: Yes this is something that is inherently wrong with the client, and is nothing new. The new client is just a chunk of shit, that was made to look shinier then the last piece of shit we had.
Sorry for super-late reply . this had been going on pretty much the moment pre-season for 8 started.
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Essembie (OCE)
: Dont worry man riot are banning for sneezing now so you and the 1% of people who aren't toxic will have the place to yourself soon.
If 99% of a community is toxic. it DESERVES to die. Your comment is facetious and not helpful to the discussion.
: As others have already pointed out, the best option is to submit a ticket via [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), who will forward the case to the Player Behaviour team where it will be reviewed (may take several days for confirmation it has been picked up by PB). Because of the policies in-place at Riot, you will likely get a generic response and will not be informed of the result of the review. I hope they get hit with something, though, as that behaviour is unacceptable.
Though I've very rarely seen any action taken on crap like this. Riot just doesn't care.
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El Vuur (OCE)
Actually 3's not always right. Some of the bot programs will sit there for 30-40 seconds then buy a renewable potion, an oracles elixir and I think it's boots. They'll also run through the healths on the way to "the fight" from the base even though they just spawned on full health. Aside from that their combat-bot is about the same.
addi3zx (OCE)
: BOTS in league
I used to spend money on this game. I don't anymore because the toxic player base (racist remarks and homophobic slurs) go un-punished. And bots have become prolific. I play an occasional aram to kill 20 minutes and if I'm feeling really nice I'll play non-ranked. I gave up on ranked due to toxicity. Gave up on actually spending money buying skins and stuff for chars I like to play about the same time.
: _[Speaking purely for myself, as Riot and others have different views on the matter.]_ Ill start by saying that racism absolutely disgusts me, and ill be the first to deck someone causing another person real harm! But there is a big difference between 'racism' _(genuine **hate** for another person because of their skin colour)_, and juveniles dicking around on the internet. Lee Sin was probably like 12 years old, didn't even understand the connotations of what he was saying, he probably listens to rap where people say the N word over and over and over again, and watches crude teenage comedies that consist of poo humour and racial jokes. Im willing to bet he doesn't dress up in white and walk around the forrest at night with a burning cross! Sure it's not nice to listen to, and in a perfect world people shouldn't say things like that. But it only affects you if you let it offend you. If you just think _"Yea ok, its just some kid fucking around, who cares."_ then no one is hurt. But if you think "Oh you fucking swine! how dare you call people names!" and start hyperventilating, people do get hurt! but the only person actually being hurt, is you. Now seeming you have no control over other people's behaviour, you only have two options: 1. Take it personally. Ruin your game. 2. Don't take it personally. Enjoy your game. People who are easily offended seem to find a hell of a lot more 'racism' and 'sexism' in the world than people who aren't. Now I'm no mathematician, but I don't think that's a coincidence. In all my years of league, I have yet to see one person that I thought was **genuinely** racist or homophobic. I've seen plenty of less-than-appropriate jokes, and lots of people saying something nasty in a moment of frustration. But I've never had the impression that once the game has ended, a player has gone and started throwing darts at a picture of a black person's face on the wall. More likely they've gone and thrown their mouse across the room because they failed flash and died and you didn't, and they care a hell of a lot more about that than whatever colour skin your wife happens to have. ___________ Lee's behaviour is well within the limits of being defined as Toxic, and I'm sure he will inevitably relieve a punishment for it! but unless you think that he genuinely abhors the mere sight of a black person, I think blowing it up into a 'racism' charge is over the top. There is a lot of toxic behaviour in the world, and it is impossible to change every single person on the planet's behaviour to align with your morals. You can weed a lot of it out with systems like the one Riot has in place, but there will ALWAYS be some negative behaviour that seeps though. And you can either choose to be offended by that or not. Your wife hasn't changed, she's still the same person she was before some 12 year old called her names on an online game. So why is it a problem? Offence isn't given, it's taken. And your best defence against it in life is a thick skin. ___________ I know all this sound a bit harsh, and I don't mean to be insensitive. But me saying: _"Oh no thats terrible, I hope they get banned!"_ doesn't actually help anyone here. It doesn't help them get banned, and it doesn't help you enjoy the game next time someone says the N word. Because the real problem here isn't the fact that they didn't get banned for saying the N word, the problem is, you're not enjoying the game when people do. And that is more important to me than if some random kid gets banned. So I'm offering my solution to try and make your games more enjoyable. Sometimes a slap in the face is more helpful than a pat on the back, even if it's not what you want at the time. So this is my slap. :P Im not saying racism isn't a problem when it happens! Im saying that a lot of the time, it isn't actually 'racism'. Anyway, this is just my personal view on the subject, and views are always subjective. :P Whatever the case may be, I hope you enjoy future games more than this one. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Or he's not 12 and is a racist little fck. This strikes me as a HUGE example of silence lends consent. If nothing else slap a 1 week ban on the account and specify it's for racist remarks and comments/behaviour and maybe the slap on the wrist will force the 12 year old (if he is one) to re-think his position and you'll have done something nice for the world, and just maybe made the community a bit nicer for everyone. And if he's not one then that's a first offense and if he continues it gets nastier. You don't reward someone behaving like a little sht by giving them an ice-cream.
