: Ranked system is goddamn awful
Just keep Spamming Yi and Kayn and you'll be right
: Positional rank
It doesn't start in OCE, Starts in NA and KR, If everyone likes enough and riot can see it, then we will get it beginning of next split
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Introducing the Instructors
Would like to know if you are looking for more instructors. Would be super interested in becoming a instructor
Achenar (OCE)
: I am so down for a universe in which Pentakill perform at epic metal concerts and then on weekends hunt dragons. Gives me Brutal Legend vibes, a little. BEST IDEA.
Dude, I actually love Brutal Legend its a pretty lit game. I can imagine the concepts that would come up in the design process. Like imagine if you could get rights from Bethsda. Illaoi ults = Fus Ro Dah xD *Queue Skyrim theme song*
Achenar (OCE)
: Your Illaoi is so badass - I think the first time I saw it I did a very vocal 'ooooooh' in the middle of the office!
Pentakill Illaoi ? Or even Dragonslayer ? tbh it looks like a 10/10 mix of both worlds XD
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Queue changes (Draft update + Ranked change)
Question - With Ranked Twisted Treeline, how come you guys aren't giving it more up time considering that It involves a end of season reward ?? Hint: I LOVE TWISTED TREE LINE <3 Thanks for it :) EDIT 1: I can understand that if you have it up for 5 hours to improve the health of the queue, but I mean I feel like since it contains an end of season reward bonus I feel like that it should be given just a couple more days of up time. ( In terms of Ranked )
: > all current blue essence that is held in your loot at the time of conversion will be up scaled by x6.5 So? I have very little blue essence but how does that help all the IP I'm going to loose from the runes? They have nothing to do with each other at all. I think its just a way of making people that have no idea how to use proper ruins and masteries be on a more even ground even with people that have put effort into these things.
No they aren't directly linked yet but an 6.5 upscale means that you have a stack of IP more less means you can end up with a lot more then you do now. Example if you have 100K IP if you spent them on Champ Shards which is 1700 IP which is 58 Champ Shards that can range from 87 - 325 blue essence on discard. if you take into consideration of the upscaling it then becomes 566 - 2,112 Blue Essence. You can end up with more then 100K BE when the conversion happens
: Show Us Your Replays Contest, Sponsored by Logitech
Does it matter how old the video is ? Because i have a good thresh hook that might have a run for its money but it was done at least a year ago
Vitklim (OCE)
: Congratulations Riot, you've really outdone yourselves this time. In just the past month or two, we saw an incredible amount of completely useless and worthless content brought into the game. Let me just break down all of the points which have been brought up already in the comments before. 1. The missions, which were promised to be meaningful goals for the players to work towards, from the moment they were introduced and still are just another instrument for making more cash off the new skins Riot keeps pumping out. There has not been a single instance in which this new, wonderful system has been used for any purpose aside from promotion of new skins. VS event, Omega Squad, Arcade and now Star Guardian. All of these came as specific events, the sole purpose of which was to promote the new skins and encourage people to buy them. And that's not mentioning the fact that the majority of the rewards consist of completely worthless summoner icons, aside from the larger event bonuses (have to give credit on that). As Riot promised in one of their posts prior to introduction of missions: "Our goal with Missions is to deepen all sorts of aspects of the game you already enjoy.", but instead of providing consistent rewards to players who invest more time in the game then others, instead in most cases presented with a meaningless trinket that does nothing gameplay-wise. 2. The refund for the runes, or more so the absolute lack of it. I'm not going to reiterate the whole outrage that the announcement caused and for good reasons. For the older players, who've wasted a great deal of their IP to assemble rune pages, to receive a 15% refund for all that time and currency wasted is like a slap in the face. But to show at least one example, in the preview for the new blue essence store, the legacy Urfwick skin cost 150000 blue essence. That is the double of what an average veteran player would receive as a part of that change. If anoyone would like to educate themselves on the math behind the conversion, and just how much shit Riot deservingly received on the matter, check out these two posts: 3.The stupidity of the just released Star Guardian skins. This is just an opinion, but i'm sure as hell some people out there would agree that these skins are bleak rip-offs of the cliche "magical girls" type anime, that have no reason to exist in the context of League. What sucks even more, however, is the fact that the event missions in this case are worse than all the previous by a huge margin. I logged in one day into the game, was invited for this new game mode that just got released, in a premade 5 man group, and not knowing about any of the missions existing yet. I picked