: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
Looking forward to this! Already wondering if I should get Panic! or Essence Thief for my Sion support.
: I can't even call my roles because it wouldn't let me type because it freezes and before i get in in the lobby and when i pick a champ it freezes again so i couldn't pick a rune and mastery. the background moves but it wont respond. this is all on low spec mode. it uses up too much CPU for a game client i reckon.{{summoner:3}}
Turn on low spec mode. It helps a LOT
: Get Special Xayah and Rakan Icons When They Launch
Hey which time zone are these times on?
Kaaboose (OCE)
: Three things I'd like to see fixed before the new client goes live.
Since the Christmas client went live I can now run the new client through steam link! Thanks Riot!
Rioter Comments
: Champion Reveal: Kled, The Cantankerous Cavalier
: Champion Update: Shen
Why rework Shen, Who I still see in games, and not champions liek Taric and Yorrick?
Zapperza (OCE)
: End of 2015, still no Yorick Rework {{champion:83}} {{item:3070}}
I've been looking forwards to that for years now
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Anyone else getting a laharl vibe from her default skin?
: Champion Reveal: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
If her day 1 skin is a schoolgirl/academy skin I'll intsa buy.
: Champion Insights: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Interesting riot mentions double ADC comps. I would have thought this was more work on mixing up lane comps. For example, Having the adc in the jungle frees up bot lane for a juggernaut spot, assuming future reworks/champions will result in more juggernauts being released instead of just morde.
: Riot Pls
Loved the DBZ reference in the Sandbox Mode section.
: Champion Update: Gangplank
Nooooo! You removed his Orange Eating sound effect!? WHY RIOT!


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