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: ***
Never forget first blood to me in mid lane {{champion:67}} vs{{champion:112}}
: HeyGuys, My name is SIN Juves and I am the jungler for SIN Gaming AMA.
chhopsky (OCE)
: I, personally, can't wait.
Starjun (OCE)
: The main event title fight!
: Sin Gaming vs Dire Wolves - Tonight at 7pm AEDT
Thane (OCE)
: Assists etc from Icon Event not Calculating After Game
Same here buddy, no match history or no updates xD. Oh well sure it will update soon or later
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Haha thats awesome! Recently we also talked about Teemo and how he came to be =P You love him, or you hate him--but if you love him, you’re crazy. Teemo is the worst. We talked to Jeff Jew (Producer), Colt Hallam (Senior Game Designer), and Brandon Beck (CEO) to delve into what went into creating League's greatest monster -- and more importantly, why someone would decide to inflict him upon the world.
Urban Dictionary: The most bad-ass champion in the RTS game, League of Legends. Don't let his cuddly appearance fool you, because Teemo will **** your shit up - particularly with his mushrooms.
Boat (OCE)
: .
Much dot indeed xD
: Braindead champions
{{champion:432}} <---- Not braindead champ but alot of brain dead players use him xD
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: truth^
Maraudaur (OCE)
: There's going to be a separate competition for most teams ;) Will link to it as soon as the landing page is live
Oh Cool thanks for the quick update Marauder!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: OUC Viewing Party Competition
Why cant the city that has the most teams sign up win? I know it would be unfair as they could dominate the voting but wouldnt that be a good thing as clearly that is clearly where the majority of people who are intrested in the game/ viewing the game are?
Conrad (OCE)
: That's what I thought. I find it very odd because most of those fixes are directed towards PCs with poor performance already. My performance is great except for these occasional FPS drops which can impact games quite a bit. I have a feeling it may be some sort of setting messing with the performance of my PC but I can't seem to pin point it. It is also unlikely that it is a process/program running in the background because I checked to see what was running during these spikes and the CPU actually drops off not spikes.. Very weird it's like something is telling my PC to slow down for a second. First thing that would come to mind would be perhaps overheating but the PC is brand new and it feels really cool. However I guess I should actually measure the temp and see if this may be the issue but I doubt it.
Hey Conrad, I agree with you ever since 5.12 client i have also noticed FPS drops when engaging in team fights. At first i thought it might just be my computer but i have noticed it over other computer that the FPS Drops are alot bigger when going into team fights than they use to be.
: Hello everyone, The only update I have is that we are still working on it. I'm sorry that isn't a good indicator for when Ranked will be back on, but I assure you this is the highest priority for our team right now. It's not likely we will have Ranked back on tonight, I wish I had better news to share at this time. -Riot Cochese
Cheers For the update Cochese
: My favourite thing about the game would be changes in meta, I love trying out random things and when patches like the current one comes out it really makes anything possible. Not being able to play the donger in OPL. Besides that i hate playing against ignite top laners in soloq :(
: [AMA] Heyy, I'm Andrew "Rosey" Rose, Top laner for SIN
Hey Rosey, Whats your number 1 pet hate in league and your favourite thing about the game?
0j0j0 (OCE)
: Same happened to me once i just had to click reconnect and it said something like: the game is no longer available click ok to return to the main menu. Hope that helped
I just had the same issue in a ranked game over 1 hour ago it still tries to reconnect and keeps failing so im stuck and not able to play a a game :(

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