a champion that I wanted to play, only to immediately have the entire team scream at me and promptly forfeit the game. All because of one retarded mission that requires you to play a specific composition of champions in a premade game to complete. So, does this seem like something after which you would even consider playing that game mode and trying to accomplish the missions? To me it does not. 4. Emotes. Just imagine a concept like this in a game which is so notoriously toxic and unforgiving. I cannot even begin to focus on one problematic aspect of this, because there are numerous. One, gameplay-wise it is a completely useless addition that only incentifises bming and trying to intentionally tilt the enemy team. Two, this completely ruins the more or less serious nature of the matches and instead devolves a game of strategy and quick reflexes into a circus, where showing off is more important than playing well. Three, if Riot was going to make a completely garbage system that practically no self-respecting player would use, they could as well make it IP-worthy, since as they previously complained, there is nothing to waste it on for some people. Instead, they are trying to salvage even more money from an idea that nobody asked for, nobody wanted implemented, and is worth 0 for gameplay purposes. Oh, and for the community response to this "awesome" idea, can be found here: Just to sum it up, I have to say that Riot has been screwing up in their priorities and relation with community more and more over the past weeks. I always thought that the developers of League, unlike many others, cared about the quality of the game and their community much more than most other game companies. But not, I really begin to question it. I don't want to lose faith in a game I enjoy this much, but it's difficult not to after all this. {{summoner:21}}
Comment on complaint number 2. If you had read both posts from riot (Specifically the one that goes into the refunding in more detail) that specifically says that all current blue essence that is held in your loot at the time of conversion will be up scaled by x6.5 (Although im betting you 5 bucks and my left testicle that they will change this to something lower then that) Link : (Its at the bottom under A few final things to keep in mind)
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: Some thoughts on Support
Here are some ideas for supports. Recently i have been playing the role just because i get into games much faster regardless of whether i like the role or not, but i picked up a few things whilst playing this role, that it pretty comes down to "I'm here to help you get fed, don't blame me if you screw up" kinda thing. I was reading a few of the comments as well before writing this, and i have too 100% agree with all the support mains. So i'm gonna pitch in my 2 cents on the problem ( As a top lane main ). 1) Not enough ways for supports to gain an income This was mentioned in the post leaving it with a question, tbh i feel like supports overall need a baseline buff for income gold like 3-5 per second instead of the 1-2 per second standard. This should patch up a lot of the problems, when i play support i always pick kayle and soraka because i can heal my adc for heaps and keep them alive much longer than the enemy adc. When i jump into game i dont buy the support item's because early game i tend to go for the charms that grant mana regen, and just max w ( On both Kayle and Soraka because the heals are both w just in case you didnt know ). So really my only way of getting heaps of gold is just making sure my adc gets kills and i get the assist on every kill, which can a problem sometimes. I know that there are runes and masteries to increase the gold income but the runes aren't effective enough in order for it to make a difference. The mastery Bandit ( i think its called ) is actually really helpful because for the first 10 - 20 minutes or so your adc will just farm, so before you even back it's already an extra 50 - 75 gold in the supports pocket. It may not be much but its still helpful in its own way too. The other thing about this mastery is that it grants 3 gold on champion hit which is nice, but it's a let down to all the ranged support because its only 3 gold and not everytime you will be able to poke them, whereas if you were playing a melee support you get 10 gold, that boundary should be removed because thats kinda stupid tbh. I understand that would be really strong on top laners and junglers but still even for supports that's still kinda a let down in its own way. 2) Not really being rewarded enough in-game for playing the support role I would say doing the things you do in-game as a support aren't really rewarded enough for just doing simple things like warding/healing/CC, and those kinda things i mean yea it might get a kill or two, but you spend so much mana too at the same time to receive 150 - 300 gold. I don't feel like this is enough for the support. And 3) No way of being able to make a difference while your ADC is behind. As mentioned in a previous comment, if your ADC gets behind so does the Support, there needs to a counteract to this incase the ADC isn't good. I have a lot of respect for the support mains out there because it's not an easy role, so i say thank you to all the support mains because without you ranked games in OCE would just be impossible to get into.