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: Yea thats true, you should be willing to stand by what you say, regardless of wether it's real life or online. But people are people, thats the way it is.. :(
True. But if we let folks get away with being dicks just because "people are people" then it'll always be "people are bad people" .. If you call people out, and community police, then maybe it'll improve. If you don't, it definitely never will. And I'm not just talking admin/riot here. Other players need to do the "nah not ez" or "no call for that" in game as well. Some people will self-correct after that. Others will melt down and become abusive a-holes .. Those are the ones you need to flag to monitor conduct in the future.
: Every normal match seems to end with at least 1 guy saying "ggez" or its similar variants. It is just getting silly. I guess Oceania, like the ocean, is really made out of a lot of salt.
Which is sad when Australia/Oceanic USED to have a reputation as the nice friendly guys that people enjoyed playing with/against. Good or bad we were sportsman like and could have a good gaming atmosphere. It's sad when we're now the inverse of that.
: Sometimes it becomes a muscle memory though. Like at the end of every game I naturally just say "ggwp". Same probably goes for the people who say "ggez".
I'm sure it has. However the fact they've gotten so in the habit of saying it that it is now muscle memory .. Is part of the problem.
: As a level of taunt to off put the enemy of mess with their mindset, fair enough. But to say it at end game is kinda douche, although i'm pretty sure there is a level of accepted trash talk that is regarded as a tactic to off balance enemy or get them to fight amongst themselves to ensure your team a victory. I could be wrong! If something as lame as GG EZ gets on your nerves, maybe you need to have a big cup of tilt proof in your mental diet?
It doesn't put me "on tilt" mate. It's more the fact that it symbolises a complete lack of respect for the people you've just played a "friendly" game with. Which itself is symbolic of a slowly devolving toxic player base. If at the end of a friendly footy match you walked up to the enemy team shook hands and said "thanks for the game, god do you guys suck balls". You'd have a 50/50 chance of being laid out flat, by your own team. And they sure wouldn't object if the other guy crushed your hand for the privilege. But we excuse it in things like this because "It's only a game". or "it's nothing special". I think the way you don't see the horrible stuff happen is by not letting the little stuff slide without comment.
sma11 cat (OCE)
: it's bm, similar to question mark pinging a fail ult / flash, typing "this [insert champion]" or flashing mastery when all you did was press R. I often come across "ggez", and also "gg this team" (as though they weren't doing stupid shit also). A few reasons the language comes up is: 1. It really was such a stomp, and power makes people unsympathetic 2. Frustration at losing / throwing the game / lack of team coordination + feeling superior / held back. 3. Being invested in a game when your teammates are not / have given up 4. Said in satire against a bm'ing team I try to just say "whatever" to a tilting game and honour the person who was also trying their hardest. Though I must say it does feel good to say "wow" and proceed to not honour anyone.
When both teams have everything but their nexus down. the games 40 minutes in. and it's finally decided by a teamfight and dash.. I think 1 and 2 and 3 are invalid.
: PAX Australia Panels - We want to hear from you!
How to try to overcome a toxic player base.
: I play in OCE, and I do often say gg ez, even in the most tiring games where i go 0/17 and get carried. I have to admit, that it is a dumb thing to say (don't ask "why do you say it then?"), and that it's not worth getting offended by it.
