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: Probably the best thing to do on the boards is to provide the chat logs, but to answer your question, yes my account was unbanned but that's purely because it was compromised. The only cases i've seen of accounts getting unbanned for toxicity is when somebody repeats someone elses toxicity, eg Player 1: kys blah blah blah Player 2: telling someone "kys" is the wrong thing to do .... .etc, etc In this case, player 2 would have been banned for saying one of the "trigger" words which in this case was "kys" but he would have been unbanned because he wasn't saying it in a toxic manner. Hope this helps.
Provides a bit of insight yeah thanks.
TF Blade (OCE)
: Depends what it was for, I was permanently banned as the result of my account being compromised. However, if it was for something such as flaming in game or the chat review system picked something up, I don't think it's possible. And if it is, it is a very slim chance
Unfortunately the reason was toxicity (I’ll only provide context if asked to) but was your account ever unbanned?
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: I need a rly OP champ for solo Q in low elo, Which 4800ip champ do you prefer?
I think u should get Vladimir ;). Like out of those listed he probably has a stronger game both in mid and top.


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