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wasq16 (OCE)
: Signed up ages ago, still waiting for alpha. {{item:3070}} Looking forward to new client from what others have said though.
I know right, signed as soon as it was up, still waiting :(
Lil Wilz (OCE)
: viktor has been waiting for 3 years, get in line :)
atleast both vik and lee have more than 2 skins
: thats fine and i totally agree. The problem is the whole point of a meta is what MOST of the time, works the best is she doesn't fit that. doesn't mean she can't carry, just if its a really close game or against top players who understand her weakness and build a comp around that, she is useless
I agree, if the enemies know how to beat her quickly and effectively then she is useless
: No one is denying she does SRS damage. Like say daruis, a daruis who is fed CAN BE unstoppable. It totally depends on TEAM COMPS and what the enemies do, do they relize your carry and respect your damage or not. The main reason illaoi is considered junk is because she doesn't do what a top laner does, either peels carries or dives enemies back line. Illaoi against a good team cannot do either, she has no cc, and she cannot dive carries as the enemies will peel her off or just push her away with some cc.
"The main reason illaoi is considered junk is because she doesn't do what a top laner does" But see that's the best thing about her, her top lane ways, are really different and it's fuckin beautiful. Standard top laners these days are tank/engage/etc, for me that kind of play style is not something i like, i enjoy fighting 2v1's and coming out victor. And because it's bronze, since some jg's just like farming and not actually helping, i have to sometimes do fights myself. With Illaoi i can do this, and it's great, i wish there were more champs like illaoi to bring in new styles for lanes.
: ill get some teemo up in that bitch
Talon12 (OCE)
: her buffs did make her stronger and more viable than she was
In a nutshell, pretty much, im glad that they did though
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: yea i always hate playing verse that champion, so do mannnnnyyyy other people but jesus that sustain. The part i hate the most about her is the anti movement cc she gets when she starts her ult, im a big singed/voli/lee player and jesus it pisses me off.
I bet it does, but see the the reason why they did that is because if she was moved due to cc, it would cause her tenticles to spawn else where, so it was kinda needed in a way, it doesn't improve her kit at all it just means that she can't be cc'd for a second
: She is not op... You just don't vs good people...
well its half and half, when i vs good people i still usually win
: bronze 3, great. If i were to lane with you, you wont make it to your 3rd tower without dying at least a few times
Well no shit mr diamond 5, but see who would you pick to fight me ?
: A heavy split pusher does counter shen to an extent.
To an extent, but its not noticed until its 25 min + especially with Illaoi, she can't really do much til 6 its like Swain he is not good until 6
: Not what i would call OP. 19th in win rate, and a bunch of relatively hard counters.
Ok looking at those counters, the only counter i agree with is Quinn, Yas is now shit at top, Swain i ban every game, but still can be killed pretty early on, Teemo is not even slightly a problem, and Kayle is meh until she gets a few items and her ult, then she is a pain.... From what i know, The Champions that counter Illaoi are champs with cc. BUT .... it is only a problem if there about three or four of them with CC, which in today's games are fairly normal. Illaoi beats any melee top except for Riven. She is the only melee top that can beat Illaoi due to her high mobility. This is just how i have seen things over the time i have played illaoi, i recently hit 100K with her. I also wanna add that Illaoi doesn't counter Shen at all.
: {{champion:105}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:120}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} R.I.P
i know right RIP indeed
: I mean, anything is OP against bronzies.
wouldn't really matter if i was plat, she is still so strong but no one sees it
Rioter Comments
: ADC Thresh? If you built full damage, was late game at 6 items your first AA could deal over 1000 damage to out-smite smite.
the damage is 1.2k with all the items that i build anyway
: The title does not say their jungler sucks at smiting...
Niji (OCE)
: lol it had like just a bit over 100hp when your hook hit, this is just a case of luck/shit jungler even as support thresh it would of stolen it your Q does magic dmg lmao
lmao, i was kinda aiming jax and not drag, so he got shit outta luck when i hit drag and not him
Rioter Comments
: His kit doesn't allow Karthus to make an impact when his ult is down, he can literally chase down noone for kills.
not 100% true, and this can also refer to the other reply you had posted about Karthus in teamfights, if he goes down first then it should have given the team enough time to be able to deal a ton of dmg even before you ult, and not only that do you get 2 free q's off, that should have allowed enough dmg and time for your teammates to crap on the others Regarding this comment though, he can still deal a lot of Dmg, you have to focus one target at a time though, because of the bonus dmg that you get from q, it makes Karthus really good at 1v1's because half the time you'll output more dmg than you expect.