A non-toxic playing environment is better for all if you want the game to continue to survive on a social play level as well as hard-core. After you've just gotten home from a long day at work/school/space-camp you log in to have some fun and relax, the last thing you want is to be more worked up over folks being dicks then you were before you sat down. That's the kind of thing that makes folks generally unsatisfied with playing a game and walk away from it after awhile. No-one wants to play games to be MORE stressed. It's the little things that often matter in this regard, losing sucks. But if the guy on the other side says give you a smile, shakes your hand and you walk off together is still a gg, of he spits down on you and sinks in the boot while you're laying on the ground gasping for air. You're going to start feeling homicidal. It's the difference post-game (and I exaggerate slightly) between post-game drinks and post-game bloodshed. Now however lets take this one step further, are you making a better world? You have someone who's had a crap day/week, they come home login to relax/blow off steam and at the end they either feel better or worse. If better they treat their wives/kids better. If worse they are snappy and angry, take one border-line personality or abusive person, and you can make a bad situation worse. Your "gg ez" could, quite literaly, result in some other arsehole gamers wife/kids lying bruised on the floor. If for this, albeit rare, reason and nothing else I think it behoves us to be at least polite and civil. Personally we Australians have always thought of ourselves as good sportsmen. There might be some teasing and ribbing, like "got you, nice try though", but we don't pride ourselves on being malicious. And I hope that we never do.
: i say gg ez when i absolutely dominate (support main) otherwise i don't say anything lol maybe rito could do the thing blizzard did, and make them other words, in a filter of some kind
I think for a lot of folks it's something they're not even think about anymore, it's just become symptomatic of a toxic environment over-all. I had one game where I pointed out post-game to the guy that it's the equivalent of saying "I had fun, you all suck." And he actually took a moment to think about it and said "Sorry man, you're right, my bad." (or similar) and I like to think that he stopped and the world was a slightly better place. I would like to think that regardless of ELO MOST folks don't want to regard themselves as arseholes. A few more loading tips pointing out that a friendly gaming environment is a better one would not go astray. Something like "Respecting your opponent is more fun for all. You wouldn't shake hands then spit in someones face, don't gg ez. Lets all enjoy our time in the League." And other similar messages. It's only a small move but when trying to create a less toxic playing environment it's a lot of small moves that add up.
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Corehog (OCE)
: Riot has stated that they wouldn't include item sets or bring over the item set creator [here](https://support.riotgames%%%%/hc/en-us/articles/230175788-Updated-Client-Open-Beta-FAQ#h2q1) The reason being that it wasn't used by a lot of the player base. Riot will allow certain third-party programs for item sets though. (Looking at you Championify) If you have any questions, check [here](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends%%%%/en/c/alpha-client/qxEpENYl-wheres-the-item-sets) first to see if they've been answered already Hope this helps :)
Then Riot is looking to alienate a lot of damn players who either play casually, or change up the champs they play regularly and cannot remember the name of every damn item in the game all the time at a moments notice.
: Ask Riot: Movie? Voice? Item sets?
So when are we getting our damned item sets? They're kinda important for anyone who doesn't just specialise in one toon. Or the casual player who can't always remember the name of the item they're looking for and doesn't want to spend 30 seconds back at the shop looking for it.
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: Chat not working, Please help :(
Also seems to be effecting the pre-game chat in all genres.
Yonder (OCE)
: Same as me, I logged in 10 minutes ago: My friends list disappeared, and I received multiple invitations to become friends with my previously existing friends; my clans' chat-rooms are buffering, and, whenever I enter a Normal's lobby, I can't see/speak to other players. Yet to confirm wether I can communicate in-game.
It als effet pre-game chat.
: Chat issues
: Dragon ball-lee
Possible Intellectual property rights problems? I think our friendly rolling ball of death could roll up into a dragon ball too :P
PCSpro (OCE)
: What skins did you get from Riot!!! ^_^
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Schurmo (OCE)
: My 2014 Mac with 3.5ghz intel i7 and 16 gb ram will not download LoL
Also note that how awesome your computer is or is not doesn't tend to effect if it'll download something or not. It may effect if it can install/run it however. Your modem itself tends to care less however. Is it possible that you have run out of hard drive space?
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hi there, I'd recommend checking your emails for a previous password reset request (one recently that you did not initiate) as the only way for the password to be changed is if someone completes the forgot password process and this would require access to the email inbox assigned to your account. If this is the case then you may want to change your account email address. Otherwise it is too early to tell if someone else accessed your account so if you still have concerns then I'd recommend raising a support ticket.
Did both of that already, checked caps-lock while trying to login. Also checked for previous password reset requests. Also checked archived and deleted mails in case somehow it was my email that was compromised. No go. Scanning computer still but no hits on trojans/virus/hijacks to date. If I don't find anything I'll chalk this up to "hmm that was weird" for a bit unless something else occurs. But I figured I should put it out there incase I'm not the only one. Thanks for getting back to me Gehirn
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