ganking like Lee Sin or a lane bully like Renekton. However, she will be able to dive your backline and get to your carries. League is an incredibly complex game. Being able to counterplay requires an understanding of how a champ plays and what their win conditions are. Being able to stop a champion getting fed and being able to play around when they are is a skill worth developing. TL;DR Shyvana being fed doesn't make her op. Counterplay exists for all champs. Maybe except Syndra and Rengar and vayne
i remember when {{champion:429}} actually had no counter play and u could 1v5 kite for days
: If you want to fix Supports then you need to focus on one phrase "You're the support" Everytime I hear that in a game, it reminds me that as a support main, I am not there to play the game, only to help other people play. Getting behind as a support is painfull. Not only do you have to find some way to get xp and gold to be useful, but you almost always have to do it away from your AD, who is likley the reason you are behind in the first place (usualy because they have no respect for your cooldowns). The itemization is really boring, there are very few support items that I look forward to getting in game, and some that I actively hate having to build, just because the game neccesitates it. I hate doing 90% of the work towards a kill or a teamfight to not only have my team not recognize me, but to have the game itself not appreciate my contribution. Esepcialy when my job is to be bait, or a distraction so my team can get objectives. Fix gold and exp sharing, make the support items share rewards better on kill or assist (do it on the rank 2 items so otherlanes don't try to co-opt supports and ruin everthing like they always do). Give the support items some decent stats, so I don't feel like I'm buying items for someone else on the team. Remember that I am playing. I am one of the five people on this team. I'm not just here for everyone else, I wan't to be involved, I wan't to contribute and I don't want to be told "you're just the support" anymore.
also if me and my ad 2v5 i want a penta kill assist to come up on the top of the screen


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