: Dont be rude in forums PROJECT CDogz, it doesn't put you in a good light.
I'm sorry i know it was uncalled for, but dude as i have said i know Karthus enough to say XYZ about him, he can 1v1 very well, if you play correctly, and that can be against anyone even yasuo, who is the most mobile champ
Ingénue (OCE)
: Like [strife](
Tried playing Strife, no one seems to be playing it, when i tried it about 6 or 7 months ago, much has changed i assume ?
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
Riot, Please post the full list !!!, im sitting laughing my ass off this is the best thing ever XD
: I actually kind of like low priority queue. It gives me the chance to watch an episode of bobs burgers or something similar while I wait.
Yea, this is what i do if i get low que timer, i just go to youtube, but i understand where this person is coming from, a single dc because his/her router was getting shit on causing itself to restart to then place you in low que is unfair, i do think thats a joke
Volcanuz (OCE)
: Can you post a build order at least? I know the items needed to do this but build order really matters with these funny builds.
Build order only matters on what enemy you fight, but usually i would rush deaths dance first, attack speed boots leave the enchanmetn till later, then if its and ad champ black cleaver, if not, spirit visage, then into hextech, then black clever/ or visage, then rav
Tele (OCE)
: I got curious and searched for it myself, might try it as well XD
Thank you too ! :)
Ingénue (OCE)
: Me likey. Definitely going to try in my next Illoai game :D Can you please link me your match history for that game so I can look at runes/masteries and build order?
Full build is {{item:3812}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3074}} {{item:1301}} and runes and masteries are link with Telecasterdude's post HOWEVER, i change deathfires touch to Warlord's Bloodlust, because of its changes, you can still use deathfire's if you'd like but i think that the change to warlord's makes it a bit more effective BUT thank you i had made another post bout this particular thing and got shat on, because everyone thought it was really dumb, so thanks :)
Rioter Comments
: I find Karthus better in team fights when he has ult up, as he can deal tons of dmg to everyone, but I do see why he is underplayed because, he has a long cooldown on his and Q can be difficult to land on champs like Ahri as she can just be active in lane till she get level 6, murdering karthus. I may be wrong in what i'm saying but i'm only going off what I see people do
I 100% agree with you on the fact Karthus is really good in team fights, the thing that sucks that is to be extremely efficient in team fights, you would have to flash into there team with e toggled on, and then w and q until you die then you can q once then ult for the rest of your team, easy as fuck with heaps of magic pen, Karthus' CD's are not that bad at all, granted his ult has an extremely long cd, its very understandable because it hits everyone regardless whether they are invis or not, you still hit them, thats really op if you have the right items. I have been playing Karthus recently, and man Karthus mid, top, sup, is broken, cause when you are at bot not only does your q have a very long range so you can poke the enemy out of lane easy, you can also use your ult to secure kills from other lanes too, so he benefits pretty any role, expect probably jungle because his jg is super weak early, but slowly becomes better by mid game, after he gets a few items.
: > [{quoted}](name=PROJECT CDogz,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=riXkjmbb,comment-id=000400000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-01T10:58:38.381+0000) > > Ok cool, i'm glad we are done with this, because i was getting to the point where reading your bunch of bull shit was giving me a headache, have a nice day too :) LOL you must be a bronze, the guy explained it in detail and because you couldn't win the argument, you just write that. Stay free noobs, stay free.
yea i am in bronze 3, i put that i knew he wouldn't come back and read the next thing i would have posted, so whats the point of posting something really long when he probably wouldn't even read it. So let me also understand, you are going to support someone, with a shitty ranked winrate, that is just saying everyone needs to get good? i am not correct ?
Rioter Comments
Firebolt (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PROJECT CDogz,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=P7m78Lzc,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-02-29T12:18:06.713+0000) > > Agreed, Karthus doesn't need anything, maybe a small buff to make a bit more viable to keep up with other mid laners, like diana for example, but other then that karthus is fine the way he is Imo, the only reason Diana is as strong as she is is because no one knows how to play against her. I've come back from games as Diana where I had 4 deaths pre-6 because EVERYONE in low elo underestimates her power spike at 6 (not that I'm complaining XD)
yea, it cause her all-in 100-0's pretty much any one
Main Line (OCE)
: 1. Not carrying on like a pork chop = don't talk about irrelevant things. Stick to the topic. 2. I'm not editing quotes, i'm shortening the jist of the argument. Don't talk semantics, again stick to the topic. The point is even if Annie is 0-20, she can still do something for her team. The game is not over. And if Kalista was nice, she could give Annie some constructive ideas to help her situation. That's the point. 3. Assuming i'm salty? Focus on your own game? This whole paragraph is a load of babble. We are not talking about me. 4. "Yea while you do, you don't have a right to say almost anything you said in your original post because you striaght outright said that others need to improve yes ?" The point of this discussion is not to make a point that the person who says the last thing wins the argument and get a bunch of brownie points. I can say anything I like, it's all about how you interpret this information. Others do need to improve, a **HELL OF A LOT** in OCE. I can say that because they **ARE** very bad at simple gameplay. I just said it, you can't take it back. I don't need to be good to say that. I don't need to be challenger to say that. I could be WOOD 5 division and still what I just said is true. I could be toxic. I could be a retard. I could be god. It does not matter. They could start by reading Sun Tzu's book. Or watching youtube. **OR ACCEPTING IDEAS FROM OTHER PLAYERS IN THEIR TEAM INSTEAD OF DOING THE SAME STUPID FEEDING STUFF OVER AND OVER LIKE AN IMBECILE AND NOT HELPING THEIR TEAM**. Granted, Kalista did not do this. But in some games, other players will offer advice, and they should take it, not disregard it because they have a bronze ego. When CLG thought they were a good team in NA, their new coach (Montecristo, fyi) came in and told them they were bunch of noobs compared to Koreans. Why? Because they had little macro understanding of simple gameplay. He made them read this book of Sun Tzu's. It was written before electricity was invented, but the principles are the same. Why are Korean's so good? Because they understand simple war strategy. 5 pebbles vs 5 pebbles on summoners rift, and all you can buy are four items, dorans blade or ring, and cloth armour, null magic mantle. Who wins the game? At the moment, Koreans win the game. How would you play the game if you were Annie and you were 0-2 against Zed early on in game? Change the items, change the champions, it doesn't make a shred of difference. What you do in terms of STRATEGY impacts the most on the game. Annie could look up youtube "how to play when behind - 30 tips". There are many videos on this topic. Very helpful. If all players under platinum in OCE watched that video, the level of skill in the region would be far greater. Lastly I did not say that i'm "so good"? Where do you get these assumptions from? I'm finished talking on this subject. Players with a brain won't bother to read the babble, they will just take the points of the argument and implement them in their own gameplay. Have a good day.
Ok cool, i'm glad we are done with this, because i was getting to the point where reading your bunch of bull shit was giving me a headache, have a nice day too :)
: >in any 1v1 situation >Karthus Here's your problem, 1v1 and Karthus don't go together... at all.
Do you even play Karthus ?, dude in every stage of the game, you will be put into a 1v1 situation, yea as i did say, Karthus is considered to be unpowered in any 1v1 situation, how and when the fuck did it become my problem, i know Karthus enough to say X Y Z about him
: >keep up with other mid laners His scaling is what keeps him up with other mid laners, too many people just don't understand that you have to sit back and farm for a bit so that you can come into the game.
Yea, thats also true, but really that could be applied to just about any other champ in the game, think about it like this, in any 1v1 situation, Karthus would be considered underpowered, with all of the other mid laners, most of them these days, are mainly mobile champs which for karthus makes it really hard to land anything. But yea he has really good scaling
: >He has no hard cc meaning he is killed easily 1v1 and in group fights He does high dmg but this means nothing as he's so squishy that he gets killed before any chance of getting a kill himself Yep you don't understand Karthus.
Agreed, Karthus doesn't need anything, maybe a small buff to make a bit more viable to keep up with other mid laners, like diana for example, but other then that karthus is fine the way he is
i know the feels, and i agree this has to stop, im not very good at yas, and am trying to get good, one game i was vsing a yas, and went 1/9/7, striaght after game my jungler told me to kill myself, cause i did shit at yas. Funny, how the community has some of the most toxic players out, yet almost close to nothing is being done from my perspective, im sure stuff is actually being done about it, i just can't see it
Main Line (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PROJECT CDogz,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=riXkjmbb,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-02-27T23:25:20.004+0000) > > Bro, please with your last section of your comment, i think is absolutely wrong, on so many levels Please explain? No, don't carry on like a pork chop about zhonyas this and getting behind that. I said "**...they could have offered constructive ideas to HELP the Annie, not just abuse them.**" "But there's nothing annie could do!!!!!!!!" BULLSHIT. > [{quoted}](name=PROJECT CDogz,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=riXkjmbb,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-02-27T23:25:20.004+0000) > > if you are sick of bronze league with no gameplay skill, then don't play ranked, and congrats on getting out of bronze Don't play ranked? Because people are noobs? How about people improve instead. And btw I wasn't in bronze. > [{quoted}](name=PROJECT CDogz,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=riXkjmbb,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-02-27T23:25:20.004+0000) > >, you are in sliver 5 with 0 lp and a 37% win ratio in ranked, good job ! i don't think you have the right to say you are sick of other people being bad at this game, when you have a 37% win ratio, you have good kda's no doubt there, but if you are consistently losing because of other team mates, how about you roam and help them, instead of complaining. I do have the right to free speech actually thank you very much. And my free speech says that OCE players in general are VERY BAD at this game. Even in the games i win, people have no idea of WAR STRATEGY. It's like the game is a lottery. You can have no towers no inhibitors, with the enemies having their base intact, and just win one teamfight and win the game. It's retarded. People would do well to read Sun Tzu's book. You do know the one i'm talking about. Basic principles really.
> Please explain? No, don't carry on like a pork chop about zhonyas this and getting behind that. I said "**...they could have offered constructive ideas to HELP the Annie, not just abuse them.**" Ok i'll explain, you can't simply come on to forums, and complain about people being bad at the game, it just like when i play yas, im horrible at him but still no one lifts a lift to help me understand why im bad at him and how i can improve, i was bloody told to kill myself because i went 1/9/7 as yas. But back to the original comment, "No, don't carry on like a pork chop" what is this suppose to imply ???, the fact that you out right said that everyone in bronze is just horrible at this game, well mate from what i have been told sliver is just the same expect people ward and such, and we did, she did listen but it to much into late game for it to have an effect on the game as it was. >"But there's nothing annie could do!!!!!!!!" BULLSHIT. It was true though, as i just said it was to late into the game for it have an impact on the outcome of the game. Plus don't edit the quote, goes to prove that you are more of a lying low life. >Don't play ranked? Because people are noobs? How about people improve instead. And btw I wasn't in bronze. Well yea, it's clear to say that you are almost outright salty because you are solely complaining about how bad people in bronze are, but not once have you mentioned that you have tried to help others out, but to be completely honest, focus on your own game then you won't have to care about how others are playing and if you see someone getting fed, you can just easily go and kill them with your team. So if you are straight out in silver, then how come you get paired with people from bronze ? That doesn't make much sense to be honest, besides your attitude towards other players is exactly why i thought you were in bronze, no offence. >I do have the right to free speech actually thank you very much. And my free speech says that OCE players in general are VERY BAD at this game. Even in the games i win, people have no idea of WAR STRATEGY. It's like the game is a lottery. You can have no towers no inhibitors, with the enemies having their base intact, and just win one teamfight and win the game. It's retarded. People would do well to read Sun Tzu's book. You do know the one i'm talking about. Basic principles really. Yea while you do, you don't have a right to say almost anything you said in your original post because you striaght outright said that others need to improve yes ?, i find it hard to believe that no one had told you that you could improve, i know there is heaps of stuff to improve on, and can be as simple as placing wards every time you get a trinket charge, or i don't know buy a pink and put it some where on the map. It can be a lot of things that people can improve on. I also don't think it acceptable for you to say that this game is like a lottery, because if it was, winning lotto would be easy as fuck, but it's not, that is down to true chance. League is not a game of chance, it a team game where if you work together to achieve victory then you will straight up work better as a team hands down and improve your chances of winning. And what's Sun Tzu's Book? , never heard of it before. One last question, If you think that other people need to improve on their game and they have no knowledge of 'war tactics', then what makes you say, that your so good ?
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